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  1. surprised by your own collection?

    The one incident that immediately springs to mind that still to this day makes me smile in a mad bonkers sort of way. I've always sorted my 45's collection by label alphabetically of course and probably about 15+ years ago (at least?) I stumbled across a...
  2. If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    There's awesome and way way beyond that is this. Dx
  3. Too Much Too Old

    Made me chuckle it did. Dx
  4. For those that like the background information of those little 7" records we so avidly collect. Stumbled across this blog post http://homeofthehits.blogspot.co.uk purely by chance whilst reading other articles on the web and luckily it co-incided with ...
  5. Gonna make a concerted effort to cross these 2 little buggers off mi wants list before I gets too old with all this record collecting malarky. Would like all to be in Excellent nick if possible. SANDRA RICHARDSON 'Stay Here With Me' (Inter-Soul) whi...
  6. SAM_3335.JPG

    You always said I looked good in a skirt. Dx
  7. Glad you and Shelly liked the show Baz. Re the last record - I'd forgotten I was being all mysterious (laughs) - it's Ural Thomas 'Pain is the name of your game'. He first cut the song on Uni in May 1967 (which is a great deep soul ballad in itself ...
  8. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Just looked at another photograph I've got which highlights exactly how I'll remember an old buddy o' mine (Stan RIP it was fun while it lasted). Me looking sheepish while Tony Smith recalls a story involving me. I denied all knowledge of it obviously (s...
  9. The 22/02/18 podcast is repeated tonight (Monday 26th February @ 11pm) if anybody fancies a listen. Dx http://drystoneradio.com/ondemand/
  10. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    In years gone by I used to stand and be completely amazed when watching these murmuration's high up in the sky above the Town Hall in Bradford city centre. I'm sure people have done fascinating research into these gatherings - is there a lead bird that ...
  11. If you'd have asked this question 2 or 3 years ago I could've told you exactly where, when and how all the answers you ever wanted to know. Even down to what colour socks I had on when I bought my copy. But these days I've all on to remember that I once ...
  12. 25 count record mailers

    That was lucky - I had only just finished looking on the Covers33 website and had noticed these 25 count boxes. Never had to buy any before and think it's the first time I've ever noticed anybody in the UK selling 'em before. Derek http://www.cover...
  13. Motown paper sleeve - but which country?

    And the winner is........ Derek Any idea what sorta time period d'ya think it's from?
  14. Bought a 45* from overseas last year and to my surprise** it came adorned with this rather good looking Motown paper sleeve. As I sorta collect original paper company sleeves (I know I know.....) it was a most welcome addition to my box of sleeves. ...
  15. SAM_3335.JPG

    Well well well I spy with my little eye - is that the famous Rochdale FC's only season ticket holder hugging a nervous looking Mister Buckley? Good to see you out an' about Chris. Trust your shoes are still of the shiny kind. Dx

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