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Monumental Weekender - 2015?

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Maybe last years contacts could help  :wink:  :hatsoff2: 

Phone/text: Niki: 0207 538 5503 or 07960 953008

Mole: 07951 077934
Nelly: 07540 885412
Email: info@monumentalsoul.co.uk

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Anyone know whether they're doing this, this summer?

Can't see anything advertised in events :g:  

Steady John, surely you can't be you thinking of going to another event just yet.


Cleethorpes was barely 7 months ago  :wicked:



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Sorry slightly off topic but you guys who go to the Monumental weekender what do you think of Clacton as a town.


I grew up there and still have family there. Been to a few British resorts that are badly run down but I think that Clacton is holding up pretty well. Nice gardens on the front. Beach and pier in good order. Very few empty shops in the town.


But if you think it's rubbish don't hold back. :D



be best if ask this in freebasing as a new topic




have just split this q into a new thread




as the opening question has been answered am closing this before goes further down the road of offtopic

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