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  1. So right Chalky, couldn't agree more! Some of the acrobatics are totally out of context with the music. That's why I always like watching the best shufflers where it's all about the foot work and usually in time with the music
  2. Stubbsy

    Joyce Bennett - "The New Boy"

    US original - Jaguar 100, the white label single sided demo VG+ £30 recorded deliver £2.50 Paypal (preferred), cheque or cash pm me if interested Thanks for looking
  3. Stubbsy

    Record shops in Florida and South?

    I looked there a few years ago Mal. I found and visited only one record shop and guess what there sat boldly on the counter was a John Manship guide! null
  4. Stubbsy

    Record shops in Florida and South?

    Rock & Roll Heaven and Banana's worth a look but don't expect to find any bargains there they've both been done to death by the Brits and most, if not all, of the US dealers are now clued up on the value of soul records!
  5. Stubbsy

    26th Cleethorpes Rare Northern & Modern Soul Weekender


    Ooh I'm already getting excited. Be there with my usual partners in crime Geoff, Paul & Helen. Come on folks there's only 5 of us posted an RSVP there must be lots of others on here who are going so hit the RSVP button!
  6. Stubbsy

    Ike Strong - "Your Love Keeps Me Dancing"

    Bloody Butch! Always has to be different to us mere mortals
  7. Stubbsy

    Ike Strong - "Your Love Keeps Me Dancing"

    I've got the disco bongos version too
  8. Stubbsy

    Ike Strong - "Your Love Keeps Me Dancing"

    Cheers Chalky The one on Willkerr I think you are referring to is titled "Keep Me Dancing" by True image - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong . Same song but inferior to the Ike Strong version (IMHO)!
  9. Stubbsy

    Ike Strong - "Your Love Keeps Me Dancing"

    Cheers mate Speaking of modern anthem it reminds me a lot of Curtis "How Can I tell Her"! Just had a look on Popsike - last genuine one went for £335 May last year. Before then varies in price so would imagine you're right about the not get one for less than £200. Strikes me that it's one of those that, although not massively expensive in the bigger scheme of things, will be a hard on to find. Bloody hell, there's on..
  10. Be grateful if anyone can give me the lowdown on this one, i.e. Year of release Who broke it Where was it played (a good bet I imagine would be Rotherham, Clifton Hall)
  11. Stubbsy

    Bobby King - "If You Don't Want My Love"

    B1 OKEH - I've responded by pm (again)
  12. Stubbsy

    EMS Appreciation Society

    Recently discovered this - 2 years late! Great tune - white label demos only it appears. One or two now for sale on Discogs but quite expensive!
  13. Stubbsy

    Bobby King - "If You Don't Want My Love"

    I've sent you a pm!
  14. Warner Brothers WBS49655 Classic early 80's If anyone got one for sale please pm me with price and condition
  15. Stubbsy


    Having trekked up to West Yorks from deepest Essex on Thursday (bloody 6 hour journey ) for Easter was on the look out for something local. Search on SS events for Saturday came up with The Harold, Bradford and Soul In Haworth at the Parkside. I'd been to The Harold a number of times before so plumped for the Haworth do as cheap taxi ride back over't hill to Cottingley! Glad we did in the end as we had such a great night listening/dancing to mainly classic oldies 6t's & 7t's. All four dj's played excellent sets and absolutely nothing was played which was non dancefloor friendly! The club is old style social type club upstairs with large dancefloor, tables round the edges, bar at one end, stage with dj's at the other end. Cheap bar prices was a bonus - just over £7 for a pint and two halves of lager (for the girls) - bloody hell I'm used to paying London prices Not the biggest crowd, I think made up of local Soulies but everyone seemed to be having a good time! I'm giving this do a big and I'll deffo be back as long as it coincides with a future visit to West Yorks!