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  1. Two issues for sale on Discogs Bill Harris - Am I Cold, Am I Hot (1975, Vinyl) | Discogs
  2. Sure I've seen one for sale on Discogs recently at £600
  3. After the 7" single on Streetwise (US). If anyone got one for sale please pm me.
  4. Larry Santos and Ritchie Adams now both over $1,000
  5. Really shocked when I learned on Facebook of Winnie's passing. First got to know him back in the days of KTF forum, These Old Shoes and the Brighton Sunday alldayers. Last saw him at Cleethorpes last year when we chatted and exchanged grandad experiences. Such a nice bloke and I think, fair to say, one of the most respected faces on the NS scene. Deepest sympathies to all his family - R.I.P. Winston Stubbsy
  6. Wanted on US label Event EV227 - Demo, or issue. VG+ or better. Please pm me with price & condition if you got one for sale!
  7. Ad Libs - Johnny My Boy c/w I'm Just A Down Home Girl - on Blue Cat 123 white demo, VG+ £70. UK recorded delivery £2.50. Cash, cheque, orķ Paypal (preferred). pm if interested.
  8. For anyone who's interested, here's my playlist from Monumental Weekender at Clacton on Saturday - 45 minute set from 1.30 to 2.15: Shapeshifters feat. Teni Tinks - "Try My Love (On For Size)" - Glitterbox Crown Heights Affair - "Somebody Tell Me What To Do" - De-Lite T S Monk - "Candidate For Love" - Mirage Bobby King - "If You Don't Want My Love" - Warner Bros Skip Mahoney - "Janice (Don't Be So Blind To Love" - SalSoul Innersection -" I'm In Debt To You" - Group 5 Ritchie Family - "I'll Do My Best (For You Baby)" - RCA Al Wilson - "Earthquake" - Road
  9. I know what you mean Lawrence! I, personally, would always prefer to hear atb but it seems a lot of the folks that go out nowadays only want to hear classic oldies and not interested in hearing anything else
  10. Sorry to hear you're closing The Harold Lawrence. Enjoyed a few good nights there! Proper soul club/music!
  11. So right Chalky, couldn't agree more! Some of the acrobatics are totally out of context with the music. That's why I always like watching the best shufflers where it's all about the foot work and usually in time with the music
  12. US original - Jaguar 100, the white label single sided demo VG+ £30 recorded deliver £2.50 Paypal (preferred), cheque or cash pm me if interested Thanks for looking
  13. I looked there a few years ago Mal. I found and visited only one record shop and guess what there sat boldly on the counter was a John Manship guide! null

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