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tony foster blog 1 of 3 from 2007-8

tony foster blog 1 of 3 from 2007-8 magazine cover

Prestatyn 2008 & Queen Vic

Posted by Tony Foster, 04 March 2008

Just recovering from a busy weekend at Prestatyn. I won't bore you with the accommodation, we all know by now what to expect!!! On the whole it was a very enjoyable weekend, catching up with old friends and listening to some new and wonderful tunes, especially the time I spent in the Queen Vic. Friday night was superb especially the guys who played the hour of Ska/Reggae, I am sure that most of you would agree that by now this popular spot should be extended into at least half a day. Robbo and co. Fantastic!!! I did catch my very good friend John Weston dancing to a bit of Ska with some lovely girls.

Saturday was superb all day whichever room you went in. Saturday night we stayed in the main room to watch the artists. Gwen Owens and family were superb, the Del Larks were ok but the extended version of Job Opening was a bit much, Jerry Williams performance was pure class with classics like 'I'm the lover man' and 'If you ask me'. Gloria Jones performance was sadly a bit of a let down, she looked great but her voice over the years has not stood the test of time, with the help of the backing singers she did her classics 'Tainted love' and 'Come go with me'. The best and the most outstanding by far had got to be The Precisions, classics like 'Such misery', 'Why girl', 'If this is love', 'Instant heartbreak' and the best for me was 'I wanna tell my baby'. Absolutely superb and I would say The Precisions are probably one of the very best I have seen over the years. DJ wise Andy Dyson was outstanding and Butch and Tim Brown were just awesome.

Sunday night in the Queen Vic. If you were not there you missed a superb few hours of quality soul.

Keith Money, John Weston and Tim Brown.

The line up just doesn't come any better than this on a Sunday night. Keith and John paired up for a cracking hour which included tracks like 'Ster-phonics - Don't leave me' and 'The Magnetics - Lady in green'. Followed by an hour with Tim Brown. The guy needs no introductions, the spot was fantastic and he played some known, lesser known and about to break tracks. What a way to spend a Sunday night. Then it was over to the main room to listen to Roger Banks and Dave Rimmer's spot. They kept the dance floor full, playing quality Northern and R&B tracks.

On the whole a very enjoyable weekend. I also found a couple of nice 45's for the collection, winner all round.

I nearly forgot, I came across this lady who had just got Jerry Williams autograph.






Aquarius Connoisseurs & Bishops Wood !

Posted by Tony Foster, 24 February 2008

First of all a big thank you for Saturday night at the Aquarius., especially Col and Gaye Kidson and Larry Mc for making us feel so welcome. Larry Mc played some interesting tunes, was that F. Gorman and the Car Booters - What does it take? I'm sure this one will be on Col's wants list!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really nice to see Robbo and Bob Hinsley, always a pleasure to see these guys. For those going to Prestatyn try to get along to the Queen Vic on Friday afternoon where you will hear Robbo playing an hour of Ska and Reggae. Last year this went down a stormer. Also a chance to catch Bob Hinsley and John Weston etc, playing some of their top tunes. Add it to your list of thing to do at Prestatyn.

My play list from the Aquarius Connoisseurs in no particular order

Larry Williams & Johnny Watson - Takin' No Chances (From the Two for the price of

one LP Okeh)

Charles Lamont & the Extremes - I've Got To Keep Movin' - Challenge

Pete Warner - I Just Want To Spend My Life With You - Polydor

Lavern Baker - Wrapped Tied & Tangled - Brunswick

WeThe People - Making My Daydream Real - Lion

Peggy Paxton - It Ain't What I Do - Paula

Kenny Carlton - Wait Till I Get You In My Arms - Blue Rock

Heartbreakers - I've Got To Face It - Derby City

Ballad's - I Can't See Your Love - VeeJay

Entertainers - Love In My Heart - Symbol

TNT Band - Meditation - Cotique

Fantastic Four - Can't Stop Looking For My Baby - Ric Tic

Jive (Five) Fyve - If I Had A Chance To Love You - Decca

Lonnie Lester - You Can't Go - Nu-Tone

Billy Davis - Stanky - Cobblestone

Brothers Of Soul - I'd Be Grateful - Boo

Philharmonics - I Need, I Need Your Love - Soulin

Ray Scott - Feeling No Pain - Decca

Claude Huey - Why Would You Blow It - Galaxy

George Cameron - My Heart Tells Me So - Portrait

Al Gardner - Sweet Baby - Gooda Mooga

Terry Callier - Look At Me Now - Cadet

Kenny Carlton - Lost And Found - Blue Rock

Bernard Williams - Focused On You - Harthon

Saturday 8th March 2008 sees Bishops Wood first all nighter of this year!!!

Don't miss it!!! Details below. Terrific line up!!!

See You At The Aquarius

Posted by Tony Foster, 18 February 2008

Saturday!!! Looking forward to cracking a night at the Aquarius. Not only a very good friend in Bob Hinsley is on in the main room, but I will be joining COL KIDSON, GAYE KIDSON & LARRY MC in the connoisseurs room, playing rare and underplayed tunes and some forgotten oldies and crossovers.

If you are hungry for soul and want to go away at the end of the night thinking where can I find that and what a tune !!! The Aquarius Connoisseurs room is for you!!!

Put this one in your diary JUNCTION 11 SOUL CLUB SATURDAY 23RD FEBRUARY!!!!

See you there !!!



Soul Academy 2nd February 2008 A Few 45's That Will Be Played

Posted by Tony Foster, 18 January 2008 · 12 views

Just a few of the 45's I will be playing at the Soul Academy !!!!















"SOUL ACADEMY" - The Best In 60's, 70's, Oldies, Newies and R&B


The first Saturday in every month!!!


Bishops Wood Soul Club Review

Posted by Tony Foster, 28 December 2007 ·

Bishops Wood Soul Club

Bishops Wood Village Hall

Ivetsey Rd, Bishops Wood

Nr Wolverhampton

ST19 9AE

Saturday 22nd December 8.00pm - 1.00am

We had a great start, only 50 minutes from Stoke-on-Trent via the M6.

First impressions of Bishops Wood Soul Club. There was ample parking, a great dance floor and an excellent sound system. Good start! There is a seating area to the right of the dance floor where you can still hear the music, but can have a conversation without holding a hand over one ear and shouting down someone else's, I think we have all been to those venues.

It also has a well lit record bar and for the smokers and very well presented patio area with heaters and it's under cover. What more could you want, perhaps a bar with sensible prices and clean toilets? It's got it!!! One of the most impressive venues I have been to since Bretby Country Club days!!!

Music policy is superb supplied by Col and Gaye Kidson and not forgetting Larry Mc who proved to everyone that you don't have to spend a fortune to find dance floor fillers, just play the other side.

Little Scotty and Paul Gould were guest DJ's. Little Scotty played a superb spot!!! Mainly 60's with a few semi known's thrown in like Billy Davis - Stanky on Cobblestone an up and coming monster!!! Get one while you can, John Manship already has this listed at £50.

While I am tipping big tunes on the way up watch out for the TNT Band - Meditation on Cotique, a monster for 2008.

A few tunes that were played on the night.

Lost Souls - Secret of Mine

Tony Gala - In Love

Dells - Run for Cover

Billy Eckstine - I wonder why

Guitar Ray - You're gonna wreck my life

Capitols - Don't say maybe baby

Tommy Navarro - Cried my life away

Karen Sue - Something on my mind

Metros - Time changes things

Survivors - Good Baby

The list went on and on!!

If you do nothing else in 2008 go to this venue, they already have four all-nighters lines up for next year as well as a monthly soul night. 10/10 Also an added bonus no annoying sound limiter!!! If you want to hear more great tunes from Col, Gaye and Larry get down to the Aquarius, Saturday 29th December !!!

Burton Phoenix Connoisseurs Club

Posted by Tony Foster, 25 November 2007

Saturday 24th November In the memory of Nige Shaw

Full marks to the organisers. Great venue, great music and a great event in the memory of Nige Shaw. A true tribute to the man and his love of the music. Over £2,000 raised, fantastic!!!

Some great tunes were played to cater for everyone's tastes. From really rare to something in everybody's box. I particular liked Dave Rimmers - The Idols !!! What a 45!!!

Dave has an outstanding collection and always focuses on quality rather than rarity. Although a lot of his quality 45's are really rare!!!

The Magnetics - I Have a Girl, is one!!!!

But to everyone who took part in the event, well done!!! Especially the guys who did all the hard work organising the event.

Sean Chapman and Nige Brown did a great spot. Elipsis - People from Sean, this seems to be growing from strength to strength!!!

The only downside was the noise limiter, I like the music loud!!! But on the whole a great place to visit!!! 10/10

Kings Hall Stoke

Posted by Tony Foster, 16 October 2007 ·

One of the leading all-nighters in the country. Slightly down in numbers but none the less entertaining. Over the years it has become slightly predicatable in the tunes that are played there, the normal oldies but goodies mixed in with some of the top rare tunes.

All the DJ's played equally good spots, but a special thanks to Butch for playing Elipsis - People, what a tune!!!! First time played at Stoke and believe it or not played upstairs in the modern room by Soul Sam in the same hour as Butch. Let me tell you it went down a stormer. Probably the biggest tune at the moment. I wonder if Tim Brown has got one yet?

Nice to see so many promoters from other venues supporting the all-nighter. Dave Evison still packed the floor as ever with his selection of all era Soulful tunes. I can take my hat of to Dave, he was terrific in the days of the Casino breaking such tunes as the Steinways and the Majestics and is still there today playing tunes from TJ Williams to the Valentines - Breakaway, nice spot Dave.

Stafford Rangers On The Soul Side!

Posted by Tony Foster, 07 October 2007

Saturday 6th October

Visit to Stafford Rangers Soul Night

It was a great night Saturday at the Rangers in Stafford. Superb quality Soul spun by all.

Great atmosphere, top tunes, great DJ's and a great venue.

Neil Self the guest DJ from Soulfusion played some incredibly good Northern and Modern Soul tracks to a very appreciative audience. Shute and John Fisher, the founder members kept the dance floor full all of the evening and for me it was the first time back behind the decks and to be at Stafford was even better.

Don't miss this venue, this is where the soul music is quality and the atmosphere and the friendliness of the venue are overwhelming. It reminded me at times as a cross between the 100 club at Mr M's.

There was a wide range of music from floor packing oldies to monster newies and modern soul tracks throughout the night.

Get down to Stafford the Soul Night everyone is talking about! Along with DDA this is the place for breaking new tunes!

Not far from where the legendary Top of The World was.

Stafford Rangers FC

Aston Fields Road


ST16 3BX


Top Ten Northern Soul And Modern Soul Tunes

Posted by Tony Foster, 04 October 2007 · 298 views

Everybody comes from different places, backgrounds etc and has different tastes in music. I just wondered what would be your ultimate Top Ten Northern Soul and Modern Soul Tunes.

Although my own top ten does vary as I'm sure everybody's does, these ten never seem to be too far away.











What's your top 10 ?

Alan Pollard

Semi known gem

Posted:Oct 04 2007 09:44 PM

Hi Tony, great top ten there, quite a few come very close to being in mine like The Servicemen etc.

Here's my current top ten,

1 - Larry Saunders - On the real side - Turbo (has been my number 1 now since it's release back in the early 70t's)

2 - The Group featuring Rev. Cecil Washington - I don't like lose - Prophonics.

3 - The Four Tops - Baby I need your loving - Stateside.

4 - Brenda Holloway - All I do is think about you - Motown un-released.

5 - J.T.Rhythm - All I want is you - Palmer.

6 - Soul Brothers Incorporated - Pyramid - Golden Eye.

7 - The Incredibles - There's nothing else to say - Audio Arts.

8 - Narbay - Believe it or not - Impact.

9 - The Detroit Emeralds / Wingate Strings - Shades down - Ric Tic.

10 - Bobby Reed - The time is right for love - Bell.



Tony Foster

"Listen, mate, 'life' has surface noise."

Posted:Oct 05 2007 06:45 AM

You have great taste in music, especially Soul Brothers Incorporated, Larry Saunders and Bobby Reed.

Top tunes, great choices!



Like This

Top Delete Edit Report Quote

Tony Foster

"Listen, mate, 'life' has surface noise."

Posted:Feb 24 2008 08:44 PM

Some very classy tracks here, especially the Bobby King, I thought this only came out on a LP until a few months ago, I saw it listed on 45, great track and a very nice top ten. Oscar Perry what a smooth dancer!!

Tony Foster

"Listen, mate, 'life' has surface noise."

Posted:Feb 25 2008 08:30 PM


Hi Sandi, another great top ten. We the people - Making my daydream real, is in my current DJ spot. Fantastic tune! Gill Scott-Heron, Benny Troy and John Gary Williams, all top class soul tunes. I especially like Change -The glow of love, absolutely superb, top notch soul from Mr Luther Vandross. You both have excellent taste in Soul Music!!! Thank you


Tape swappers fav

Posted:Feb 26 2008 04:25 PM

Hello Tony thankyou for your comments, glad you like our taste in music, not everyone shares your view , so when someone actually shows appreciation for soul music wether its a classic oldie, crossover or latest modern its a refreshing change (l think you will know what l mean).........to qoute Harpo ( Paul ) " its not about playing expensive records, its about playing good records", how true. Soul records.

Thanx again Tony

Sandi xxxx

Tony Foster

"Listen, mate, 'life' has surface noise."

Posted:Feb 26 2008 09:19 PM

Hi there, I totally agree!!!! Many people concentrate on price and rarity rather quality. Nice to speak to people who have great taste in music!!! All the very best Tony


Sir Matthew Fox

Posted:Jun 03 2008 11:17 PM












Tony Foster

"Listen, mate, 'life' has surface noise."

Posted:Jun 04 2008 07:01 AM

Very nice cross the board selection of good soul music. Especially the Moses Smith!!!


Tape swappers fav

Posted:Jul 13 2008 10:43 PM

Thankyou Tony for your positive comments, l thought it was about time to update my listing.

These are my current hot plays ( in no particular order of merit ).

Lifestyle/Trying to make it up to you.

Donny Gerrard/He's always somewhere around.

The Floaters/I bet you get the one you love.

Truth/Coming home.

Zingara/I surrender.

The Temptations/Aiming at your heart.

Shazz feat Ken Norris/Innerside,universal soul mix.

UBP feat Bobby Pruitt/We are one.

Marc Evans/Reach out for love.

Kenny Bobien/Let me show you ( BOP ).

Arnold Jarvis/Rising into joy.

Luther VanDross/The sweetest one.

Solaris/You and me.

Dynamic Superiors/One Nighter

Leroy Hutson/Ella-weez.

Marvin Smith/ Who will do your running now.

Voices of East Harlem/I like having you around.

Jerry Butler/One night affair.

Jimmy Clarke/Tell her.

Deon Jackson/We got a love.

The Tempests/I dont want to lose her.

The Magnificent 7/Never will l make my baby cry.

Lou Courtney/Trying to find my woman.

Troy Keys/If l had my way.

Windy City/Good guys dont always win.

Anthony White/Im so much inlove with you.

Darrell Banks/Im the one who loves you.

Jaheim/Just in case.

Arthur Alexander/You better move on.

Dennis Taylor/Enough is enough.

Quite an eclectic mix of musical genre, and with plenty more waiting in the wings of a similar quality, l will be hoping to make Septembers Soul Academy a night to remember.

Regards Paul Harpin ( Harpo )

Tony Foster

"Listen, mate, 'life' has surface noise."

Posted:Jul 14 2008 05:53 PM

Another list of top quality 45's. Seriously the above should be called Harpo's tips as quite a few of the tunes listed are on the up in popularity and value!!!

Truth/Coming home - A quality tune that's been snapped up by the people in know.

Tempests/I dont want to lose her - I would like one of these myself, pure brilliance.

Marvin Smith/ Who will do your running now

Darrell Banks/Im the one who loves you

Lifestyle/Trying to make it up to you

All quality 45's and they would be a worthy addition to anyone's collection.

Great to see the Magnificent 7/Never will l make my baby cry, a really high quality mid-tempo, soulful tune. Recommended for the late night soul soothers!

A big thank you once again Harpo and Sandi for contributing and educating the soulful masses!!!


Tape swappers fav

Posted:Jul 26 2008 12:47 PM

Great to see the Magnificent 7/Never will l make my baby cry, a really high quality mid-tempo, soulful tune. Recommended for the late night soul soothers!

A big thank you once again Harpo and Sandi for contributing and educating the soulful masses!!!

Well Tony we've given you a weeks break, and true to form after getting back from The Connaught Hotel lastnight we are still playing and enjoying our music, we did add some nice bits to the collection that we purchased from fish (Mark).

So here l am after yet another set, sharing it with you.

Starting off with some nice 70's & 80's before finishing with some more up to date soulful house.

We The People/ Making my daydream real.

John Gary Williams/ The whole damn world is going crazy.

Dunn & Bruce Street/ The moment of Truth.

Chuck Jackson/ All over the world.

Change/ The glow of love.

Willie Hutch/ Easy does it.

Gene Chandler/ Let me make love to you.

Keni Burke/ Let somebody love you.

Diana Ross (12")/ The Boss.

Skip Mahoney (12")/ Janice.

The Sunshine Band/ Everyday.

Lenny Williams/Gotta lotta luv.

Backstabbers, Angie Stone/ I wish l did'nt miss you.

Truth/ Coming home.

Mousse-T/ Brother on the run.

Orienta-Rhythm ft Joi Cardwell/ Happy.

Studio Apartment ft Marc Evans/ Serenity.

Bennson/ Whatever it is-Soul Tornado remix.

U.B.P. presents Michael Proctor/ Love dont live.

Frankie Knuckles presents Satoshi Tomiie/ Tears.

Wahoo/ Dont take it personal.

Groove Collective/ Everyboby ( We the people ).

Lenny Fantana presents Byron Stingily/ Light my fire.

Marquito ft Duane Harden/ Face it now, Panevino remix.

Any D.J. who played that set or similar at any venue l was at would have my full attention and feet strutting my stuff on the dance floor for the entirity of their set, now thats what l call dance music, not to mention pure soulful, even if l do say so myself.

Looking forward to your comments,

Soulful Sandi x

Tony Foster

"Listen, mate, 'life' has surface noise."

Posted:Jul 26 2008 03:53 PM

These are serious Soulful tunes that take you on to another level, anyone reading this blog should take note of the tunes listed above as there are some real gems here!!!! The timeless - John Gary Williams/ The whole damn world is going crazy, Truth/ Coming home, Angie Stone/ I wish l did'nt miss you and what about Change/ The glow of love wow, wow, wow!!! Open your ears, Sandi and Harpo taking the Modern side further!


Tape swappers fav

Posted:Jul 26 2008 06:08 PM

Tut Tut, Pauls asked me to give you the list he's been playing this afternoon, his mood being 70's dance, he's now playing 60's, but will only send you the 70's list............although the record he's playing now is, Deon Jackson's /love takes a long time growing......hair on the bk of my neck stuff,fantastic record.

Loletta Holloway/Love Sensation.

Double Exposure/Ten Percent.

The Moment Of Truth/Helplessly. ( l love this )

Loletta Holloway/Hit & Run.

Love Committee/Cheaters Never Win.

Double Exposure/Everyman.

Loletta Holloway/Dreaming.

Moment of Truth/You Got Me Humming.

Eddie Holman/Time Will Tell.

Anthony White/Block Party.

Silvetti/Spring Rain.

The Pockets/Come Go With Me.

Rodney Franklin/The Groove.

Sine/Just Let Me Do My Thing.

Parliments/Tear The Roof Off The Sucker.

Roberta Kelly/Troublemaker.


Cameo/Find My Way.

Rimshots/Do What You Feel.

East Coast Connection/Summer In The Parks.

Brass Construction/Ha-cha-cha ( funktion ).

Troy Keys/If l Had My Way.

Kenni Smith/Lord Whats Happening To My People.

Idle Few/People Thats Why.

Earl Connelly/Make Up Your Mind.

Johnny Baker/Shy Guy.

Crystal Motion/You're My Main Squeeze.

The Miracles/Nightlife.

Lenny Williams/Choosing You.

Gentlemen & Their Lady/Like Her.

Barbara Pennington/24 Hours A Day.

Overture/Miracle Workers.

Originals/Down To Love Town.

21st Creation/Tailgate.

Eddie Kendricks/Going Up In Smoke.

Crown Height Affair/Dreaming a Dream.

So there you have it , yet another good playlist, hopefully one day some "D.J.s" will catch on and reach out a bit, no need to forget the faithful in some cases over played "oldies" just dip a toe in the water, they might even find it's not that bad , even refreshing if they just take a leap forward.

Harpo's faithful P.A. Sandi x

Tony Foster

"Listen, mate, 'life' has surface noise."

Posted:Jul 27 2008 08:31 AM

Echo all of the above, spot on!


Back Behind The Decks

Posted by Tony Foster, 21 September 2007 ·

Time to make a soulful DJ contribution. A number of people asked when I would be DJ'ing again.

I took a few years out and stood back for a while observing the music. Mmmm!

Past Soulful events included Tony's Empress Ballroom, Blackburn, all-nighters. Courtesy of Mick and Little Scotty.

Hyde, Blackburn and Droylsden all-nighters. Courtesy of Mark Bicknell

Soul nights in previous years included Bretby, Queens etc. Great Soul nights at Crewe Alex, the list goes on. I never forget my old mates Robbo and Bob Hinsley.

Bob Hinsley was one of the first DJ's to put me on at his Soul night in Manchester and I never forgot it. There are lots of people who you can remember over the years, Dave Rimmer and John Manship who distributed tapes of my past Dj spots and helped me no end. Thank you.

If you want a Soul sampler cd containing some of the tracks on the current playlist. Let me know! I will arrange it for you to get one.

Just a few things I will be playing.

Bobby Angelle - It's just got to be that way

Al Gardner - Sweet Baby

California Rock Choir - Whoever you are

Charles Lamont - I've got to keep movin'

Emile Griffith - Going Going Gone

Entertainers - Love in my heart

George Cameron - My heart tells me so

Gi Gi & the Charmaines - I don't wanna lose him

Heartbreakers - I've got to face it

Jaywalkers - Can't live without you

Jive Fyve - If I had a chance to love you

Ikettes - Watcha gonna do

Ray Scott - Feeling no pain

Ringleaders - Baby what has happened

Skip Jackson - I'm on to you

Terry Callier - Look at me now

Vernon Greene - Look at me, Look at me

Vows - Tell me

Willie Hightower - Because I love you

Falcons - I'm a fool (I must love you)

Fantastic Four - Cant stop looking for my baby

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