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  1. Derek Pearson

    Calverley rare soul back room 14/07/2018

    Better late than never (so they say). Dx Calverley Soul (Saturday 14th July 2018) In No Particular Place: Clarence Carter ‘Looking For A Fox’ (Atlantic) Inverts ‘Time Will Change’ (Broadway) Calvin Leavy ‘That’s Where I Am’ (Soul Beat) Masqueraders ‘I Don’t Want Nobody To Lead Me On’ (Wand) Luther Ingram ‘Run For Your Life’ (Hurdy Gurdy) Yvonne Daniels ‘Spread The Word’ (De-Lite) Junior Parker ‘Wait For Another Day’ (Duke) Vonda Marie ‘I Feel Complete’ (Phil-La-Soul) Marva Lee ‘If You Can’t Be True’ (Atco) Cody Black ‘Going Going Gone’ (Ram-Brock) Stormy ‘I Won’t Stop To Cry’ (Twinight) Penetrations ‘Sweet Sweet Baby’ (Highland) Skip Jackson ‘I’m Onto You Girl’ (Dot-Mar) Scotty Williams ‘Fear’ (Mona-Lee) Little Dooley ‘If Ever I Needed You’ (Ko Ko) Tobi Lark ‘Sweep It Out In The Shed’ (Topper) Johnny Guitar Watson (Jowat) ‘Ain’t Gonna Move’ Fantastics ‘Where There’s A Will’ (Impresario) TSU Toronadoes ‘What Good Am I’ (Atlantic) Willie Mallory ‘You Went Back On What You Said’ (Lanor) Irene & The Scotts ‘I’m Stuck On My Baby’ (Smash) Ivy Joe ‘I Can Feel The Pain’ (VIP) Mighty Marvelows ‘Talkin Bout You Baby’ (ABC) Little Johnny Blair ‘Moma’s Gone’ (House Of The Fox) Just Brothers ‘Carleana’ (Garrison) Jimmy Robins ‘I Just Can’t Please You’ (Jerhart) Little Johnny Hamilton ‘Oh How I Love You’ (Dore)
  2. Here's my current top 5 most wanted - can anybody help me locate any of them please? Fair price paid must be in Excellent condition minimum. Reply via PM with price and condition. Ta Derek BOBBY WILBURN (Gamble) WDJ ‘I’m a lonely man’ L.J. REYNOLDS & THE RELATIONS (Monique) ‘Stop Look over your past’ SANDRA RICHARDSON (Inter/Soul) WDJ ‘Stay with me’ LEE MOSES (Musicor) ‘Bad Girl’ ANN DUQUESNAY (Capitol) ‘You ain’t woman enough’
  3. Please reply (either by PM or via the thread) and I'll manually count and update the score. Ta Derek All 3 versions that I know of are good in their own way but for me Luther wins out every time and is the only version I've ever owned on 45.
  4. Hi Derek

    I'll take Lovemasters and Ultimations if you still have them?

    Let me know postage and payment details.



  5. All in Excellent condition LOVEMASTERS ‘Pushin’ and Pullin’(Jacklyn) £20 SOLD GERALD SIMS ‘You’ll never be sorry’ (W.Bros) WDJ £35 SOLD SHEP ‘I’m sitting in / Fool to fool’(TNT) WDJ? £50 SOLD BOB WILSON ‘Suzy’s serenade’ (Sound Stage 7) WDJ £20 TOP SHELF ‘No second thoughts’ (Lo Lo) £15 THE ULTI-MATIONS ‘Would I do it over’ (Marvlus) £20 SOLD Please PM to reserve. P&P extra. Ta. Derek
  6. Derek Pearson

    Lee Moses 'Bad Girl' + L.J.Reynolds (Monique)

    Hey up Jordi - thanks for your reply and offer to sell the Gates 45. Ta. But I've got my heart set on re-acquiring his Musicor 45 hopefully sooner rather than later. Derek
  7. Derek Pearson

    Cappy's Record Store Detroit

    See attached photograph - taken by me - of Bob May's shop/store in Detroit circa September 1992. Derek
  8. Derek Pearson

    Reject calls to ban Staffordshire Bull Terriers

    Of course the problem lies with irresponsible dog owners but that's too big a problem to be solved by any government in power. I'm afraid banning certain dog breeds is according to them the simplest, quickest and most direct solution to the problem and probably a nice little vote winner on the quiet. You can bet that whilst Staffy's are currently top of the 'dogs to be banned list' there's almost certainly a long list to other dog breeds just waiting behind them to be banned when the Government think the time's right. Here's my dog Ruby aged at least 11+ years old. Part Staffy, part Labrador, part Collie. Derek
  9. Derek Pearson

    abc sleeve.jpg

    Note half way down the right hand vertical side J. D. 5-68 which I imagine is the printers/manafacturers initials and date of print run?
  10. BCB Radio 106.6FM - Listen Again Shades Of Soul with Derek Pearson Saturday 9-10pm Both Podcasts have been deleted off the BCB website; they are only available to 'listen again' for 2 weeks due to space limitations. Saturday 02nd June 2018 http://podcasts.canstream.co.uk/bcb/index.php?date=2018-06-02 Saturday 16th June 2018 http://podcasts.canstream.co.uk/bcb/index.php?date=2018-06-16
  11. San Francisco TKO's 'Make Up Your Mind' (Kent Anniversary) 1998 Anybody got a copy of said tune they would be willing to let go of? Current price paid depending on condition. PM to discuss, Ta. Derek
  12. Derek Pearson

    Cecil Washington - Prophonics

    Phew Cecil Washington! a record I always wanted but never had the money at the right time. When records were big this was absolutely massive. It's hard to imagine the impact this record had when played at the time. These days it would probably cause barely a ripple. Dx No excuse needed to tag on a YouTube clip eh?
  13. MAGIC NIGHT “If You And I Had Never Met” vocal/instr (uk Pye 7N 25698) ©1975 EX £50 RESERVED DON THOMAS “Come On Train” vocal/instr (uk DJM DJS 670) ©1976 EX- £50 JEFF PERRY “Love Don’t Come No Stronger” (uk Arista 51) ©1976 EX £25 THE FANTASTIC PUZZLES “Come Back” (uk Right On RO 106) ©1976 EX £25 RESERVED THE CROW “Your Autumn Of Tomorrow” (uk Right On RO 101) ©1975 EX £20 THE MOB “I’d Like To See More Of You” (uk Polydor 2001-169) ©1971 large centre hole EX £10 UK P&P First Class Signed For £2.50p (Compensation up to £50) Overseas P&P on request. PM to reserve/discuss etc etc. Ta Derek
  14. Anybody got a copy of either of these two they wanna to sell on? Lee Moses 'Bad Girl' (Musicor); L. J. Reynolds 'Stop Look Over Your Past' (Monique). Originals only (of course) and a minimum VG++ condition. Fair price paid. PM to reply please. Ta Derek


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