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    Family - First and Foremost I'm divorced and living with my daughter Sophie, 24 and son Mitchell who's 22. Running my ebay Business. Music - Mod, 60's, Northern, Jazz, Classical, Opera. Sport - Footy (Forest), Golf, Fell Walking (Lakes, Scotland) also love Art Deco, objects, architecture, movies etc.,.
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  1. Soul in the Park - Nottingham squash club

    Lots of positive comments thank you all for that. All original vinyl all night, plenty of great tunes, great feedback its a shame most of it was at the end of the night so I didn't get chance to chat for long. Thanks to all involved Lisa, Nick, Alex, Helen, Chris, Noah and all the staff at Nottingham Squash club. As always the biggest thanks goes to all those that attended to make it a memorable first night.
  2. Soul in the Park - Nottingham squash club

    Some information on prices at "Soul in the Park" Bitter and Lager are both £3 a pint Hot pork cob with stuffing and apple sauce £3.25 Basket of chips and a cob £2.50 Eat, drink and be merry!
  3. Soul in the Park - Nottingham squash club

    Fabulous, "Poullet" it will great to see you guys, let Alex or I know your favourite tunes and if we've got them they'll get a spin.
  4. Soul in the Park - Nottingham squash club

    A few people have been asking about price, it will be £4 on the door.
  5. BOOGALOO at the Polish Club Nottingham

    If you haven't been before expect a friendly welcome and the most eclectic mix of music you've ever heard!
  6. BOOGALOO at the Polish Club Nottingham

    2 days to Boogaloo at the Polish
  7. Soul in the Park - Nottingham squash club

    PURE VINYL EVENTS present A brand new Northern Soul night which will be held monthly from October on the 3rd Saturday of the month, so this is the taster. 8pm till just after midnight, 4 and a bit hours of Northern Soul, R&B, 100mph, Popcorn, Motown, Xover and modern on Original Vinyl Only In the heart of the Park lies the Nottingham squash club, the function room is very modern with a bar and seated area to the side a fabulous view of the city from the full height windows but that won't be your concern when you hear the sounds we are spinning. This will be a night of classic tunes with a few underplayed and semi known thrown in. A monthly Guest Dj will join us from October subject to availability. For this session and your on going resident DJ will be our own Soulgirl 15 year old Alex Gallagher and yes she does have her own collection. Its not a hand me down from a relative and yes, she will be playing OVO. To balance the ages I'm out of retirement from the Northern scene to co promote with the lovely Lisa. Entry will be £4 on the door. There is a large car park and it is only just over half a mile or a 12 minute walk from the Market square. We have a great venue an amazing 2k sound system, a friendly welcome and fabulous music, what more could you need. For more details contact Lisa on 07758 829561 or Bryn on 07471 501066
  8. BOOGALOO at the Polish Club Nottingham

    5 hours of brilliant music covering lots of genres mainly from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Mod, Northern soul, R&B, Popcorn, Latin, Ska, Reggae, 2-Tone, Mod Revival, Motown, 60's Beat, Yeh-Yeh. A total across the board night, with an early session of underplayed and semi known to a last couple of hours of classics from all the genres. Come and see why this is one of the best attended mod nights in the Midlands. A great sound system, air conditioned room, sprung wooden dance floor, chill out bar area, easy parking. A warm welcome from Mal and entertainment from your resident DJ's the Modfathers alias Bryn & Gaz. £4 on the door, everyone welcome, hope to see you there.
  9. Now sorted, thank you. Looking for a copy of Sonny Rhodes - You better stop - Galaxy VG or better please pm with price and condition regards, Bryn
  10. Hi, Anyone have a Paula Parfitt for sale Paula Parfitt - Love is wonderful - UK Beacon BEA 135 It has to be the original UK release I don't buy boots or counterfeits, cash waiting let me know price and condition please. Regards, Bryn
  11. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Jackie Trent, Linda Lloyd, Lorraine Silver, Dana Gillespie, Chris Montez, Temptones, Paula Parfitt, Beverly (Bremmers) Ann, Shane Martin, Velvet Satins, Bonnie Herman, Chapter 5, John Drevars Expression, Rare Bread, Susan Farrah, Judy Street, Evie Sands, John...
  12. Joe Dunlop List 04/06/2017

    Paid mate
  13. Joe Dunlop List 04/06/2017

    Pm'd you
  14. BOOGALOO at the Polish

    We love you guys, but I still haven't got a Profiles....... aaaarrrrgggghhh!