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  1. I have only just seen this terrible news, RIP my good friend, our sincere condolences to all the family and friends.
  2. Very sad news, our sincere condolences to all
  3. Thank you for the music and the memories, RIP Lorraine
  4. Happy Birthday Joan, have a great day x
  5. R.I.P. Kenny Movin' away, thank you
  6. Always easy to spot in the crowd and always a happy, smiling man who loved his soul music. Our sincere condolences to all, God bless
  7. Gone too soon RIP, you'll be missed, our sincere condolences to all
  8. So very sad to hear the the news about Pete, good night my dear friend, our sincere condolences to all. Rest in peace.
  9. Very sad news, sincere condolences to all, RIP Jim
  10. Get well soon Ted, hope you have a very speedy recovery
  11. Hi Dave & Louise, hope you're both well, can't remember the Y.M.C.A bit, mind it was a long time ago, sure Roger will confirm.
  12. Roger, great man, great DJ, record dealer, collector and more. A man with great foresight that has put many people on to tomorrow’s biggies. I can remember him playing Harvey- Any way you wanta at Bradford all-nighters turning it in to a overnight monster, also purchasing many a great 45 from Roger. It’s always worth having a delve through his boxes, just a couple of £8 records that stick in my mind I bought from Roger, Dottie and Millie – Talkin’ about my baby – Topper and Constellations – I didn’t know how to – Gemini. A man with great enthusiasm who in his DJ sets over the years included the likes of – Kinnettes – Instrumental E Williams – Trade my soul to the devil – Jaadee Wallie Hawkins and Rose MCcoy - Switch around Royal Robins – Something about you that sends me – Tru GloTown Hesitations – That’s what love is – Soul Superman LP Bobby Hutton – Come see what’s left of me - Phillips Plus many many more I remember Roger double deckin’ with Mark Bicknell at the 100 Club in the 90’s with flashing road hazard lights and Roger wearing a hard hat and fluorescent jacket lol. Truly great tunes played in that set.

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