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  1. Obscure Tamla Motown release TMJ132

    Have a look here chaps: Dx http://www.45cat.com/label/tamla-motown-za
  2. Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Always brings a smile to my face. Dx

    Well what can I say – but thank you, thank you and thank you. Had an inkling something was afoot when we parked up outside the club and Big Mick scuttled off pretty sharpish straight up the steps (summat I’ve never ever seen him do before). On his return I said “We’re you busting for the toilet or summat?” When his voice went squeaky as he said “No” - I knew then it was gonna be a ballon fest inside. Please let there be jelly and buns. I hope they haven’t got me a stripper. In all my years that was the first surprise birthday party I’ve ever had. A big round of applause all round must go to Diane for organising the club end of the deal (nice one). I can’t imagine how much time and effort my oldest buddy Big Mick must’ve put into marshalling the troops despite me driving him up the wall on a regular basis. It really was heart warming to see a lot of my closest friends there, please don’t think bad of me for not listing the names out – I’d be horrified if I realised afterwards I’d missed one or two names off. Those that were there could see everybody else that was there.You all did me proud. I’ll aim to thank everybody personally the next time I see them. When Big Mick dropped me back off at home afterwards he handed me the bundle of the A4 photo blow ups he’d taken back off the walls of the club and said “This is your life”. Blimey a lot of people I know take a good photograph. I just wish I did. Update: All the cards have been opened and read. All the buns got scoffed within a couple o’ days and I still kept my figure. I’m aiming to polish off the last few remaining bottles o’ cider before the weekend phew it's all go. Dx playlists to follow
  4. My non music YouTube favourites thread

    As British Summer Time ends in just a few weeks time - what happened to our summer up north? That looks like one very happy dog. And it still makes me chuckle every time. Dx
  5. My non music YouTube favourites thread

    Even the offer of Butch's complete record collection wouldn't get me on board this ship. Skippers like that win wars. DX
  6. My non music YouTube favourites thread

    This clip reminds me of the hours spent looking for a dog to rescue. It was heartbreaking. Eventually I picked out our Ruby. Dx
  7. My non music YouTube favourites thread

    I watch clips like this when I want to feel human, when I want to make myself cry. Dx
  8. My non music YouTube favourites thread

    Erm I'm sure I heard David say summat like "this is as good a descent as is possible to make" closely followed by a dull thud. I just don't know how on earth a small chick like that can survive that drop? Oh and throw in several collisions with the clif...
  9. My non music YouTube favourites thread

    I can trip up walking across a dancce floor - these Ibex are incredible. Derek
  10. Cody Black; Sandra Richardson; Harrison & Majestic Kind.

    You are a gent of the highest order Johno - may all the fish you catch in the future get heavier with each passing week. Dx
  11. London Stories: London Soul Secondhome, Spitalfields. Tuesday 18 April 2017 – 7pm to 9pm Livestream - 102 minutes. Join DJ and music writer Bill Brewster his guests Dr Bob Jones, Ady Croasdell and Ian Dewhirst for a discussion that will delve...
  12. The Choice Four were Bobby Hamilton, Charles Blagmon, Pete Marshall and Ted Maduro. They all hailed from Washington, D.C. The group was masterminded by Van McCoy who formed them from the members of The Love Tones and The Stridells. They released thr...
  13. Gonna make a concerted effort to cross these 3 little buggers off mi wants list before I gets too old with all this record collecting malarky. Would like all three to be in Excellent nick if at all possible. CODY BLACK 'Going Going Gone' (Ram-Brock)...
  14. Hey up Andy - there's awesome and way way beyond awesome is that bracket where these two live. But you know that already (smile). Dx
  15. Poll: Version Battle - These Things Will Keep

    Oh b*llocks once again I've missed the bus...been meaning to post a reply for the last week or so. Oh well. Never knew of the alternate version of this song untill about a month ago when talking to John Britton from Wakefield at a record fair and it crop...