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Event Guide - Featured Event Improvements and Upgrades

Event Guide - Featured Event Improvements and Upgrades magazine cover

Our popular 'Featured Events' feature has undergone some work, improvements and updates

Source Event Guide Featured Events


The 'Featured Events' feature now allows promoters/organisers/members  to 'upgrade' any Event's exposure/awareness via the event listings in our Soul Source Event Guide. 

For a small cost members can now 'upgrade' their own or indeed other members Event Guide Entry in minutes

Prices have been upgraded

The trial 'opening' offer is now over, however the 'final' price for one week slot is now £15 not the full  £20 as stated earlier

Now the 'opening' offer is over, the 2, 3, and 4 week slot prices have been reduced to offer better value as per the below

Price of Featured Event Slots (from Oct 2023)

Four types of slots are available...

One week slot will cost £15.

Two week slot will cost £25.

Three week slot will cost £35.

One month slot will cost £45.

Purchase Links

When purchasing slots, some members have had issues with copying and pasting the url while using mobile devices, to get around this we now have the following additions to the direct 'copy and paste' purchase link

  • A pm link on each slots page to purchase 'manually' by pm 
  • A direct  promoter/poster only link that shows on each event to the actual promoter/posting member only, Just tap the  button and the url will be filled in for you

Screenshot of Promoters/Posters  Event View





More info on this feature can be had via the product page (link below)

For direct purchase go to the product page (link below) or use the 'on event' link as above




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