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  1. As a stand alone venue this room ranks alongside any club.
  2. Would some kind person list all variations of What shall I do/ Subway Riders song/instr. These are the ones I remember, any more? Mark Johnson Beautiful Place + instr Laura Greene Moonlight Music and you x2 one with spoken intro? Fankie and the Classicals Honey Townsend World Again Subway Riders After the Session. many thanks. Yule.
  3. Posted this ten years ago, happy to report the scene is as strong as ever.
  4. You definitely wore that hat in Mr M’s, I was there, cracked a few up especially when you did the Biggles goggle thing with your hands, great times.
  5. I well remember Soul Man Sam (Jeff) what happened to him not seen him since mid 70’s He used to DJ at the Oval on Carsic Estate, Sutton-in-Ashfield, great guy and so funny.
  6. Remember all those and Sutton Baths, GENO, GENO. Petal Friday nights at the Rev, great times.
  7. Bit late but just come across this thread. Jambo’s real name was Colin James. A few others who haven’t a mention but were around at this time were, Loxy (Dave Wilton), Diane and Sue Wood, Helen Petrovski, Sid Hopper. Also remember Tig, another one sadly no longer with us, ( a mate of Maddo from Kirkby. Also, Kev “Arnie” Palmer, Villa and Fritch. Good people one and all. Jambo and Betty were together for a short while up until he died. Colours was above the Belle Vue on Rosemary St cracking venue which ran alongside the Horse and Groom? ( was were the entrance to four seasons is now) used
  8. Was supposedly bought by the Motown company for their archive.
  9. Anyone know how much the full Soul Sounds bootleg set went for on Manships list last week?
  10. Many thanks for info.
  11. What date is February session?

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