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  1. It's the missing mail button in the link below https://www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm You will need to set up an account and will require the senders name and address and a description of the packaging. Good luck!
  2. Dispatched April 7th from LA and arrived today in the UK! That's got to be a 'record'? I'll get me coat If anyone is still waiting I filled in an online form to trace a missing package, they found it and forwarded on, took about 2 weeks from filling in the form
  3. RIP Chico Really appreciated the time he honoured me when trying to set up my first soul event A truly nice, genuine and lovely man. God bless
  4. I'm guessing they'll try to avoid fraud by processing everything through PAYE? I'm no tax expert at all Kudos to you Sir for actually caring about your staff, uplifting to hear in such times! Like you I've got about 1-2 months cash left. I have no staff but had 3 jobs cancelled before 10am on Tuesday and 1 yesterday. Built the business up after being made redundant 7 years ago. I'm a self employed sole trader so entitled to sweet FA as far as I can tell. Maybe £377 per month of Universal Credit the government has so flipping generously offered the 5 million self employed in the country. I may not even be entitled to that as my wife earns the princely annual wage of £9k for a 36 hour week (dont get me started about her employers who are publicly gloating about how much money they have been making due to the current panic buying and dont appear to give a stuff about employer safety). My mortgage company already offers 3 month payment breaks that the govt. appear to be claiming is their own wonderful idea. It will add about another year onto my mortgage if I dont lose the house in the meantime. I feel completely thrown under the bus. If only the so-called patriotic tories had invested in the country they are so apparently proud of before this happened. Austerity eh? National debt tripled and now this a totally self obsessed, unprepared bunch of narcissists. They'll come out if this smelling of bloody Roses no doubt Whatever happens we'll all crack on! Stay safe Soul Brothers & Sisters and look out for each other, the people of this country make it what it is!
  5. Nothing in Manships bootleg book about it being booted (my book is 10 years old though!) Have you checked discogs?
  6. This book is excellent if you can acquire a copy https://antiquebeat.co.uk/productdisplay/x-ray-audio-hardback-book The carvers were known as "ribs" and everything was booted from blues and jazz to the Beatles and other pop that was outlawed in the USSR. If you were caught in possession you would face years in prison
  7. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't No Mountain High Enough, bootleg from USSR carved on an X Ray print
  8. Also buy direct from the label themselves https://aotns.bandcamp.com/album/youre-so-fine
  9. Antibalas - Che Che Coke Makossa Eddie & Ernie - bullets don't have eyes
  10. El Michels Affair - too late to turn back Joseph Henry - who's the king?

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