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Dave Moore

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Hi Soul Sourcers,

If you're really bored, you might wanna check out the updates to


A rather spiffy Motown Pic Sleeve article and a couple of soul star features, along with a new months record reviewer and a radio show to boot!! For the real anoraks out there there's also a feature on W/Demos! :yes:

As ever any comments, suggestions, critisisms are more than welcome.




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Any chance of posting the answers to the Funk Bros competition. I am stuck on 6 of 'em.



NO! You should have sent your answers in, you may have won!! LOL! :thumbsup:

Only jokin' Matey, Here's the answers. It would seem that the competition was a tad too hard so we have "scaled down" this month's to give everyone a better chance. :thumbsup:

Hitsville Competition Answers

1. Pied Piper Production Team

2. Diane Ross, Flo Ballard, Mary Wilson, Betty Travis, Betty McGlown, Marv Tarplin

3. D Town Records in Detroit

4. The Satintones - Vernon Williams, James Ellis, Sonny Sanders, Robert Bateman, Sammy Mack

5. Eddie Willis - Joe Messina - Robert White

6. Ollie McLoughlin

7. The owners of VeeJay Records.

8. Uriel Jones

9. The Ad Libs - Danny Austin, Norman Donegan, Mary Ann Thomas, and Dave Watt and Hugh Harris

10. Jack Montgomery

11. The Andantes - Jackie Hicks, Louvaine Demps and Marlene Barrow and augmented by Pat Lewis and Ann Brogan.

12 - Benny Benjamin - Birmingham, Alabama and James Jamerson - Edisto Island S Carolina.

13. The Spinners - Bobby Smith, George Dixon, Billy Henderson, Henry Farnborough and Pervis Jackson

14. George Tindley - Ain't that peculiar - Wand Records

15. The initials of the label owner - Mike Alonzo Hanks.

16. Eddie Anderson, JJ Barnes, Steve Mancha Edwin Starr,

17. Mike Terry

18. United Sound Systems - 5840 2nd Ave

19. Edward Hamilton

20 Tuesdays 7pm est. (This is changing as we speak).

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Bloody hell Dave! What time in the morning are you reading this?



I spent the wekend trawling through Matt Lucas' garage sorting through some Masters from United Sound Systems.

I'm writing up the trip. I have to do all this before I go to work, so I'm up at the crack of! LOL!

How's Kev and Bev, they all sorted out now?


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Kev and Bev are back on the scene already. Circ all dayer, Kierby motown do, and the Kestrel Suite this Friday, then Fergies barbie for Bank Holiday Weekend.

Bought a house on Brunshaw Road. The Chicago quiz looks do-able. About to start.

Web site better than ever. Keep it up.


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Guest Keep the Boy Happy

One thing you forgot to mention is that Bev (for the first time in twenty years) has got a FULL TIME JOB!!!!! She will get the drinks in when we next catch up!

But NO we still haven't bought a Volvo...no matter what the advert says!

Seriously though we came home for the social and are making the most of it.....so much on offer it's great to be home......

Kev & Bev

Edited by Keep the Boy Happy
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Guest Keep the Boy Happy

Sure thing,......Aint no soul left on Cathy's new dancing shoes???????

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Guest Keep the Boy Happy

Glad we will have the chance to....you are coming then?????

Joking apart looking foward to a good night!

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