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  1. Modularman

    45s used as stiffeners instead of cardboard

    We have a winner!!
  2. Received a record from the US today and opened it up to find that instead of the usual cardboard stiffeners the sender had used two other 45s each side of my purchase to protect it. Not that unusual as you used to see it a lot years ago and occasionally still do. Emailed the seller just to be sure he hadn't made a mistake and he replied that "I've stopped buying cardboard stiffeners and use old 45s out of a big box of $1 bargain bin junk". One of the said "junk" 45s was Alexander Patton - A lil lovin sometimes and another was Aretha Franklin - One Step Ahead, both near mint!! The other two were a Slim & Little Ann 45 and a thrashed copy of Ruby Andrews - Casanova, both probably deserving of the $1 bargain bin! Made me feel slightly better about the $24 postage charge! Anyone else been lucky and had a similar experience? One man's water and all that....
  3. Modularman

    What is your genre?

    Last Night Changed It All (LP version)
  4. Modularman

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Great tune but it should be in the 'under £20' forum section. Why would you pay a ton when you can pick up an issue minter off discogs for £15??
  5. Modularman

    Silly Names, Pseudonyms, Aliases, Why?

  6. Modularman

    Silly Names, Pseudonyms, Aliases, Why?

    In this day and age the number of people posting their name, address, phone number and email address on the sales page is quite worrying. As an aside I used to work with a fella who was known as Dai '6 months' as he had 'half an ear!
  7. Modularman

    What interesting vinyl do you have ?

    This Egyptian Lover 7" is on triangular vinyl with a magnetic sleeve that can be formed into a pyramid The star wars soundtrack which projects a hologram over the vinyl is quite cool and although not vinyl, this Spiritualized album packaging is in the style of pill form medicine with each track on mini CD having to be popped out of the blister pack to be played
  8. Modularman

    hot day soundtrack

  9. Modularman

    Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    As Keb Darge used to respond "you don't know anything!" and if they asked for something we can dance to...."you can't f**king dance!!"
  10. Modularman

    World cup 2018 underway

    dolazi kući
  11. Modularman

    Artist or group beginning with the letter K

    Stephen Kelly, The Volcanos
  12. Hi, still after a nice clean copy of this! PM's only please Cheers Craig
  13. Modularman

    Ronnie - Thinking Evil - Twin Record Productions

    Still looking... Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi, after a nice clean copy of this! PM's only please Cheers Craig
  15. Modularman

    Jamaican Soul

    and the flip of Where Is The Love has this cover of Dyke & The Blazers...


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