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  1. It's not documented on here either. Derek https://www.45cat.com/label/tamla-motown-za
  2. Hi Kim - PM sent. Ta Derek
  3. Update on this exhibition: Due to the success of the 'Being Young In Bradford' exhibition at the Trapezium Art Gallery in Bradford city centre back end of last year we were offered some wall space at the prestigious Cartright Hall Gallery in Manningham Park, Bradford. All the contributors met up at the Gallery regularly between February and March of this year to have a look at the space we were offered and work a wall plan out. All was going well and the projected start date for the exhibition was around early April-ish. And then along came the Coronavirus-19 Pandemic and everyt
  4. I used to work with a lovely woman who once showed me a copy of her Record Expenditure from 1965-1966. It might be of interest to some people as it shows exactly how much she was paying for various singles and albums and the date she bought them. Derek
  5. Ever wondered why we Brits have a reputation for being a cruel nation? Derek
  6. As a young teen before I discovered booze and girls I used to stand in this side shed at Bradford Park Avenue's old football ground. Photo not taken by me. That would be around the early seventies (think Marc Bolan, T.Rex etc etc) and so symbolic of that era is my old faded silk scarf which I knew I had somewhere. Superb aerial photograph of the old football ground-cricket ground (photo not taken by me).
  7. Tell you what if I was a few minutes younger I'd be up that tunnel like a rat up a drainpipe. When I was in my early teens I was forever bumping around underground tunnels and culverts. Usually without some sort of torch and/or suitable footwear. Have a vague memory of dragging mi little brother (aged 5 or 6 maybe?) down one long tunnel dressed in his little shorts and wellies. It was all going well until he slipped and fell in some deeper water luckily I was holding his hand. Then he started crying and we had to go home. I reckon the water at the mouth of the culvert is
  8. Well I reckon those large left hand side corner stones are about 10-12 inches tall and I counted approx 20 rows up to that missing stone which means that hole could be about 20 foot off the ground? Ya'll need a long ladder and strong nerves haha. Also counted approx 45 rows of stone on the sheer vertical wall before it turns into red brick and curves over - that's a whopping 45 foot height. Seem to think at the time I'd spotted another hole from a missing brick on another arch support but didn't take a photo (or if I did I later deleted it oops). "Thornton Viaduct opened in
  9. The beck that flows underneath Thornton viaduct is called Thornton Beck and it flows through this underground culvert a few yards upstream of the viaduct. Pulled this old enamel pot (or what was left of it) out of Thornton Beck.
  10. When the Great Northern Railway built the railway line linking up the industrial towns of Bradford and Halifax to Keighley they constructed a magnificent viaduct to carry the railway line over the valley at Thornton. See photo below of view from the walkway across Thornton viaduct looking towards Bradford city centre 5 miles away. To give you an idea of the sheer size of the viaduct. How does one stone in that massive vertical wall become dislodged and fall out?
  11. Following on from my initial post on 23rd March 2020: "The upturned and submerged bogie chassis could be from nearby coal mines or stone quarries or maybe even used possibly to build the culvert? For many years I suspect it sat hidden in the deeper waters closer to the mouth of the culvert and the deluge of water from the storms of the previous months have washed it further down the beck into full view". See old picture below (not taken by me) of trolleys used to move sand around on Thornton Moor which is about 5 miles away from where I took the picture of the submerged bogey w
  12. Fairly certain there was a copy in the sales section about a month a go or so for £100 I think. Nearly went for it as I sold mine a few years ago during troubled times and quite fancied getting a copy back. But as usual I got distracted and time moved on...... Derek
  13. things that I couldn't upload into other albums but still need viewing by many. Even old record stores in America get a look in.
  14. I detest fly tipping and litter in general and whilst out dog walking in and around where I live I've noticed more and more of these silver canisters littering the streets. Apparently the motorised road sweepers have difficulty sweeping them up (because of their shape and smooth surface) and they just get scattered across the roads. Because of the lock down we're in there's far less people moving about which in turn means there's much less litter blowing about which unfortunately tends to highlight the presence of these canisters even more. Being slightly obsessive I can't ignore the fact that

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