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  1. Had to post this - BGT

    I saw this and to be honest I was ambivalent. Maybe could improve with some coaching, but its all about opinions and I'm not the best talent spotter!
  2. I bet 7 rooms of gloom sounds brilliant at a venue.
  3. Slightly off topic, but the Isley Brothers this old heart of mine was allocated to the 4 tops. They couldn't make the session so the Isleys stood in. I would give a lot to have heard the Tops sing that using the same backing track.
  4. Piano Intros

    Can't Help Myself the Tops. Awesome.
  5. 7’s on a Juke Box

    I put around 20 singles on the jukebox in the Broadswords in Burnley in 1974. Made George the landlord a fortune. Ben Aitken , Frank Beverly, Barbara Mills , Ed Crook, Baby Don't You Weep and so on. He never bought me a pint for them and I spent a lot of mone...
  6. The samples play if you have a Microsoft account. Seems like a mixed bag on first hearing, but hopefully Ace may get involved and we might see a release on CD?
  7. Again a classic Troller's response. I quote loads of examples and you try to dissect them, thus prolonging the thread. I'm all for debate but not with you.
  8. I have read all of Majy's replies and he has contradicted himself time after time to make his response defeat the reply. I regularly read my local team's Internet forum, and there are loads of trolls on there whose sole purpose is to wind every body up....
  9. I see that you list one of your hobbies as fishing. Quite apt.
  10. Wigan

    I was still going when it started opening at 12 , but we used to go on the beer in Burnley and catch our weekly minibus from L and T taxis , so I suppose we were lucky to miss the Wigan yobs. Mind you , they were probably the lucky ones looking at some o...
  11. Wigan

    Don't forget that the pubsshut at 11pm in those days and the casino didn't open until 2am , so not many had a pint in Wigan before going to the casino.
  12. Beer

    I live 200 yards from Moorhouses brewery in Burnley. I can often smell the brewery as I take the dog out. Burnley is seeing an explosion of real ales in most of the pubs and you can have a cracking real ale pub crawl in the town centre. Avoid the night club s...
  13. Anyone fancy posting

    Don't know how popular Tick Tock is....but I have never heard it before. Where and when was it first played?
  14. Wow. Reading that took me back to my studies in the 90ts for my HR degree! I really like the comparison drawn to an almost religious experience. Possession whilst dancing, clubs as shrines, records as relics, travelling to clubs as a pilgrimage. I also...
  15. Top Motown Floorshakers?

    Sorry to be pedantic but 6 by 6 was the Wheel. How about Uptight, So Hard Being a loser, Come on Back to me baby, Whole lot of shakin goin on in my heart, Got to have you back (Isleys) and what two can easily do?