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  1. Seem to be noticing more and more requests by people searching for specific UK & US label company sleeves to adorn their favourite 45s with. Following on from this and I’m fairly certain we’ve had similar type threads over the years (and yes I plead...
  2. Pendulum Club

    Purely by chance I was looking through a variety of old record boxes that I had stashed away (for future use) when I noticed some old cloth badges stuck onto the underside of the lid. Whether I hadn't noticed them before or had done and over time had simply f...
  3. Your Aussie Soul 45s

    Hi Mal - not soul as such but a website featuring DJ Kinetic's ode to all things Aussie and funky. Stumbled upon this site purely by chance - great stories behind the records, high quality label scans of the most obscure releases, fantastic me thinks, co...
  4. All minimum Excellent minus unless stated. THE SPECIALS ‘I can’t find another’ (Satch) £250** SOLD BILLY DAVIS ‘Stanky (Get Funky)’ (Cobblestone) £140** LOU EDWARDS ‘Talkin’ ‘bout poor folks’ (Columbia) WDJ £100** AL KENT ‘The way you b...
  5. Does this look kosher LOL

    Hey up Alan - good to hear from you. Take care. Dx I was with you when you first showed your arse in Harrod's window way back when (laughs).
  6. Does this look kosher LOL

    I often wonder re situations concerning blatant fraudulent activity (such as with this Eula Cooper 45) how it pans out in the end. Apart from members on here jumping up and down is there a conclusion to it all? Does he get dragged through the streets; a publi...
  7. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Now that did shock me a bit to be honest. The seller has/had some great 45s for sale and also got good money for a couple of other 100 Club promos (Carla Thomas and Peggy Gaines). Some of the other 100 Club 45s didn't fare so well though. Derek
  8. Patti Austin - Didn't Say A Word

    Just acquired a large collection of mixed 45's and stumbled upon this record tucked away amongst a load of cheaper end stuff. Didn't know it and it wasn't until I started to investigate it that I discovered it was the classic northern song first cut by Y...
  9. All in Excellent condition. The Volcanoes ‘The Laws Of Love’ (Artic) WDJ single sided £225** Ann Sexton ‘You’ve Been Gone Too Long’ (Seventy 7) £120** LaVern Baker ‘I’m The One To Do It’ (Brunswick) £100** SOLD Mickey Lee Lane ‘Hey Sah-Lo...
  10. ERNIE & ED ‘Indication’ (uk Jay Boy) EX- £150 SOLD THE STEVE KARMEN BIG BAND featuring Jimmy Radcliffe ‘Breakaway Pts 1 & 2’ (United Artists) WDJ EX £160 MARKE JACKSON ‘I’ll Never Forget You’ (Jamie) WDJ EX £125 THE AD LIBS ‘Think ...
  11. Shades Of Soul - Derek Pearson - BCB Radio

    Shades Of Soul every 2 weeks on Saturdays 9-10pm. 60 minutes of the good groove with Derek Pearson and invited guest DJ's on a regular basis. BCB Radio 106.6FM
  12. Obscure Tamla Motown release TMJ132

    Who knows? But I'm sure you're glad it did hahaha smile. Dx
  13. Birmingham Newspaper -- 12 Top Soul Groups

    Fascinating reading indeed Roburt thanks for sharing it. If you ever needed any proof (and I doubt many on here reading this will do) as to just how important Berry Gordy and his Motown empire were not only to the rise of soul/R&B music across Americ...
  14. Obscure Tamla Motown release TMJ132

    Hey up Paul - when I was younger I often casually wondered why so many European released soul 45s came with really attractive picture sleeves whilst we in the UK got palmed off with a basic paper company sleeve if we were lucky. One day I dreamt up a ver...

    Whilst I'm not a collector of UK 45's per say - I gotta give credit where credit is due - your blogsite is pretty damn amazing. Stunning in fact. I can look at record scans all day long and your blogsite makes it far too easy for me to burn several hours...