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  1. Beegee


    The second iteration of our new soul night after our very successful February debut. The excellent basement venue is the Cellar Bar of The Argyle Bar in Marchmont. Friday 3rd May from 18:30pm - 01:00am. This will now be a quarterly event so August and November dates to follow. 3 DJs and avid collectors playing our favourite vinyl, an eclectic selection of soul and funk styles and eras. No cover charge but please use the downstairs bar!
  2. until

    See you guys there! Looking forward to a repeat of last year's epic weekend in lovely Aviles.
  3. Beegee


  4. Nice work. I have all four of these superlative CDs and you have ranked my vinyl purchases therefrom at 1,6,41,61& 62. Not sure what that says about our mutual tastes! Would have put Ruby Andrews higher myself, but hey, it's all top stuff. Cheers
  5. It was I who purchased these on ebay. I can confirm that the Gloria does have AZ scratched in the deadwax as described by hippo. Bit pissed off by disingenuous nature of vendor on that one but only have myself to blame as I just dived at it as the auction was closing in 20mins! The Soul Twins (£20) I watched for a while and chose to pass up a chance to bid instead on an original demo for 5 times the price so am not too fussed so long as the reproductive quality of the disc is undiminished (unlike the Gloria). I recently whittled down the 1,000 or so Northern tracks I have acquired on cds

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