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  1. Modularman

    Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    As Keb Darge used to respond "you don't know anything!" and if they asked for something we can dance to...."you can't f**king dance!!"
  2. Modularman

    World cup 2018 underway

    dolazi kući
  3. Modularman

    Artist or group beginning with the letter K

    Stephen Kelly, The Volcanos
  4. Hi, still after a nice clean copy of this! PM's only please Cheers Craig
  5. Modularman

    Ronnie - Thinking Evil - Twin Record Productions

    Still looking... Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, after a nice clean copy of this! PM's only please Cheers Craig
  7. Modularman

    Jamaican Soul

    and the flip of Where Is The Love has this cover of Dyke & The Blazers...
  8. Modularman

    Jamaican Soul

    Errol Dixon did quite a few 'soulful' recordings and this Glen Miller deep soul cut is bizarrely on the flip of a Dennis Alcapone Dee Jay record
  9. Modularman

    John Cooper Clarke-Mad man or sheer genius

    Always a slip of a man who'd have to run around in the shower to get wet - I like the story he tells about when he was walking through Manchester city centre after he'd recently come off drugs and somebody shouted at him "hey John, get back on the heroin you fat b*stard!"
  10. Modularman

    Any northern records

    This is an LP only track and a stormer too!
  11. Modularman

    Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    Why, if he was so disgusted by your request, did he have a copy in his box?!!
  12. Modularman

    Russian Spy

    Got his old job back at Motorola
  13. Modularman

    Russian Spy

    Apologies, I thought you were referring to JNixons comment re. Syria There has been suggestions there that the chemical weapons use was done to implicate Assad and taunt the US into military action.
  14. Modularman

    Russian Spy

    The former ambassador to Syria
  15. Modularman

    Russian Spy

    It seems pretty damning that the UK government refuse to answer these questions and seek to divert attention to certain events. Cambridge Analytica and the Skirpol incident and BOJO clearly lied - the BBC fail to report it! It has now been reported that the nerve agent did not originate from Russia (Corbyn was right) but again BBC did not report this. Skirpol was apparently investigating Cambridge Analytical before his attempted murder so make of that what you will


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