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  1. Especially for Ritchie, this was part of our conversation and his deal with Colin all those years ago.
  2. Totally shocked by this sad news. We were only talking to him a couple of weeks ago in Llandudno. RIP, you will be greatly missed.
  3. Very sad news, Jim was a wealth of knowledge. I had many a lovely chat with him. He always had some very interesting records in his sale box. Our sincere condolences to all family and friends, thank you for the memories Jim. RIP
  4. Very sad news, thank you for the memories RIP
  5. Our sincere condolences to all, very sad news. I had many a good chat with Nogger over the years, he could always find plenty of bargains in the record bars. Sadly missed, RIP my friend.
  6. The intro of Tony & Tyrone – Please Operator
  7. Licenced and qualified, oh dear, so far away from the roots we grew up with.
  8. This one always takes me back to a Northern Soul Christmas party in the 80's, Billy Watkins - The Ice-man, good times
  9. Thank you for sharing, a tragic story with a beautiful thought. We will certainly be thinking of you this Christmas.
  10. Some great records here, over the years I've only seen one issue of Charles Brandy, if I recall it was found by Tim and sold to Gary Spencer, that was a long time ago. Love Frankie Beverly and the Professionals
  11. Two good sides - Soul City - Who Do You Think You Are/Cold Hearted Blues

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