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    Best wishes Dean. Get well soon mate. Sean
  2. Sick of the same old same old, here's an hour of quality 'underplayed' and unreleased music from some of the greatest voices in Soul: Lenny Williams, Earl Wright, George Jackson, Johnny Gilliam, Eddie & Ernie, LJ Reynolds, Willie Hutch, Vernon Garrett, So...
  3. I consider that a resounding endorsement Robin and will be sure to use it in my future publicity. With your permission, of course
  4. Yes mate - But just supply me the names and I'll put them down to pay on door. OK? Sean
  5. July 1st Andy feat Arlene Soulera 5150 from LA! Are you around? Sean
  6. Hi there, The venue "The Red Lion" is a Hotel and Restaurant and serves good food all day and evening! See you there. Sean
  7. Thank you Robin. Hope you're all well old mate. Sean
  8. Here's a link to the 'Diggin' Deep One' Mixcloud - A taste of our playlist at Diggin' Deep, Sheffield. Should be just right for a scorching weekend. I hope you're sitting down! Enjoy! Sean https://www.mixcloud.com/seanhampsey/dig...
  9. Just read a report on the recent passing of the great Johnny Daye. His excellent 'What I'll Do For Satisfaction' and 'Stay Baby Stay' are amongst my favourite Stax 45's. Rest in Peace. Sean http://www.post-gazette.com/ae/music/2017/05/16/J...
  10. Clifton Hall

    The 'scene' was on 'life support' Chalky. Wigan was on its way out. The Mecca, Cleggy and Samanthas had all gone, along with all those other great venues of the early and mid 70's. Clifton Hall was the last chance saloon. And it was incred...
  11. Hi Nick, sorry only just seen this. It was a great alnighter early days. I played both upstairs (60's / Northern) and downstairs (Modern) which made it a very long night for me. Pretty tough shift as I was newlywed at the time and my weekends w...
  12. Maxine Brown It's Torture

    Ady confirmed that the Kent single was the first time the track had appeared on a 45. The LP was its first vinyl release - therefore the original vinyl release - but as Ady said, nobody would expect you to lug around an LP simply because it was 6 months ...

    I played it off this Japanese LP as a 'previously unreleased' track for over 10 years: https://www.discogs.com/Otis-Clay-The-Beginning-Got-To-Find-A-Way/release/5513775 But it was nice to get my hands on the 45 when it eventually came through. ...
  14. Darrow Fletcher Secret Weapon

    I had the immense privelige of playing this superb track for many months, as an exclusive for Kent, a few years ago. And I still carry it everywhere and play it in every set I can (played it at Soul Essence, Great Yarmouth Weekender, t'other weekend and ...
  15. Low Rider Scene

    Just a quick heads up on what promises to be the Low Rider event of the year. Tickets are now on sale @ £10 each and are flying out of the door. These are limited to 100. With the obvious demand on tickets you'll need to be quick. Priority is o...