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  1. Sorry guys, but no reply from Debbie Travis. I'm 95% sure it was her but her business is a big concern and the e mail mustn't have been passed onto her, or of course, its just been ignored.
  2. I have e mailed her and asked if it is indeed her that designed the badge. I bet she will wonder what the hell l am on about!
  3. For some reason I can't search for Debbie Troops on Facebook other than one from Manchester who is too young. There is a Debbie Travis who is a successful designer who was born in Blackburn in 1960. That might be her. She is very successful. I'll try to dig a little more....
  4. The night owl badge was designed by Debbie (not sure if it was Travis or maybe Troops) from Read or Simonstone near Burnley. I last saw her on a design tv show around 10 years ago. I think she also designed one of the casino anniversary badges.
  5. Nags Head off Deansgate. Regular soul nights and Sean the landlord is a soulie with some fantastic photos in the upstairs room.
  6. Had the Marvelettes Forever compilation 2 for years and hardly played it. Put it on a few weeks ago for the commute and have been totally blown away by the sheer quality of it.
  7. BrianB


  8. I hear a symphony by Stevie is quite simply the best record ever made. Err...so I would choose that one....
  9. It's So Hard Being a Loser. Classic Wheel spin.
  10. I saw this and to be honest I was ambivalent. Maybe could improve with some coaching, but its all about opinions and I'm not the best talent spotter!
  11. Slightly off topic, but the Isley Brothers this old heart of mine was allocated to the 4 tops. They couldn't make the session so the Isleys stood in. I would give a lot to have heard the Tops sing that using the same backing track.
  12. Can't Help Myself the Tops. Awesome.

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