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  1. Patto And one to follow Geater................. ROSCO GORDON - You Got My Bait Jomada
  2. Patto Top tune,got a feeling it's not a 20 quid tune these days Cheers Martyn
  3. Just seen one of these on a list for a fiver.............proof great records don't need to be big money. Lou Rawls - You Can Bring Me All Your Heartaches Capitol
  4. Well looks like you lot have been having a great time without me.............I'll soon put a stop to that One or two new things posted for me to go checkout after I've thrown up my tune for today,keep em coming. Dean Anderson played this last night & it sounded so good played out loud,I'm sure he said he had it C/U as Morris Chestnut at one time?First person I heard play it was Nick Hackett quite awhile back & I loved it straight away.Took me a bit of time to track one down after that but worth the wait (one on e-bay now for $150 which is rather a lot more then I paid for mine). Jackie Avery-I Got Love Tail-Gate
  5. Kev Sorry to hear your having a few problems,chin up mate Cheers Martyn
  6. Kev Yes good old boy thanks,hope the same can be said for you. Had a Blue Rock Candy but got rid when I got my Contemplations Cheers Martyn
  7. Kev This is Rock Candy the side that is played the B side is really The Contemplations & was just a filler for the Rock Candy release. Bought The Contemplations release for the brilliant inst of "Alone With No Love" on it's B side.
  8. My latest addition........... Eddie King - Mae B. Mae - Get Off My Back Jay-V
  9. Now that's how to price & sell records,well done Grant
  10. Andy Like this,what's the score with it?Is a relative new release? Cheers Martyn
  11. Peter Couple of other good tracks on the LP as well Bobby Taylor - Little Miss Sweetness
  12. Mick That looks interesting.Only knew the Beverly Savage track which was a C/U a few years back.Will track a few of them down for a listen Cheers Martyn
  13. Latest addition,not to everyone's taste but most will know by now I love a bit of Latin
  14. Mick Not the greatest vocals but what a brilliant backing track Cheers Martyn