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  1. id love a copy,to complete label,got demo there easy...would love to know value myself,song itself so so, its the rarety value with this one..ill give you £100....
  2. the pierced hole in inport records,i said was a deletion /off sale mark my mate said it was uk taxes import sign ..who right what is reason for pierced hole in import singles..
  3. i agree with you i enjoyed the night as well the laptop question was because the formats new to me,i didnt realise it would cause such a stir,ill think twice about what i post in future ,glad you enjoyed it,hope to see you at the next one...
  4. myself included enjoyed the night but the format for a northern/soul night was new to me ,hence the question....
  5. original vinyl....all those extra electracution lessons :D
  6. hands up, i had a few drinks,and did enjoy the night out,its the format im not sure about,as for the dancing i cant
  7. went to a local soul/northern do at weekend,place packed dancefloor full most of night,everybody enjoying themselves still full hour after last record,but heres the catch,wasnt actually records???? all done on laptop behind [what would be record decks],podium flat screen showing photos soul images ect,apart from no actual vynil all very why am i still bemused by it and scratching my head at the thought of it,weddings mobile djs yes..but are laptops ok for local do,s?????are there any more such venues out there..
  8. since you said your not making any more posts youve managed to slip in another three,asking for closing and locking ect isnt this hot topic going your way of thinking now,,,
  9. good point carol ,ulysees,give us your thoughts now...youve certainly caused a stir....

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