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    The Benidorm International Soul Fiesta Presents The FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of this fantastic Soul Event!
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  4. KIDDERMINSTER TOWN HALL is BACK! 2 Rooms of Northern Soul Call Bev at 0712 244062 to reserve tickets.
  5. KIDDERMINSTER TOWN HALL is BACK! 2 Rooms of Northern Soul Call Bev at 0712 244062 to reserve tickets. Last one just before Lock Down was a sell out!
  6. Thought it noteworthy to record here on Soul-Source the passing of Mr Bruce Hawes, songwriter extraordinaire who, along with Charles Simmons and Joseph Jefferson wrote some of Philadelphia's most enduring songs. Quite a few people will probably be unaware of his contribution to that city's musical landscape but things like The Spinners, "Games People Play" and 'Mighty Love', were created by the talented trio. Bruce not only collaborated with his two close friends but also with Gamble and Huff on a number of projects. He can be heard playing keyboards on dozens of PIR outings. He also wrote
  7. Just had delivery of my first 45 from the Site Store. Very happy with purchase, shipping and packaging. Great service all round. I'll be back. Dave
  8. I have quite a few already and am looking to expand that part of my shelves. I'm interested in any 60s releases on Motown, Tamla, Gordy, VIP. Regards, Dave
  9. Anyone got a Silhouettes LP on Goodway they want to shift? Also, any Motown related PROMO LPs? (except greatest hits or Anthologies). Dave
  10. When I spoke to MT about this he said ' That's definitely NOT me, Dave'. I too had previously, (mistakenly), listed it as a Mike Terry piece. Regards, Dave
  11. Saw the cover photo and couldn't be bothered to open it up. LOL! Dave
  12. Close run thing but 'Groovy' just takes the honours for me. Motownesque is an understatement! Dave
  13. Great Read! Top Article Kev. Well done matey. Dave
  14. Looking for a coy of : The Symphonics - Guilty - Curtom DEMO ONLY Any help appreciated. Regards, Dave
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  17. Hi Steve, Have had a late cancellation on a Premier Inn room if you want it. Let me know mate. Dave
  18. ***ANNOUNCEMENT***ANNOUNCEMENT*** Useful info for folks attending KIDDERMINSTER TOWN HALL on Saturday Night. TALC POLICY : Please No Talc. The dancefloor is great, you won't need it. PARKING: The Premier Inn Car Park location is free between 6.30pm - 8.00am. Outside of these hours charges apply. ADMISSION : All preordered wristbands holders must be admitted by Midnight. If you intend to travel and Pay On The Door that facility will close at 11pm. Strictly NO admittance after 11am for POTD. If anyone is arriving late then I would recommend you have reserved a wristband.
  19. Sorry, room has long gone. Looks like it may well sell out on Saturday Night! If anyone wants tickets I'd recommend reerving them with Bev at bevmoore@earthlink.net or 07512 244062 Dave
  20. Will check with Sara and get back to you. Dave
  21. Here you go Floyd.... MAIN HALL : Classics, Selected Oldies, Current Monsters! 8 - 9 Pete Fowler 9 - 9.45 Shaun parker 9.45 -10.30 Mick Bennett 10.30 -11.15 Dean Carr 11.15 -12 Ash Fellows 12 -12.45 Mick Bennett 12.45 -1.30 Dean Carr 1.30 - 2.15 Ash Fellows 2.15 - 3 Shaun Parker CORN EXCHANGE : Everything from 6T's to Today! 2000 – 2030 Dave Moore 2030 – 2130 Pete Hulatt 2130 – 2230 Dave Greet 2230 – 2330 Pete Fowler 2330 – 0030 Pete Hulatt 0030 – 0130 Dave Gre
  22. OUTSTANDING response to the return of this iconic West Midlands Venue! Just to update folks....... All tickets/wristbands pre ordered are now either in the post or reserved on the door for pick up. Only TEN days to go! For any travelers, Premier Inn is 2 mins away on foot and Travelodge is an 8 minute walk. For drivers, parking is just round the corner. Postcode for SATNAV is : DY10 1DB. Tickets available from Bev at bevmoore@earthlink.net or call 07512 244062 Dave
  23. 2 different artists. Not sure why the topics were merged but I'll try and get them seperated. Dave
  24. I think it's just US buyers who are being hit at the minute. Lots of my purchases are sent to a mate's address in the US and then consolidated into larger packages and despatched to UK. (Same as Rod's set up). So... it appears that the UK deliveries are safe from that sales tax (at the minute). Best, Dave

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