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  1. The old sales pitch "Getting Plays".....well this is & what a dancer. Etta James - Tighten Up Your Own Thing Cadet
  2. Hey Up Patto Nice one mate,glad you liked it. Just got f*cking import duty on it stopped it been a cheapie,sure they are doing me Cheers Martyn
  3. Mick Sorry for getting you a bollocking,you aren't the first or probably the last I've got into trouble over the years Jackey's a tune & a half,forgotten how good it is Cheers Martyn
  4. Kirsty Nice one Kirsty,thanks for the info Descent enough tune aswell. Cheers Martyn
  5. Bit of good old fashioned northern from me today,half descent B side as well. Anyone know who the Barbara is in the duo please,Rosco Gordon is the other half. Rosco & Barbara-Could This Be Love Old Town B side
  6. Kirsty Can't say I've heard it out as it's new to me.Worth an outing at the right night? Cheers Martyn
  7. Here's a new release of two stunning soul tunes,both on the YouTube vid,can't stop playing "Oh My Goodness".Previously unreleased & recorded in 1967. Masqueraders-Oh My Goodness/We Fell In Love 4 Real Soul
  8. Andy Both top sides,nighter plays back in the day. Cheers Martyn
  9. Rick Get the issue (see above) Cheers Martyn
  10. Gogger Brilliant dancer played it at Brid weekender but you should get the issue as it's got the even better "You Got My Bait" on it (I also played that at Brid) Rosco Gordon-You Got My Bait Jomanda
  11. This rammed the floor at Klub Polonia on Saturday,looked like I was the only one who didn't know it (must get out more ).Another one that proves they don't have to expensive or rare to do the biz with the dancers.One due on the doormat shortly. Ebony Jam-Ride On Amos
  12. Here's a few tunes that I played in the R & B room at Bridlington Weekender. Lee Dorsey - Gaitor Tail Polydor Nina Simone - Save Me RCA Rosco Gordon-You Got My Bait Jomada Wess & Airedales - I'll Never Turn My Back On You Durium Roger & The Gypsies - Pass The Hatchet Seven B Ray Barretto - Hard Hands Fania Pete Rodriguez - I Like It Like That Alegre Ray Barretto-Soul Drummers Fania O.D. Williams - I'm Moving On Out Of Your Life Bar-Bare Mack Rice-Baby I'm Coming Home LuPine Little Jimmy Ray - You Need To Fall In Love Gallant Luther Thomas-Upset The Town Change Jimmy Hart-Tea House In China Town Mercury Gladys Tyler with Ray Scott - A Little Bitty Girl Decca Merle Spears- I Want To Know Atlantic Louis Jordan - What I Say TRC Wilson Pickett- Let Me Be Your Boy Verve Betty Everett - I've Got A Claim On You One-Derful Zenobia Bonner-All Alone Accident The Salem Travellers - Wade In The Water Halo Joe And Ann - Runnin' And Foolin' Hermitage Lowell Fulsom - Talkin' Woman Kent Joe Tex - I Wanna Be Free Dial Buddy Ace - True Love Money Won't Buy Duke The Delcos - Arabia Showcase Shorty Long-Out To Get You Soul Vernon and Jewell - A Rockin Good Way Kent Nellie Rutherford - Laughing At Me Hickory Minnie Epperson-Grab Your Clothes Peacock Marie Adams - That's The Way To Get Along Encore Baby Washington-I've Got A Feeling Sue Sonny Rhodes- You Better Stop Galaxy Little Willie John - It Only Hurts A Little While King Quincy Jones & His Orchestra feat. Joe Newman - Slob't Mercury Patti Page-You Don't Need A Heart Columbia
  13. John Not usually my type of tune but this is the dogs dangly bits,whate vibe it has.TUNE!!!!! Cheers Martyn
  14. A rather nice demo of this cracker is due on the doormat very soon.Odd nighter plays for this one,last heard it at Swinton played by Matt Sneath. Mariann-Motivation A-Bet
  15. Now that's a word you don't see often in a sentence Cheers Martyn


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