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  1. M- copy. Anyone have one for me? Thanks.
  2. It's certainly soul. To suggest otherwise is strange. (Of course, there are dozens of "northern" records that aren't soul music.) At any rate, though the voice sounds familiar to me, I can't come up with anything. I hope you find out!
  3. I was addressing the Louis Curry identity question. They're friends. Get up on the wrong side of bed this morning, Robb?
  4. McKinley Jackson would know the answer.
  5. Clean-playing original copies, please. Not as concerned about label condition. Cash waiting. Debbie Taylor, Don't Let It End Frankie Beverly and the Butlers, She Kissed Me Barry White and the Atlantics, Tracy
  6. Bumpity.
  7. Still looking for all except "No Part Time Love" and Perigents....
  8. Well, the least rare Martha Star and the Perigents....
  9. Well, knocked off the easiest one. Bump.
  10. Emulations "These Are the Things" just snapped completely in half in my hand while I was putting no pressure on it at all...it was essentially just resting in my hand. Cheapest styrene ever. Of course, since it's styrene, it still played fine when I pushed it back together.
  11. Thanks.
  12. A couple would be upgrades, Gilly, but mostly no! I'm missing tons and tons of stuff.
  13. Looking for clean-playing copies of any of the following. Many if not most are long shots, I realize. But who knows? Maybe someone's ready to sell and can use some cash.... Bob and Fred, I'll Be on My Way Lester Tipton, This Won't Change Edward Hamilton & the Arabians, Temptation of Love Al Williams, I Am Nothing (don't care which label) Tony Clarke, A Wrong Man Johnny Soul, I'm Gonna Rat on You Barrett Strong, Misery Martha Star, I Wanna Be Your Girl Martha Star, Love Is the Only Solution Martha Star, No Part Time Love for Me Perigents, Love on a Rampage Precisions, My Lover Come Back Volumes, Ain't Gonna Give You Up Stanley Mitchell, Get It Baby Butch Vaden, Harem Girl Del Victors, Acting Up Sam Ward, Sister Lee Joe Matthews, Ain't Nothing You Can Do Gambrells, You Better Move Ravins, No One Can Take the Place of You Matt Lucas, Baby You Better Go Go Little Stevie, Moving On Margaret Little, Love Will Find a Way Magnetics, Lady in Green Just Brothers, Carlena Honey Bees, Let's Get Back Together
  14. Johnny Andrews, My Amazing Dream/I'm Not Just Pretending (Post) Seriously rare crude R&B that never comes up. Largely unknown. You can listen to the copy for sale here, at 13:30: https://audioboom.com/…/4851972-my-weakness-is-you-from-jul… It's my longtime DJ copy, in VG- condition. As you can hear, it has surface crackle, but it plays through it loud and clear. I see one that went through on ebay, in 2014, for $250: http://www.popsike.com/RB-soul-JOHNNY-AND…/251584645753.html. I'm asking $500 plus shipping from U.S.
  15. May be disqualified because the first recording is a duo, not a "group," but: Johnny and Jackey, Someday We'll Be Together (Tri-Phi) Jackey Beavers, Someday We'll Be Together (Sound Stage 7)