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    Soul (food) and wine.
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    La Coruña, Spain.
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    Sam Williams - Love Slipped Through My Fingers
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  1. macca

    Runaway Love Soul Weekend 11th Anniversary


    Looking forward to it very much. Last year’s was fab, as were all the previous editions I had the privilege to attend. See you all there.
  2. macca

    Postage cost to spain

    27 years and had only one record not arrive which was sent to Uruguay for some reason. Uruguay happened to be the name of the avenue I lived on at the time, so who knows. The record, worth a fiver, eventually wound its way back to the UK and the seller asked me to cough up for postage again for him to resend. I never bought from him again.
  3. macca

    Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Dreams are made of this. Well done Pete.
  4. macca

    Stompers vs Bangers. What's the difference?

    We could bang on about this for hours...
  5. macca

    'Spot-light On' Nev Wherry

    Lovely bloke. Always ready to share knowledge with budding collectors like me. You could always spot him from way off as he was so tall and if I remember well, had a liking for big woolly cardies and polo-neck jumpers. When he worked for JM it was a pleasure when he picked up the phone as he'd let you down easy if a record had gone and even congratulated your taste and asked you if there was anything else you were after. I'm sure his warm attitude with punters helped JM snare quite a few extra sales. We've all bought and sold countless 45s at niters over the years but I'll always remember selling my Otis Smith on Perception to him one night at the Sheffield KGB. A sweet guy and as Arthur says, charismatic on the decks, even though some of his selections would turn me off, lol. Ben Zine!!
  6. macca


  7. macca

    How much did JM get for TMG555 demo?

    Agree with Roburt. One of the finest things ever committed to analogue tape. A rites of passage tune if ever there was one. I proudly own my sister's copy she'd bought from Boots on release. Sends me back to my first tentative steps on a dancefloor, a good year before I got into this here Northern thing. So what if the handbaggers love it? A stone classic in the true sense of the word.
  8. macca

    Steve Lane is "No longer infected!"

    Superb news mate. The beast has been slain. A new lease of life... literally.
  9. macca

    San Diego shops

    I was there in June and found zilch. I asked my SD host where the vinyl joints were and she dropped me off at two or three. Also tried a Sunday morning yard sale crawl up in the University Heights area. One guy had a huge box of classic Soul 45s, mainly 70s stuff, but all beaten to fook and sleeveless. It was hot and I got bored very quickly.
  10. The Nite Spot Bedford in 1980. Another Ken Cox job. Flak between Mods, those who thought they were Mods and progressive types dancing to Will Collins & Willpower. Interesting times.
  11. macca

    News: Eddie Foster R.I.P.

    I mean in the most general sense. If you go to one of these macro events in the UK it's right there in your face. It's easy to see without looking too far that not much is really sacred. Bob said that. But then again, was it ever sacred?
  12. macca

    News: Eddie Foster R.I.P.

    And the grubby exploitation continues unabated.


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