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  1. hullsoul

    Sad News Grant Rankin

    Such sad news,top bloke. Condolences to his family & friends R.I.P Grant
  2. hullsoul

    Oh dear

    But how many of them would you go to Still finding night's to float my boat but becoming harder & harder.Stayed in for the last month,first time I've done that in years & probably only swerved one night in that time? Out this weekend tho'.......Wahoooooo!!!! Cheers Martyn
  3. hullsoul

    Listen Up

    Good luck boys.
  4. Bruv The only way for me to,had mine years & still love it.The other goodie on the LP that's had plays is "Central Park". Cheers Martyn
  5. Mick Sorry to hear you're still suffering,a bit of medicinal whiskey needed She's a bit hit & miss,good & bad days.Just waiting for Docs to sort some meds out?? Cheers Martyn
  6. Look what landed today Bought it for "We People In The Ghetto" but t'other sides half descent as well & was new to me. Anybody else hear a bit of Lou Pride "Com'un Home " in the first few bars of "We People In The Ghetto"? Any info on plays please,had plays over the past few years but has it had plays back in the day?? Vernon Garrett - We People In The Ghetto Kapp Vernon Garrett - You Blew My Mind Kapp
  7. A long time want has just come my way,this goes rather nicely with the other one I've got of hers & her better known one (Little Annie) on the same label. Another that won't be everyone's cuppa but I love it. Might as well post the other for those who don't know it (Little Annie) Anna Belle Caesar - I've Got My Man Glad Hamp Anna Belle Caesar - Little Annie Glad Hamp
  8. Yes I know it's not Jimmy Ricks & Jimmy will always be the daddy but I love this version,a beat fast so makes for a better dancer imo. Tommy Tucker - Oh What A Feeling London
  9. Great stuff thank you Cheers Martyn
  10. The old sales pitch "Getting Plays".....well this is & what a dancer. Etta James - Tighten Up Your Own Thing Cadet
  11. Hey Up Patto Nice one mate,glad you liked it. Just got f*cking import duty on it stopped it been a cheapie,sure they are doing me Cheers Martyn
  12. Mick Sorry for getting you a bollocking,you aren't the first or probably the last I've got into trouble over the years Jackey's a tune & a half,forgotten how good it is Cheers Martyn
  13. Kirsty Nice one Kirsty,thanks for the info Descent enough tune aswell. Cheers Martyn
  14. Bit of good old fashioned northern from me today,half descent B side as well. Anyone know who the Barbara is in the duo please,Rosco Gordon is the other half. Rosco & Barbara-Could This Be Love Old Town B side
  15. Kirsty Can't say I've heard it out as it's new to me.Worth an outing at the right night? Cheers Martyn


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