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  1. Strange Paypal carry on.

    That very same thing happened to me recently as well. I was quite puzzled by it but there doesn't seem to be any logic explanation for it. My guess was the buyer had Paypal credit in U.S. dollars (even though he lived in the U.K.) but that's just ...
  2. Freddie Houston Promo

    Hello all, looking for a nice clean promo copy of Freddie Houston "If I Had Known" on Old Town. Must be at least EX condition. Please pm if you can help.
  3. Otis Blackwell, Ronnie Marks

    Postage is from Ireland so £3.50 for standard airmail and £8.50 for registered mail. Please pm if interested and thanks for looking. OTIS BLACKWELL - "IT'S ALL OVER ME" (Epic) - EX. - £125 Lovely promo copy of this storming dancer in E...
  4. Sunday Sizzlers

    Hi all, nice list of originals for sale. Postage is from Ireland so standard cost for one record is £3.50, registered is £7.50. Payment by Paypal as "friends and family" preferred or add 4%. Please pm if interested and thanks for looking. ...
  5. Eddy 'G' Giles on Murco

    Hi all, looking for a clean copy of : EDDY 'G' GILES - "AIN'T GONNA WORRY NO MORE"/"TINGLING" (Murco records) Please pm with price and condition.
  6. Four Tops Promo Copy

    Hi all, looking for a nice clean U.S. promo copy of "Baby I Need Your Loving". Please pm with price and condition and thanks for looking.
  7. Suffering Wrath Price please

    Manship auctioned one recently and i think it sold for around £700 but i'd say £400 is more realistic.
  8. Flying with 45s ?

    I use a 100 count Swan flight case all the time and never have any problems with it.

    Pm sent
  10. Bongi & Nelson mix up

    Cheers, that sounds about right. I was referring to a possible value on the mixed up copy that I have though so any idea on value of that copy?
  11. Bongi & Nelson mix up

    Cheers for the responses. Yeh, definitely "unlucky" as I love the "Malcolm" side myself (obviously the reason I purchased it). Wish I'd known that there were some mispressed, could have mailed the seller before the purchase. Oh well, you liv...
  12. Bongi & Nelson mix up

    Hello all, i recently purchased a really nice copy of Bongi & Nelson "Do You Remember Malcolm" complete with groovy picture sleeve. Even though the sleeve, titles and labels are correct, the "Malcolm" side plays their other biggie "That's The Kind O...
  13. Dean Parrish "I'm On My Way"

    Thanks for the info and link. I've been in touch with the seller and it's definitely the reissue/boot so still looking.
  14. Dean Parrish "I'm On My Way"

    Cheers, that looks like the Reissue though?
  15. Dean Parrish "I'm On My Way"

    Wanted - ORIGINAL copy only please. Please pm with price and condition. Thanks for looking.