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  1. Modularman

    Any northern records

    This is an LP only track and a stormer too!
  2. Modularman

    Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    Why, if he was so disgusted by your request, did he have a copy in his box?!!
  3. Modularman

    Russian Spy

    Got his old job back at Motorola
  4. Modularman

    Russian Spy

    Apologies, I thought you were referring to JNixons comment re. Syria There has been suggestions there that the chemical weapons use was done to implicate Assad and taunt the US into military action.
  5. Modularman

    Russian Spy

    The former ambassador to Syria
  6. Modularman

    Russian Spy

    It seems pretty damning that the UK government refuse to answer these questions and seek to divert attention to certain events. Cambridge Analytica and the Skirpol incident and BOJO clearly lied - the BBC fail to report it! It has now been reported that the nerve agent did not originate from Russia (Corbyn was right) but again BBC did not report this. Skirpol was apparently investigating Cambridge Analytical before his attempted murder so make of that what you will
  7. Modularman

    Record Store Day 2018 21st April

    It's to commemorate 50 years of Trojan Records and was the first 7" to see release on a Trojan label
  8. Modularman

    Russian Spy

    Your a trained FSB assassin, you smuggle a nerve agent into a foreign country under a false id. You reach your targets address, do you: A) knock and strike when he answers the door B) lie in wait for him to leave C) smear some on the door and hope for the best
  9. Modularman

    Russian Spy

    Found after 3 weeks has passed and after a fingertip search of the house on the 8th March and after the beast from the east. If Carlsberg made novichocks.......
  10. Modularman

    Cultural History

    My aunty walked into a pub in Medway in the 60s where 'some American bloke was making a right bloody racket' and left after about 10 minutes. Found out later it was Jimi Hendrix!
  11. Modularman

    The constellations

    Wouldn't sell it for less than £150, have seen it go for twice that last year but to be fair the value seems to fluctuate quite a bit!
  12. Modularman

    Desert Island Stevie Wonder Song

    I'd have to go with
  13. Modularman

    BBC. Patronising

    It's not relevant at all now. The head of BBC news is a former Murdoch/Sky employee who is best friends with George Osbourne, Nick Robinson is a former Tory member and head of the Tory association, Andrew Neil is a former Tory employee and editor of the conservative spectator, editor Sarah Sands campaigned for three successive Tory mayor campaigns, Amol Raman media editor campaigned for the Tories in the 2015 elections, Rona Fairhead former BBC chair is a Tory minister, the chairman of the BBC Trust Chris Patten is a former Conservative cabinet minister, the senior political producer Thea Rogers was George Osborne's special advisor, editor Robbie Gibb is a former chief of staff to the Tory Francis Maude, John Humphreys regularly holidays with Tory members, it goes on and On!!
  14. Modularman

    Record Store Day 2018 21st April

    *Duke Reid/Roland Alphonso - Trojan 7" *Grant Green - Slick! Live at oil can harrys & Funk in France LP's *Small Faces 7" EP *Studio 1 Dubplate special box set *Sun Ra - Live at pine street theatre LP *Thelonious Monk - Nutty 7" *Demon Fuzz - I put a spell on you 7" Guess I'm easily pleased!
  15. What about Nichelle Nichols, although she had been in Star Trek for a year before this double sider was released!

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