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  1. Nice one Mark. Just in time too! They've all gone. Thanks everyone for your support and for adding to your collection with quality Soul Music from Diggin' Deep. Keep an eye on www.Diggin-Deep.com for future limited edition Soul releases! Sean
  2. Sean Hampsey

    Dean Anderson's TNT Soul Show Thursday's at 8.

    Thanks Chalky, much appreciated. Managed to get to play the new CJ & Co and Joe Matthews Diggin' Deep 45's on the show, for anyone who's curious! Enjoy, Sean
  3. Link here for Dean Anderson's show last week where I played both sides. Enjoy! Sean
  4. Thanks Andy. I'm sure your listeners will love both sides. Cheers mate, Sean
  5. Thank you so much. You're a man of great taste! Sean
  6. Thank you. I hope you'll enjoy the whole thing. It won't be around for long so a very wise purchase. Sean
  7. Thank you. Both sides are superb!
  8. ANNOUNCING DIGGIN’ DEEP RECORDS NEW RELEASE! DOUBLE DETROIT DYNAMITE! - PRE ORDER NOW FOR 5th OCTOBER 2018 Can You Dig It? DD 002A CJ & Co ‘Let Them Talk’ DD 002B Joe Matthews ‘What Every Little Girl Needs' Our newest 45 release is a real turn up for the books - It's Double Detroit Soul Dynamite! Who would have thought, a stunningly soulful track from such doyens of the US DISCO scene, CJ & Co, ably supported on the flipside by the legendary Joe Matthews. The ‘A’ side is a fabulous, midtempo, 70’s soul stepper from C J & Co, produced by Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey in Detroit! “Let Them Talk” is a killer modern soul track which has received massive appreciation wherever it’s been played during the past 12 months. It’s a ‘slipping around’ love song with a fabulous hook that will grab everyone from the get go. And the vocals are simply wonderful! All who have heard it agree, it’s uncanny that something of this sublime quality could have only recently shown up, some 40 years after it was recorded. We believe that “Let Them Talk” will become a huge dancefloor favourite on this very first issue, in any format, anywhere in the world! Out now for a very limited time on vinyl 45. The 'B' side is different gravy, but has the same quality Detroit Pedigree. Joe Matthews ‘What Every Little Girl Needs’ is a mythological Westbound soul release. It is such a rare record that its existence is open to debate. The release number for the single is documented as Westbound 146 but we’re pretty certain that it never came out. It actually had a ZTSC matrix number recorded with it, which means that its manufacture was ordered and the pressing plant had allocated the number, but until now, this mystery single has never appeared. ‘What Every Little Girl Needs’ is a fabulous ‘crossover soul’ track of the highest order and something that every Detroit Soul fan must have in the collection. Both sides are now available on a beautifully mastered 45 for the very first time. This collector’s release is a limited pressing @ just £12 each plus postage and packing. Avoid Disappointment. Pre-order ON WEBSITE ONLY now, while stocks last: www.diggin-deep.com Note: Only one copy per person. First come, first served. Diggin’ Deep Records - Making available a series of excellent Soul recordings from the 60’s and 70’s, most of which will be released as a limited edition 45 for the very first time, and the occasional, carefully selected, re-issue. Dozens of titles are already lined up for future release. Keep informed by collecting the vinyl, joining the mailing list, visiting the website and social media pages regularly and ensure you’re among the first to know! Avoid Disappointment. Pre-order now, while stocks last. www.Diggin-Deep.com
  9. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Another Limited Edition Soul 45 from Diggin' Deep Records View full article
  10. Sean Hampsey

    Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    Got pushed back to 26th October mate, but as you say, great news!
  11. Sean Hampsey

    News: Dean Johnson R.I.P.

    A diamond. Always made me smile. Rest in peace Dean. Sean
  12. Sean Hampsey

    Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    At Last - Out On Kent Select 45 26th October 2018 The nights are drawing in and the fall is not too far away! So to brighten a dreary Autumn, we have something very special on the horizon. Darrow Fletcher’s superb ‘(Love Is My) Secret Weapon’ written by Grey and Hanks with Jerry Butler and recorded in Los Angeles in the 70’s is a true in demander, folk have been hankering for, for many years. It’s a track that’s been central in my every set since the heady ‘Just Soul’ nights of 2011. A ‘modern stomper’ in classic style and with immediate appeal which has graced dance floor’s as diverse as Soul Essence, Great Yarmouth, The Windsor Suite, Stoke and London’s famous 100 Club! It certainly covers a lot of bases and pleases all camps, totally across the board. ‘Secret Weapon’ has a very different feel to his earlier, Chicago recordings. It was to have been included in a previously unreleased Darrow Fletcher album, which eventually saw the light of day on an excellent Kent compilation, back in 2012; CrossOver Soul: 1975-1979 Los Angeles Sessions. Still available on AceRecords.co.uk Coming your way on a shiny new Kent Select 45, scheduled for end October 2018. Backed with the brassy ‘How Can You Live’ it’s something to look forward to, and an absolute essential for those looking for a killer Soul track for the dancefloor.
  13. Thank you John. Hope to see the release featured some day on your fine website http://www.sirshambling.com Best regards, Sean & Kev
  14. Thank you Rick. Very much appreciated old friend. Sean
  15. Sean Hampsey


    Hi John, yes that's quite right. What I was saying is Bill Downs involvement with the Crow record was only relating to Right On. The Inner Ear 45 was certainly given to Dave directly by Stan Vincent.


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