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  1. Was supposedly bought by the Motown company for their archive.
  2. Anyone know how much the full Soul Sounds bootleg set went for on Manships list last week?
  3. Many thanks for info.
  4. What date is February session?
  5. The Record Men, the Marshall and Leonard Chess/ Chess records story.
  6. Thank you Mick.
  7. Coming along this week, what's the car parking situation?
  8. Nice to see this topic still getting some replies 5+ yrs since I first posted it, but still no pics!
  9. The Palais is totally unrecognisable from the way it was and for me it is every bit as atmospheric as the old place. Thoroughly enjoyed the night, dance floor was busy all night and sound system excellent. For me the best venue of them all. Yule.
  10. What is the latest record discovery that would stand alongside all the great classic sounds? Yule.
  11. Anyone remember the revolving dancefloor downstairs?
  12. Bought a red label boot for a pound, advertised it as such and sold it on eBay for over £150.

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