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  1. trev

    Cressy, DJ Piggy, Gaz Shooter & Tony D - DBSC Cotgra

    This is the only place to be three top DJ,s from Mansfield and Tony dalton so a great night on the cards
  2. trev

    DBSC - Sam Moore, David Dee & Alex Gallagher @ Cotgrave

    Great night last night numbers were down as the norm after the all dayer. The dance floor has been refurbished so that went down very well as did our three DJs starting the night off was our very own Alex Gallagher then first guest David Dee always does the business to follow him a DJ that don't take any introducing Sam Moore who played top draw and kept it going for Alex to finish the night to sum the night up numbers down but top notch thanks to all that supported us ktf Trev DBSC
  3. trev

    DBSC - Sam Moore, David Dee & Alex Gallagher @ Cotgrave

    The only place you want to be tonight is DBSC. The friendliest venue on the planet that offers everything from great music great sounds and great folk
  4. trev

    DBSC Notts Every Penny goes to Charity All-Dayer #7

    Well it's friday finished work so get ready for the alldayer best dayer on the calendar bank holiday Sunday 26th 12. 00 till 12.00 great line up of DJs that have supported us at DBSC over the last 6 dayers so here they are for our 7th they are Soul Sully, Tony "D", MIck " J", Gaz shooter ,Spiv, Blg Al, Mick "H",Yocky, David Dee, Alex Gallagher, Kenny Sylvester, Richard Reed, Cressy, Piggy, Martin Stanford, Simon Hunt, so a big thanks to all of them for supporting DBSC as without all these top DJs we would not have a dayer where else would you get a line up of top DJs under one roof "nowhere" So don't be late make this date £5.00 otd and every penny raised on the day from door to raffle and collection goes to Autism East Midlands so come and join us so we can help some people less fortunate than ourselves ktf Trev DBSC
  5. trev

    DBSC Notts Every Penny goes to Charity All-Dayer #7

    The only place to spend your bank holiday sunday at DBSC Cotgrave charity all-dayer. We are on from 12.00 till 12.00 midnight 12hours of pure soul 60s/70s classic floor fillers top DJs from all areas of the country so what a day it will be top draw great sound system, off street parking, great wooden dance floor, food bar, balcony over looking the dance floor brilliant chill out area, bar till 11.30 so don't be late make a date 26th Aug ktf Trev an clive plus our hard working man in the back ground Dave who never stops promoting DBSC big thanks to him
  6. trev

    DBSC Notts Every Penny goes to Charity All-Dayer #7

    The only place to be August bank holiday Sunday 12 noon till 12 midnight 12hours of pure northen soul Motown 60s classic floor fillers and every penny goes to charity so come and support this worthy cause this year autism East Midlands will receive every penny we have 18 top DJs the only place to be so come and join us
  7. trev

    Kev Greenwood, Cathy C. & Tony D. - Cotgrave, DBSC

    The only place to be tonight DBSC Cotgrave 3 top Dj's in Cathy "C". Kev greenwood and Tony "D" 8.00 till 1.00 £4 otd hopefully see you all later
  8. trev

    Kev Greenwood, Cathy C. & Tony D. - Cotgrave, DBSC

    Come on down to DBSC this sat it may not be free but it is the place to be 8.00 till 1.00
  9. trev

    Martin Stanford, Andy Powell & Mick J. - Cotgrave, DBSC

    Will do mate see you soon x
  10. trev

    Martin Stanford, Andy Powell & Mick J. - Cotgrave, DBSC

    The only place to be tonight DBSC great venue great sounds great DJs what more do you need for a great night out only celebrating Karen and Alex birthdays so one big party
  11. trev

    Martin Stanford, Andy Powell & Mick J. - Cotgrave, DBSC

    This sat DBSC Cotgrave 3top DJs in mick j Andy Powell and Martin Stanford so in for a top night plus celebrating my Karen's 60th and Young Alex's 16th so we are putting a buffet on for you all to enjoy we are on from 8.00 till 1.00 top venue. Top sound system. Great dance floor and most of all the friendliest crowd on the scene hope you can all make it Dj's running times Mick j 8.00 till 9.15 Andy Powell 9.15 till 10.30 Martin Stanford 10.30 till 11.45 Mick j 11.45. till finish
  12. trev

    Big Al, Yocky & Alex Gallagher - DBSC Cotgrave

    What a great night of pure soul numbers were down but seems to be like it when speaking to other promotors from other venues superb sets played by Big Al and Yocky who kept everyone busy to top DJs who always deliver thanks to both of them and our own resident Alex Gallagher who is well mature of her years on the decks and is becoming a very impressive DJ for the future thanks to all that took their time out to come to DBSC regulars and new comers certainly made the night ktf Trev DBSC
  13. trev

    Big Al, Yocky & Alex Gallagher - DBSC Cotgrave

    The only place to be tonight DBSC Cotgrave 8.00 till 1.00 still £4.00 otd great sound system great dance floor and the best crowd of folk you could wish to spend a night with this month 2 great guests and firm favourites at DBSC Big Al and Yocky who have been regulars with us for years and always deliver and this month joining them our great resident DJ Alex Gallagher so all in all the best night around on the cards see you all soon ktf Trev DBSC
  14. trev

    DBSC Cotgrave with Kev Such, Gaz Simpson & Tony D

    We are on the 3rd sat in April due to venue being double booked so apologies to other venues we clash with this will not happen again. We are in for a great night with 3 top DJ's in Tony "D" Kev Such and Gaz Simpson. Tony will start the night off with Kev such to follow then Gaz Simpson and Tony again to finish the night Tony who always delivers at DBSC so knows just what is needed. Then Kev Such another who is a firm favourite at Cotgrave not been on the flyer for a couple of years but always does the job with passion. Then a first timer with DBSC Gaz Simpson who is a great DJ who delivers 100% everytime and I know he will go down a storm at DBSC all 3 are top draw so if you choose DBSC you will be in for one great night of soul as these DJs certainly deliver. Dj running times are. Tony "D" 8.00 till 9.15 Kev Such 9.15 till 10.30 Gaz Simpson 10.30 till 11.45 Tony "D" 11.45 till finish hope you can join us at DBSC but wherever you choose for your night out enjoy and have a safe journey Ktf Trev (DBSC) Cotgrave
  15. trev

    DBSC with Martin Edwards, Spiv & Gaz Shooter

    Well here we are once again its that time of the month for a trip to the friendliest venue on the planet with the added pleasure of no politics. Tonight we have 3 top Dj's in Martin Edwards, Spiv and Gaz Shooter so what a night of pure soul we are in for. Still one of the cheapest venues around at £4.00 great sound system, large wooden sprung dance floor, plenty of off street parking like the venue all under cctv so lets you relax and do what you have come to do enjoy yourselves. We have the Soul Sisters Anne and Julie selling Hats, Bags, Badges etc and plenty more so come and have a look at what they have to offer, We start at 8.00 till 1.00ish bar till 12.30.If for future reference you need to stay over we had a special rates at a local hotel in Bingham, The Bingham Townhouse Hotel but don't forget to mention DBSC for special rates. so wherever you choose tonight have a great time and safe journey Ktf Trev DBSC Cotgrave


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