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  1. It's not documented on here either. Derek https://www.45cat.com/label/tamla-motown-za
  2. Hi Kim - PM sent. Ta Derek
  3. things that I couldn't upload into other albums but still need viewing by many. Even old record stores in America get a look in.
  4. Local Railway History. I live on the Halifax side of Bradford and within a few miles away are 2 large reservoirs which link into each other. Doe Park Reservoir (nearest to Denholme village) feeds into Hewenden Reservoir lower down the valley via Denholme Beck. Both reservoirs were built in the period 1840 – 1860 (exact date unknown) to supply water to Bradford’s rapidly expanding population due to the success of its woollen mills. When the Great Northern Railway built the railway line linking up the industrial towns of Bradford and Halifax to Keighley it crossed over the Denholme Bec
  5. Derek Pearson on BCB Radio 106.6FM Saturday 21st March 2020 9-10pm Pure Soul, Real Soul call it what you want, Shades Of Soul with Derek Pearson Saturday’s 9-10pm on BCB 106.6FM. 60 minutes of the good groove. In case anybody missed the live show last Saturday 21.03/20 you can listen to it again here: https://podcast.canstream.co.uk/bcb/index.php?id=51315 Podcast available for at least 2 weeks. Ta Derek
  6. Over the years I'd heard and been told various bits an' bobs about this club based in Cheapside, Bradford but I'd never been able to figure out exactly where it was. Now I know. The photograph showing the front of the club (which accompanied this article from the daily Bradford newspaper 'The Telegraph & Argus' dated 05th September 1968) pinpoints it exactly. Derek
  7. Got involved at the last minute with a photo exhibition entitled 'Being Young In Bradford - a snapshot of youth culture in Bradford during the 70's & 80's'. Thought people might find interesting my contribution. Dx
  8. Anybody got a copy of The Tremains "Girl Don't Let Me Down / So Nice" on Red Coach they would like to sell please? Would prefer to be in Excellent nick if possible. The record was re-released as by The Trumains on Vigor in 1971. Please reply by PM. Ta. Derek
  9. It was 'bout 10am last Sunday morning, I was selling at the record fair in Huddersfield and my phone rang. It was Craig Butler who said "I've got some bad news". I replied "Go on - who is it this time"? "Chris Shepherd from Rochdale" he replied. Chris was a man I seem to have known for ever, a real likeable man that I'd never heard say a bad word about anyone. I'd say he was a good lad and would call him a good mate. Over the years I'd spent a lot of time with him in various record bars of the north and he was always keen to talk about all things vinyl. A man that really loved his re
  10. Think it was John Manship that had on auction a few months ago a copy of George McGregor And The Bronzettes 'Temptation Is Hard To Fight' (Twilight 102) - anybody know what it went for please? Ta Derek
  11. Hi Mal - just stumbled upon this website and thought you'd find interesting if it's not already in your bookmarks. Derek australianrecordlabels.com
  12. How much would postage be within the UK or is that included? Also what payment methods? Ta Derek
  13. It's probably fair to say that most record collectors are perennial list makers (well I certainly am) and I wondered have we ever tried to make some sort of list within this forum of original singles from the sixties and seventies that were released on coloured vinyl? I'm no expert on the subject so I welcome any additions from other interested members on here. Label/record scans most appreciated. I'll kick off said list with this little beauty? The Commands "Don't be afraid to love me" (Dynamic) on yellow vinyl. (Seem to think years and years ago I used to have a copy of this b

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