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  1. All this talk about what did or didn't go on before, during and after soul nights in Wigan didn't anybody else note the irony of a well known brand of pharmaceutical regularly consumed in their hundreds throughout the seventies @ Wigan promoted in big letters on page 15 of said Local Life magazine? You'll be telling me next young people used to have tee shirts with the name of their favourite refreshment printed on...... Derek
  2. Derek Pearson

    The Greatest Record Finds Of All Time

    I made the fatal mistake in starting to read this thread from the beginning....bang went all my other plans and stuff that I had to do. Read the first couple o' pages slowly but managed to lure myself away. Phew! Probably sometime mid 1990's whilst driving up the coast north of Miami I stumbled upon a small one room record store in the middle of nowhere. On entering the shop I spied a couple of very large cardboard boxes of 45's under a table on the floor. And whilst I didn't spend all day there (being the obsessive I am) I'm sure I spent the best part of an afternoon on mi knees wading through all the records from top to bottom. My memory reckons I didn't find a single thing - but in virtually my last couple o' handfuls - a lovely Revilot white demo appeared in front of my eyes. Wow Darrell Banks "Open the door to your heart" thank you very much. I paid for it and left the shop. I reckon that the only reason that record was still there was because previous people had missed it or had found it but then misplaced it. Oh well. Derek I still have the said record.
  3. PERCY MILEM Call On Me / Crying Baby, Baby, Baby (uk Stateside SS 566) rare original UK green & white demonstration copy with company sleeve released December 1966. In Excellent condition £125 includes Special Delivery FREE within the UK. RESERVED PENDING PAYMENT Tough crunching uptempo northern RnB not as well known as it should be. Copies on us Goldwax are fairly easy to pick up, UK issues aren’t as common but do turn up every now and then. However the UK demo in this case is much, much rarer (check Popsike only half a dozen or so copies are listed as being sold within the last 5-6 years). Sadly it appears Percy only ever had two original 45’s released under his own name, both on Goldwax and this was his debut. He was previously in the Memphis based group The Lyrics. Label: clean lime green paper with large white A on top side; original 4 prong centre fully intact; serated anti slip ridges; small 1cm diameter sticker residue (which I would imagine could be removed with a bit of care) – Excellent Record: lovely deep shine and gloss; very very light surface marks - Excellent Please PM to reserve. Payment via Paypal. Ta. Derek
  4. Derek Pearson

    memorabilia, record stores and stuff

    things that I couldn't upload into other albums but still need viewing by many. Even old record stores in America get a look in.
  5. Derek Pearson

    Casino Summer '74 Who Are These Guys?

    This did make me me laugh Dave - not only do we discuss first, second presses etc etc of various records on here we now include books hahaha. Once a record collector always a record collector eh? It's all in the detail. Derek Trust you're well Dave long time no see eh? Last time was at the bar @ Guy's Birthday Bash in Nottingham (can't remember the date though).
  6. Derek Pearson

    Amusing Car Stickers

    Had never seen this sticker before untill I ventured into Wigan earlier this year. It made me chuckle it did. For those not understanding the joke, I'm lead to believe people from the Wigan area are sometimes refered as 'Pie Eaters' by people from outside the area. Derek
  7. Still after a BOBBY WILBURN "I'm A Lonely Man" on Gamble in Excellent nick if anybody wants to sell on a copy? Please reply via a PM. Ta. Derek
  8. Derek Pearson

    DETROIT MEGA RARITY!!!! Golden World Studios Acetate.

    I'll buy your Grannies used undies Tim. Dx
  9. Just two nice little beauties up for sale. BOTH NOW REDUCED (might even keep reducing them till both sell; perhaps maybe!?) THE CHARADES “Key To My Happiness” (MGM K13540) rare and very nice looking black issue. Full shiny gloss both sides, several lengthy very light surface marks VG++ Best Offer above/around £550 gets it. SOLD SOLD SOLD HOLLY MAXWELL “Don’t Say You Love Me Until You Do” (Star 101) WDJ in Excellent nick (one very light scuff on intro not affecting play). Never seen a WDJ of this 45 before only yellow issue copies. £150 RESERVED PENDING PAYMENT Both records include FREE P&P for anywhere in the world. Both records will be sent well packed via Special Delivery within the UK or International Tracked & Signed elsewhere. To protect both myself and you the buyer please do not send payment via Family & Friends or Gift I will absorb any Paypal fees. PM to reserve. Ta Derek
  10. Derek Pearson

    Young soul rebels

    Well (and this ain't a competition....) I've a bookcase full of books I've never read. And would you believe I've never ever read a single book from start to finish - not even 'Chicago Soul'. I've looked at a lot of magazines with pictures though. Dx
  11. Shades Of Soul on BCB Radio 106.6FM Saturday 06th October 2018 @ 21.00-22.00pm 60 minutes of the good groove with Derek Pearson. Listen live online http://www.bcbradio.co.uk/player/index.html Brief playlist to follow. Ta. Derek
  12. Derek Pearson

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    When people sell things they've no knowledge on and when buyers do exactly the same. He sold this little beauty for £120. What's worse is that a quick search on Ebay throws up a copy on Aliza that sold for a fiver. Me thinks said 45 was previously owned by a well known DJ from the West Midlands area....... However a quick look through the sellers feedback reveals no feedback left for any of his sales of 'mega rare unreleased demo acetate/dubplate pressings'. Buyers remorse? The seller describes it as: WOW!!! AMAZING!! How rare is this?!?! It is a mega rare unreleased demo acetate/dubplate pressing. But - & this is what makes it even more special & unusual is that on one side it is - By Eddie Parker & Sunlovers “You'll never make the grade” & Rainbows “Help me if you can”. How cool is that?!?! When will this kind of gem come on the market again? Probably never! Must be one of a kind especially with these particular songs together surely! Amazing rare piece to own!! 2 different artists with 2 different songs. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MEGA-RARE-UNRELEASED-DEMO-ACETATE-EDDIE-PARKER-SUNLOVERS-RAINBOWS/223142503139?hash=item33f45462e3:g:R7sAAOSwUb5bmS0K
  13. Derek Pearson

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Out of respect to a mate who sadly died recently here's a picture he took early part o' last year. A brilliant observation - very witty, slightly cruel but probably very true. 'Record Collecting - It's The Future' (he said). Rest Easy JW - looking for records without ya will never be the same. Dx
  14. Derek Pearson

    northern soul - the current state...?

    When ever we used to go out to northern do’s (at least 10-15 years ago) as soon as my best mate started whinging (names withheld to protect the guilty) I always used to trot out the same well worn line “We have to accept the northern scene as it is not what we want it to be”. When I was younger we thought nothing of driving 4 hours there, 4 hours back to a soul club in Plymouth on a Tuesday night. Those days are long gone. These days mi bladder stops me from going over the 50 mile distance. When I was younger going to an all-nighter was a near god damn religious experience; if I didn’t go home with another ten 'must haves' on mi wants list it was considered a poor night. Gaz Kellett used to say his wants list was so long he had to get a taxi to the end of it. These days I could fit mi wants list on the back of a stamp. Somedays I wonder where all the good times went? But they haven’t gone anywhere we just see them differently - providing I’ve got mi glasses wi mi. Going out to northern clubs since you were 17 eh? You can’t have the same excitement can you? It’s like making love to the same woman for 40 years. Derek
  15. Derek Pearson

    tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    Those wine adverts for Casillero del Diablo Devil's Collection really do pop my cork. I mean why on earth would anybody want to drink wine from the Devil’s cellar? By definition wouldn’t it contain loads of summat like double strength Rohypnol, lashings of cyanide or even summat worse? Or am I over thinking it? Surely you’d want something like a nice red at room temperature from God’s own private basement? Not that I believe in all that God / Devil malarkey I must add but you know what I mean. Nah me thinks that Devil’s Collection range is just another way to make what some might call the "bland middle o’ the road majority" feel a bit more daring and dangerous - a bit more whirr as they used to say in Manchester** - whilst parked in front of goggle box all weekend. Derek ** Alright it might not have been said in and around Manchester but I know it was definitely heard somewhere up north? Probably by those grafter types in Tameside.


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