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  1. AlRig


  2. AlRig


    Hi Barry Looking forward as always to ATB on Saturday even though you have my brother down to DJ and not me :lol: As always there will a full selection of tunes from across the decades, with guest this month Mark Hopes Alan & Karen
  3. AlRig


    Hi Kev Looking forward to DJing at the opening of the Charnwood Club on Saturday. Great venue with 2 Fantastic Rooms "Tailor Made" for Soul Nights. Hope to see the East Midlands supporting this venue. ATB Rigger
  4. AlRig


    Hi Barry I know that Spiv is not on SS or FB but I'm sure he would have said what a great night was had by himself & all on Saturday at ATB Soul. The night started with a mix up with the "mixer" and continued with a great "mix" of Soul from all ages & genres. Where else can you hear Dena Barnes & R Kelly played to the same dance floor and have all dancers responding so positively. Really looking forward to New Years Eve when we have Spiv again along with Cressy & Piggy with Andy, you & me. Get in touch with Barry to pre-order your tickets or put your name on the list. Regards Rigger. PS Barry has mentioned on other media sites that New Years Eve will be a fun night and will welcome any record requests from our regulars (Nothing TOO rare) Remember we like to keep all our tunes danceable, but if you have any particular favourites then lets us know. Hopefully between the 6 of us we should be able to sort a few out.
  5. AlRig

    ATB SOUL (Ted Massey)

    Ted. I for one will look forward to that. Glad to have you as our Guest this month 2 days to go - must get my boxes sorted also. Rigger.
  6. AlRig


    Hi Paul Thanks for your positive comments. It's always nice to get some feed back. The last 2 months I have been on later due to work commitments so it was my turn for the "early spot" which is not always easy but we like to set the tone & create the atmosphere for the night. It does make it easier when you have open minded people to play to who like to hear & dance to a wide range of "soulful" music. Looks like your beloved "Owls" will be taking your Saturdays up till NYE so we'll have to look after Ann on your behalf (Don't know if that's a good thing). Best Regards Rigger
  7. AlRig


    Hi Barry Stage & Decks all set up this afternoon ready for tonight. Early spot for me this month for a change so get there early folks All the best Rigger
  8. AlRig


    ATB Soul - Guest DJ - Bob Fletcher Back to our regular Saturday slot so no more me rushing in straight from afternoon shift 15 minutes before my set. Ironically I've just started a new job that's not shifts any more!!!! As Barry & Andy have said Musically some thing for everyone from ALL Dj's from Classics, R & B, 70's 80's & A touch of Modern (Also all resident Dj's try to play any requests) Always a friendly welcome - So if you fancy a change and to hear something a little bit different then give us a try Rigger
  9. AlRig


    ATB SOUL @ UNDERWOOD For all those that don't already know, Barry will not be gracing us behind the decks tonight, due to him recovering from his recent operation (We couldn't get the stair lift to the stage installed in time!!!) Either way we are still looking forward to our usual cracking night with this month's Guest Jo Monteith. So if your celebrating promotion, the play offs or drowning your sorrows over relegation come & join us DJ Times (Subject to change) 8.00 - 8.30 - Dave Carter 8.30 - 9.00 - Andy Barker 9.00 - 10.00 - Rigger 10.00 - 11.00 - Jo Monteith 11.00 - 11.30 - Rigger 11.30 - 12.30 - Andy Barker Hope to see you there Rigger
  10. AlRig


    Hi Barry Decks & Sound system all set up ready for tonight. Suppose your biting your fingernails and crutches at moment waiting for the results to come in. Hope to see you later all being well. Rigger
  11. AlRig


    Hi Sam Bit late in posting this but, would just like to thank you mate for allowing me to be Chris King's "look a likey" stand in on Saturday. Wasn't sure if he'd burnt the kitchen down or he had too big a queue for the bacon cobs?!! Keep up the good work at the Irish Sam, Great venue, great crowd & great choice of music each month. It really is turning in to the place to be in Nottingham. Best Rigger
  12. AlRig


    Hi Barry Best way to forget the stresses of the week for a few hours is with friends & good music mate. Great atmosphere last month so hoping to carry on into the new year on our regular first Saturday date. See you later Rigger
  13. AlRig

    pilsley soul - 10th anniversary special

    Pilsley Soul 10th Anniversary April 7th 2012
  14. Pilsley Soul - March 3rd 2012
  15. AlRig

    Pilsley Soul Saturday 6Th August

    Hi Barry Yes, It's Pilsley time again. Looking forward to it as always. Seems ages since last one (These 5 week months Huh!!) Looking forward to hearing The "Two Dave's" & our Guest Pat Wallace. Should be a great Across The Board night as usual. ATB Alan R


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