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  1. If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    I'm sure he will have at some point - everyone else has!
  2. Along Comes Mary

    Never heard that before. It is pretty dire!
  3. Memorable DJ set

    Ted certainly did the business every time he played at Solid Hit Soul , London
  4. If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Hamilton Movement for me
  5. Barbara Lynn - Take Your Love And Run / (Until Then) I'll Suffer - Atlantic 2361 ~ VG+ £15 Bunny Sigler - Let The Good Times Roll / No Love Left (In This Old Heart - Parkway 153 ~ M- £10 SOLD Chants - Fell In Love With You Baby / Desiree - Wand 11...
  6. 5 Northern for the Weekend

    Dells - Run For Cover / Over Again - Cadet 5551 - VG £30 Sold Shep - Fool To Fool / I'm Sitting In - TNT 282 - VG++ £50 Sold Visitors - I'm In Danger / Until You Came Along - Dakar 603 ~ VG++ £20 Vontastics - I'll Never Say Goodbye / Don't Me...
  7. The innersection

    One of the best double siders IMO - still not sure which side I like best! Can anyone confirm that the year of release was 1977? No year shown on record (which is unusual for a seventies record?). Discogs info shows unknown year.
  8. Most 'northern' Motown hit..

    It was! Ghost In My House was massive everywhere in '74, even "common" nightclubs Always loved the UK B side - "Let's Go Somewhere Baby". That was also hammered around the clubs in '74. Shame, but don't think I heard it played out ever since then until, ...
  9. 26th Cleethorpes Rare Northern & Modern Soul Weekender


    Me too - best weekender bar none
  10. Bradford Mecca

    That's not how I remember it Derek - circa 1969 - 1972!
  11. Bradford Mecca

    Me too! Don' think Monday nights were specifically soul nights Kegsy? They did play lots of soul & Motown but also all sorts of pop chart music if my memory serves me correctly!
  12. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to all fellow SS members - from Stubbsy, currently sat at Sydney airport awaiting flight to Cairns!
  13. Herbert Hunter RIP

    Me too! R.I.P. Herbert
  14. T S Monk - Candidate For Love

    That's not a bad shout, I might give that a try!
  15. Jimmy Ross - "First True Love Affair"

    Thanks but after Canadian issue

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