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  1. Shades Of Soul on BCB Radio 106.6FM Saturday 06th October 2018 @ 21.00-22.00pm 60 minutes of the good groove with Derek Pearson. Listen live online http://www.bcbradio.co.uk/player/index.html Brief playlist to follow. Ta. Derek
  2. Derek Pearson

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    When people sell things they've no knowledge on and when buyers do exactly the same. He sold this little beauty for £120. What's worse is that a quick search on Ebay throws up a copy on Aliza that sold for a fiver. Me thinks said 45 was previously owned by a well known DJ from the West Midlands area....... However a quick look through the sellers feedback reveals no feedback left for any of his sales of 'mega rare unreleased demo acetate/dubplate pressings'. Buyers remorse? The seller describes it as: WOW!!! AMAZING!! How rare is this?!?! It is a mega rare unreleased demo acetate/dubplate pressing. But - & this is what makes it even more special & unusual is that on one side it is - By Eddie Parker & Sunlovers “You'll never make the grade” & Rainbows “Help me if you can”. How cool is that?!?! When will this kind of gem come on the market again? Probably never! Must be one of a kind especially with these particular songs together surely! Amazing rare piece to own!! 2 different artists with 2 different songs. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MEGA-RARE-UNRELEASED-DEMO-ACETATE-EDDIE-PARKER-SUNLOVERS-RAINBOWS/223142503139?hash=item33f45462e3:g:R7sAAOSwUb5bmS0K
  3. Derek Pearson

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Out of respect to a mate who sadly died recently here's a picture he took early part o' last year. A brilliant observation - very witty, slightly cruel but probably very true. 'Record Collecting - It's The Future' (he said). Rest Easy JW - looking for records without ya will never be the same. Dx
  4. Derek Pearson

    northern soul - the current state...?

    When ever we used to go out to northern do’s (at least 10-15 years ago) as soon as my best mate started whinging (names withheld to protect the guilty) I always used to trot out the same well worn line “We have to accept the northern scene as it is not what we want it to be”. When I was younger we thought nothing of driving 4 hours there, 4 hours back to a soul club in Plymouth on a Tuesday night. Those days are long gone. These days mi bladder stops me from going over the 50 mile distance. When I was younger going to an all-nighter was a near god damn religious experience; if I didn’t go home with another ten 'must haves' on mi wants list it was considered a poor night. Gaz Kellett used to say his wants list was so long he had to get a taxi to the end of it. These days I could fit mi wants list on the back of a stamp. Somedays I wonder where all the good times went? But they haven’t gone anywhere we just see them differently - providing I’ve got mi glasses wi mi. Going out to northern clubs since you were 17 eh? You can’t have the same excitement can you? It’s like making love to the same woman for 40 years. Derek
  5. Derek Pearson

    tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    Those wine adverts for Casillero del Diablo Devil's Collection really do pop my cork. I mean why on earth would anybody want to drink wine from the Devil’s cellar? By definition wouldn’t it contain loads of summat like double strength Rohypnol, lashings of cyanide or even summat worse? Or am I over thinking it? Surely you’d want something like a nice red at room temperature from God’s own private basement? Not that I believe in all that God / Devil malarkey I must add but you know what I mean. Nah me thinks that Devil’s Collection range is just another way to make what some might call the "bland middle o’ the road majority" feel a bit more daring and dangerous - a bit more whirr as they used to say in Manchester** - whilst parked in front of goggle box all weekend. Derek ** Alright it might not have been said in and around Manchester but I know it was definitely heard somewhere up north? Probably by those grafter types in Tameside.
  6. Derek Pearson

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Please say thank you to your youngest daughter for that link to The Guardian article - very interesting reading indeed. It appears the other 3 poems - along with the Kate Bush one as featured in my photo - are all situated somewhere in between Haworth and Thornton which are only 5 miles or so apart. For the last 5 years or so every year me and the dog take a sponsored 5 mile walk (amusingly called 'Bark In The Park') around the Temple Newsam Estate in Leeds to raise money for St Gemma's Hospice. To capture the occasion and for a nominal fee they have a photographer on hand at the finishing line ready to take pictures of your favourite hound. Derek
  7. Derek Pearson

    Billy & Betty......Who are they.....Help please

    Yes the Billy - of Billy & Betty on Sagport - is indeed Billy Miller and the Betty is his wife. Billy & Betty also recorded as The Soulful Twins on Sable re-releasing their "I Need Some Kind Of Something" flipped with the rather awesome "I Can't Let You Go". Derek
  8. Derek Pearson

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Picture of the overgrown Kop End terracing at Bradford Park Avenue's old ground taken by me 07.09.18. Also the bricked-in recesses where the turnstiles had previously been installed. Note the five shilling entrance price painted on the wall assumed to be dated from early 1970. Probably from the final ever Football League Division Four match against Scunthorpe United at the old Horton Park Avenue ground on Saturday 4th April 1970 (attendance 2,563). A young Kevin Keegan helped Scunthorpe to a resounding 5-0 win. A few months later the club was voted out of the football league.
  9. Derek Pearson

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Pictures of the old Bradford Park Avenue FC ground taken by me 07.09.18
  10. Shades Of Soul on BCB Radio 106.6FM Saturday 8th September 2018 @ 21.00-22.00pm 60 minutes of the good groove with Derek Pearson. For anybody that missed the show and/or wants to hear it again check the Listen Again podcast @ BCB Radio. https://podcasts.canstream.co.uk/bcb/index.php?date=2018-09-08 Please note these podcasts are only available online for a couple of weeks after broadcast. Ta.
  11. Derek Pearson

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Carved into the rocks high above the moors at Ogden Reservoir (inbetween Bradford and Halifax). Derek
  12. Derek Pearson

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Iconic piece of old Bradford 7 graffiti circa 1970. Long gone I'm afraid. Original photograph not taken by me. Derek Immediately behind and running parallel to this big stone wall was an old single track railway line that serviced some old goods yards. In the middle of the picture you can just see the top of the old metal footbridge which crossed over the railway line. A few hundred yards away to the left of the picture was the old Bradford Park Avenue Football Club ground (still in use at the time), a club I used to support as a young teenager due to living nearby.
  13. Shades Of Soul on BCB Radio 106.6FM Saturday 25th August 2018 @ 21.00-22.00pm 60 minutes of the good groove with Derek Pearson. Listen Again ** https://podcasts.canstream.co.uk/bcb/index.php?date=2018-08-25 ** As far as I know these podcasts are only available to hear for 2 weeks maximum.
  14. MAGIC NIGHT “If You And I Had Never Met” inst/vocal (uk Pye 7N 25698) in original paper company sleeve from 1975. Un played Near Mint condition. Incredibly this is old un-sold store stock - an unbelievable find these days me thinks. £75 all in (inc free P&P within UK). SOLD Please reply by PM. Ta Derek
  15. Derek Pearson

    Calverley rare soul back room 14/07/2018

    Better late than never (so they say). Dx Calverley Soul (Saturday 14th July 2018) In No Particular Place: Clarence Carter ‘Looking For A Fox’ (Atlantic) Inverts ‘Time Will Change’ (Broadway) Calvin Leavy ‘That’s Where I Am’ (Soul Beat) Masqueraders ‘I Don’t Want Nobody To Lead Me On’ (Wand) Luther Ingram ‘Run For Your Life’ (Hurdy Gurdy) Yvonne Daniels ‘Spread The Word’ (De-Lite) Junior Parker ‘Wait For Another Day’ (Duke) Vonda Marie ‘I Feel Complete’ (Phil-La-Soul) Marva Lee ‘If You Can’t Be True’ (Atco) Cody Black ‘Going Going Gone’ (Ram-Brock) Stormy ‘I Won’t Stop To Cry’ (Twinight) Penetrations ‘Sweet Sweet Baby’ (Highland) Skip Jackson ‘I’m Onto You Girl’ (Dot-Mar) Scotty Williams ‘Fear’ (Mona-Lee) Little Dooley ‘If Ever I Needed You’ (Ko Ko) Tobi Lark ‘Sweep It Out In The Shed’ (Topper) Johnny Guitar Watson (Jowat) ‘Ain’t Gonna Move’ Fantastics ‘Where There’s A Will’ (Impresario) TSU Toronadoes ‘What Good Am I’ (Atlantic) Willie Mallory ‘You Went Back On What You Said’ (Lanor) Irene & The Scotts ‘I’m Stuck On My Baby’ (Smash) Ivy Joe ‘I Can Feel The Pain’ (VIP) Mighty Marvelows ‘Talkin Bout You Baby’ (ABC) Little Johnny Blair ‘Moma’s Gone’ (House Of The Fox) Just Brothers ‘Carleana’ (Garrison) Jimmy Robins ‘I Just Can’t Please You’ (Jerhart) Little Johnny Hamilton ‘Oh How I Love You’ (Dore)


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