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Value: Charles Brimmer On Brimco


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Hi all

Charles Brimmer - I'm gonna forget about you b/w Don't look back on Brimco

Has anyone got a value for this please? Don't laugh if it's a fiver or somat... cause I have no idea! Picked up a copy locally last week but I am sure the shopkeeper looked a little dismayed when he saw the £5 price sticker on it!!! Probably wrong, usually am!

Thanks, Miles

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Thanks Sean,

You also answered that question in my head about where I'd heard the song before. I agree it's a great version. Just wasn't sure of the value as a couple of his other 45s (admittedly on different labels) are quite hard.

Anyway I don't think I'll be selling it or anything as I have become too fond of it!

Ta, Miles

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Hi Miles - think I paid £50 (possibly?) off Paul Mc back end of the 90s. So a fiver is a damn fine result. You should give the £45 you saved to charity hehehe. Didnt realise "Gonna forget" was a Womack song and to be honest I've no idea what it sounds like (shame). Actually bought the record for the flip "Don't look back" which is a Temptations song I believe.

Homework for the weekend - play both sides of this 45.


Don't think I've ever heard anybody talk about this 45 before. And I figured out - all on my own - that because of the label name, it was either his own label or part owned.

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Eh up Derek

Hows tricks?

'Gonna forget about you' was (I think) one of Womack's early Chess recordings (sure I have it on an old Chess compilation). I have heard the other side and agree its great. Yeah it's his label which he co-owned with his manager.

Can't believe I actually got a bargain for once!


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Expression Of Soul - ( Chelsea ) has always been a favourite LP of mine - picked that up cheap years ago in

a market for a couple of quid too. Great artist - another who deserves a few more plaudits IMHO.


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