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  1. Hi Mal - just stumbled upon this website and thought you'd find interesting if it's not already in your bookmarks. Derek australianrecordlabels.com
  2. How much would postage be within the UK or is that included? Also what payment methods? Ta Derek
  3. It's probably fair to say that most record collectors are perennial list makers (well I certainly am) and I wondered have we ever tried to make some sort of list within this forum of original singles from the sixties and seventies that were released on coloured vinyl? I'm no expert on the subject so I welcome any additions from other interested members on here. Label/record scans most appreciated. I'll kick off said list with this little beauty? The Commands "Don't be afraid to love me" (Dynamic) on yellow vinyl. (Seem to think years and years ago I used to have a copy of this but sold it on 'cos it was only VG+ or summat (doh!) Have got an orange issue with picture sleeve in Ex condition though). The Icemen "It's time you knew" (Ole-9) aren't there some copies of this on blue vinyl? Gloria Taylor "You got to pay the price" (Silver Fox) white label promos on blue vinyl (think I've got a copy tucked away somewhere under mi bed). Also have had several Tamla Motown 45's (American releases) over the years on coloured vinyl. Can't remember details off hand. The Professionals (Groove City) with the infamous 'one-off' gold vinyl copy. Anybody know the real story behind this 45? Derek
  4. When ya look at your playlist a few days after the event in the cold light of day, on paper in black and white, ya suddenly realise all those records you intended to play, you wanted to play but didn't. Oops (hahaha). Dx Horse & Groom, Doncaster playlist (Sunday 16th June 2019) The Dramatics “Your love was strange” (Volt 4029) © Oct.1969 Ann Duquesnay “You ain’t woman enough to take my man” (Capitol) P.J. Smith & Co “Hold on to it” (Shane) The Impressions “You ought to be in heaven” (ABC) Stormy “I won’t stop to cry” (Twinight) Johnny Gilliam “Baby take me back” (Modern) Scotty Williams “Fear” (Mona-Lee) Joseph Moore “I still can’t get to you” (Marvlus) The Chandlers “Your love makes me lonely” (Col Soul) Buddy Conner “When you’re alone” (Breakthrough) Earles Inc “Just an illusion” (Zudan) The Fantastics “Where there’s a will” (Impresario) Smoke “I’m so glad” (J-Bridge) LP ‘Risin’ ©1976 The Newcomers “The whole world’s a picture show” (Truth) © Oct.1974 Cecil Shaw “This I’ve gotta see” (Bil-Mar) ©1973 Anacostia “What kind of love” (MCA) ©1977 Dorothy Morrison “I can’t go without you” (Brown Door) ©1975 Jacqueline Jones “A frown on my face” (Loadstone) ©1974 Willie Tee “First taste of hurt” (Gatur) The T.S.U. Toronadoes “What good am I?” (Atlantic) Maxine Brown “Don’t leave me baby” (Epic) LP ‘Out of Sight’ Annette Poindexter “Wayward Dream” (Twinight)
  5. Still after (and still determined to get) a copy of Harrison & The Majestic Kind "Tearing Me Up Inside" on Twinight 143 from 1970-ish. Have already got the earlier Coin 45 of said release. Any help/leads most appreciated. Ta. Derek
  6. On Romeo Taylor (RTM-1) the yellow label states From the movie “Night Of The Devil” which should help to date the release? And for a bit more information Discogs lists 5 releases on the label https://www.discogs.com/label/724670-Me-O-Records whereas 45cat mentions 6 https://www.45cat.com/label/meo Whether all these 45's mentioned are linked to the label under discussion who knows? Derek
  7. Gotta a near mint copy of said 1973 UK released rare groove classic rarity for sale if anybodies interested? £80 all in including Special Delivery anywhere in t' world.. PM to discuss/reserve etc etc. Payment via Paypal prefered. Ta Derek
  8. Sod that looking for records in the usual places (record stores/record fairs etc etc) think how many great records are sat gathering dust dust in people's knaqckered/dud boxes? I go weak at the kness thinking'bout it. I vaguely remember Carl Fortnum telling me once many many years ago about a rare 45 (mucho knackered) that he'd glued to his bedhead or something? Years later they started playing the flip side so he carefully pulled it off wherever he'd stuck it onto and either started playing it himself or sold it on. Dx
  9. I once left a copy sat on a shelf in some shop in Memphis sometime in the mid 90's. Probably the rarest 45 I've ever left behind. Oh well. Dx
  10. Knew I had this old YouTube clip saved somewhere - I just didn't know where!? I admit it's not the best film quality but it's the only one you're gonna get to see. After hours and hours of watching YouTube clips over the years it's sadly the only clip I've ever seen of Vernon in action. True he does get a bit of a wobble on a few times but no matter how many times I've seen it - after all these years - I still find it breath taking to watch. He's featured in the opening scene wearing his trademark cap sleeved teeshirt but it's around the 60 second mark the film really catches him in full flow. Now you know why Vernon was so famous for his spins at Wigan. Derek RIP Kyle @ 45 seconds.
  11. All this talk about what did or didn't go on before, during and after soul nights in Wigan didn't anybody else note the irony of a well known brand of pharmaceutical regularly consumed in their hundreds throughout the seventies @ Wigan promoted in big letters on page 15 of said Local Life magazine? You'll be telling me next young people used to have tee shirts with the name of their favourite refreshment printed on...... Derek
  12. I made the fatal mistake in starting to read this thread from the beginning....bang went all my other plans and stuff that I had to do. Read the first couple o' pages slowly but managed to lure myself away. Phew! Probably sometime mid 1990's whilst driving up the coast north of Miami I stumbled upon a small one room record store in the middle of nowhere. On entering the shop I spied a couple of very large cardboard boxes of 45's under a table on the floor. And whilst I didn't spend all day there (being the obsessive I am) I'm sure I spent the best part of an afternoon on mi knees wading through all the records from top to bottom. My memory reckons I didn't find a single thing - but in virtually my last couple o' handfuls - a lovely Revilot white demo appeared in front of my eyes. Wow Darrell Banks "Open the door to your heart" thank you very much. I paid for it and left the shop. I reckon that the only reason that record was still there was because previous people had missed it or had found it but then misplaced it. Oh well. Derek I still have the said record.
  13. PERCY MILEM Call On Me / Crying Baby, Baby, Baby (uk Stateside SS 566) rare original UK green & white demonstration copy with company sleeve released December 1966. In Excellent condition £125 includes Special Delivery FREE within the UK. RESERVED PENDING PAYMENT Tough crunching uptempo northern RnB not as well known as it should be. Copies on us Goldwax are fairly easy to pick up, UK issues aren’t as common but do turn up every now and then. However the UK demo in this case is much, much rarer (check Popsike only half a dozen or so copies are listed as being sold within the last 5-6 years). Sadly it appears Percy only ever had two original 45’s released under his own name, both on Goldwax and this was his debut. He was previously in the Memphis based group The Lyrics. Label: clean lime green paper with large white A on top side; original 4 prong centre fully intact; serated anti slip ridges; small 1cm diameter sticker residue (which I would imagine could be removed with a bit of care) – Excellent Record: lovely deep shine and gloss; very very light surface marks - Excellent Please PM to reserve. Payment via Paypal. Ta. Derek
  14. things that I couldn't upload into other albums but still need viewing by many. Even old record stores in America get a look in.

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