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  1. Happy 70th Birthday Keith, Where have the years gone, it doesn't seem five minutes since we were at the Queens celebrating your 40th. People came from near and far to celebrate and dance to the many tunes you had a hand in making popular on the Northern scene. I have seen so many DJ's struggle filling a floor and you would come on and say "Watch this?", play one record and it would fill the floor instantly. I will never forget the rare records you balanced on your head whilst getting the next record to play. I only wish I had a photo to share of you with a copy of Bobby Kline on your head, while you were playing the Hy-Tones - You don't even know my name, on Southern Artists. I remember you buying the Hy-Tones at Keele all-nighter in the 90's, doing the last spot which loved so much and packing the floor to a huge round of applause. When I think back over the years there's not a time I can recall when you were not on the scene, from being a teenager and listening to your spots at Tiffany's all-dayers and Wigan Casino to later years travelling many miles with you to various all-nighters and soul events. I recall no matter what you made selling records at a record fair or all-nighter, the money was always spoken for, there was always another record, another rarity to add to your collection and what a collection over the years, or should I say many collections. As soon as you sold one collection you started again. You are the original vinyl junkie. One record that will always remind me of you is Jackie Edwards - I feel so bad, this record had a special place in you heart. I remember you telling me you sold a collection and before you handed it over you took 2 records, one was Hoagy Lands - The next in line, the other Jackie Edwards. I could go on sharing memories forever, Keith you are a legend, Happy Birthday have a fantastic day and let there be many more.
  2. Very sad news, our sincere condolences to all. RIP.
  3. Our sincere condolences to all, RIP Sue
  4. Happy Birthday Dave, all the best
  5. Dance, Dance, Dance my good friend, so sad, my heart goes out to all
  6. I have only just seen this terrible news, RIP my good friend, our sincere condolences to all the family and friends.
  7. Very sad news, our sincere condolences to all
  8. Thank you for the music and the memories, RIP Lorraine
  9. R.I.P. Kenny Movin' away, thank you
  10. Always easy to spot in the crowd and always a happy, smiling man who loved his soul music. Our sincere condolences to all, God bless
  11. Gone too soon RIP, you'll be missed, our sincere condolences to all
  12. So very sad to hear the the news about Pete, good night my dear friend, our sincere condolences to all. Rest in peace.
  13. Hi Tony

    email bouncing

    can you send me a new one via pm reply asp


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