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  1. Still after these 3 little 45's (determined to get me a copy before I gets too old and mi ears fall off....) Would like them to be in Excellent condition or thereabouts. Ta. 1. BOBBY WILBURN "I'm a lonely man" (Gamble) white demo will pay up to £200 Over the years I've bought/sold numerous copies of the white demo and had a lovely black issue as well which I let go for good money 10 years ago. 2. SANDRA RICHARDSON "Stay here with me" (Inter/Soul) white demo will pay up to £75+ And what a marvellous record this is - played it out many times over the years to little response (oh well?) The stock copies - whatever colour label they're on - are dead easy to locate (anywhere from £10-30) but the white demo's are just so very elusive indeed. Only ever seen one copy and that was battered (and not for sale). 3. HARRISON & THE MAJESTIC KIND "Tearing Me Up Inside" (Twinight) white demo will pay up to £250 Have already got their version on Coin but it's this 45 I really need. Wouldn't mind an OSCAR TOLBERT on Chi-Sound "I can't handle it" as well.... Please PM to discuss. Ta. Derek
  2. Following on from my reply in the 'Greatest Dancer' thread surely between all the knowledgeable people on here we can cobble together some sort half decent list of all the Dance Competition winners at Wigan Casino eh? People mean well but the trouble is time and fading memories play havoc with the fine details required. (I think my mate Bob from Yorkshire won it sometime in the late seventies, I remember it 'cos I was watching Ena Sharples on Coronation Street at the time......) How many years did the Dance Competitions run? Photographs of the winners would be brilliant. Derek
  3. Often when there's a thread on here with people discussing their favourite dancers they often back up their claims with "and so and so won the dance competition at blah blah in 1970 blah blah etc etc. Which leads me nicely in something that's always slightly puzzled me? For all the importance and prestige that dancing holds on this fair scene of ours; for all the words we spend talking endlessly about it; for all the YouTube clips we watch and for all the hours spent searching for ones we haven't seen before - how come the dancing competitions at Wigan Casino and the eventual winners every year were given little or no credit by the organisers? By that I mean it wouldn't have taken much to have some sort of brass wall plaque (securely bolted onto the wall I must add) with the winners name (or even the top 3?) and the year engraved on to it. Then every year after the dance competition they simply update the plaque with a new engraving. The plaque could've been placed somewhere for all to see - a pride of place. Imagine how many people would have taken photographs along side that winners plaque had it existed eh? Also in the frequent press adverts for forthcoming events at WC they could've printed summat like 'And thanks to all those that entered this years dance competition. The winner was.....' But I never noticed anything And how come nobody from The Casino management thought to take any official photographs of the winners being presented with their prize or whatever? Maybe they did, maybe they did send them to the press but somehow they never got published (doubtfull eh?) and eventually got lost with the passage of time? Who knows? Even in the Northern Noise magazine published by Russ Winstanly whilst the Casino was still running there's no mention anywhere of the winners of any dance competition? With hindsight what a missed opportunity to capture and document such an in important aspect of our scene eh? What say you? Derek
  4. Hey up Rob - would ya believe some things are a lot closer than we think..... I was selling at a record fair middle of last year and got talking to this young girl who was buying a hand full of 45's off me. She was studying at a local university and happened to mention that she was helping out trying to catalogue all the records in the University Radio station record library which were kept un-filed and un-wanted in large shed somewhere out on campus. After many miss-spent years as a young teenager playing cards for money where keeping a face straight was vital I just couldn't help miself. She must've noticed me frothing at the mouth and getting more and more excitable and with a little chuckle she said "Maybe I shouldn't have told you that"...... Derek I also once got invited to look through a shed full of 45's from a relatively local hospital radio station record library (probably at least 30 years ago). I was only looking for 'northern' stuff at the time and bought very little. I dread to think what pop stuff I left behind? Every now and again I still wonder if that shed full of 45's is still there? One day I might just chase it up again.
  5. Here's some more details for anybody that's interested: The funeral will take place on Monday 30th December @ 11.10am at Rochdale Crematorium, Bury Road, OL11 4DG. Followed by a wake at Rochdale Football Club, Spotland Road, OL11 5DR. If you intend going to the wake please let Pete Thorp know (for catering purposes). Ta Derek
  6. Over the years I'd heard and been told various bits an' bobs about this club based in Cheapside, Bradford but I'd never been able to figure out exactly where it was. Now I know. The photograph showing the front of the club (which accompanied this article from the daily Bradford newspaper 'The Telegraph & Argus' dated 05th September 1968) pinpoints it exactly. Derek
  7. Got involved at the last minute with a photo exhibition entitled 'Being Young In Bradford - a snapshot of youth culture in Bradford during the 70's & 80's'. Thought people might find interesting my contribution. Dx
  8. Anybody got a copy of The Tremains "Girl Don't Let Me Down / So Nice" on Red Coach they would like to sell please? Would prefer to be in Excellent nick if possible. The record was re-released as by The Trumains on Vigor in 1971. Please reply by PM. Ta. Derek
  9. Hey up Len - thanks for posting up that link - I'd spotted it a week or so ago and kept meaning to read it (as you do). I knew Moey back in the early nineties when both of us were DJing on the blossoming pirate radio scene in and around Bradford back then. He was the first Asian DJ that I knew of; in any group of people there's always one or two that think differently and somehow always seem to be just that one step ahead of the others; that's how I'd describe Moey. Derek
  10. It was 'bout 10am last Sunday morning, I was selling at the record fair in Huddersfield and my phone rang. It was Craig Butler who said "I've got some bad news". I replied "Go on - who is it this time"? "Chris Shepherd from Rochdale" he replied. Chris was a man I seem to have known for ever, a real likeable man that I'd never heard say a bad word about anyone. I'd say he was a good lad and would call him a good mate. Over the years I'd spent a lot of time with him in various record bars of the north and he was always keen to talk about all things vinyl. A man that really loved his records and a man that really knew his 45's. He was at every Wilton all-nighter and places like Lowton, infact anywhere that played good rare soul music. Unfortunately both our paths took a different turn and I probably haven't seen him in the last 10 years or so. I always wondered when I'd see him again but sadly that day will never come. Chris Shepherd (the Rochdale Cowboy) and the only man I knew that had a Rochdale FC season ticket. Always remember him telling me a story about a mate of his that many years ago once gave him a copy of James Lately on Temple along with the words "You'll like this Chris it's shit, it's too slow". Take care old buddy where ever you may be. Derek x Photo taken at Soul Essence April 2004 (L-R) Pele, Pete Mason, Me, Chris Shepherd. Out for a few drinks with 3 great lads. I love them all to bits but boy can they drone on about all things vinyl. Between the 3 of them they can probably name every B side to 80% of all soul records released between 1964 and 1978.
  11. Think it was John Manship that had on auction a few months ago a copy of George McGregor And The Bronzettes 'Temptation Is Hard To Fight' (Twilight 102) - anybody know what it went for please? Ta Derek
  12. Hi Mal - just stumbled upon this website and thought you'd find interesting if it's not already in your bookmarks. Derek
  13. How much would postage be within the UK or is that included? Also what payment methods? Ta Derek

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