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  1. Postage from USA

    That's the OVO policy ditched then Dave ? Taff
  2. You having a Disco night sometime soon then John ? Taff
  3. Is it different down souf??

    Ner-ner, ner-ner, run for it lads the soul Sweeny Todd are coming and they've got us bang to rights. Cor lummie whoever played that Bobby Bland ding-dong at a 'norven Jack Palance dahn the smoke had it coming and no mistake, 'e must be 'avin a giraffe ? Hop...
  4. 100 Club Allnighter

    The tube will allegedly be running all night for the very first time as well...............be rude not to.
  5. Charles Bradley

    Missed him last time round, but have grabbed a couple of tickets for the London show later this year. http://www.thecharlesbradley.com/ Taff
  6. The Penultimate Solid Hit ? 23rd October

    Looking forward to it Dave. Hope you find a new gaff too. Shame to see your own words coming true though. Support your local clubs as though it were the last night - cause one day it will be!!! Taff
  7. Rugby World Cup

    Personally I think it's been a brilliant World Cup, off to Twickers Saturday for the big one, in the "Pool of Death". Just heard that Hooper's been suspended for this one, can't say I'm disappointed. It could well be another very very messy, mega party in L...
  8. Sean O'Connor

    Sad news about a top bloke. Morecambe FC mad, I'm sure he used to edit their programme as well at one time. RIP Sean. Taff
  9. 23rd Cleethorpes Northern & Modern Soul weekender


    ​Superb weekend yet again and I have to agree with Subbsy (that must be a first ) the staff were brilliant. Having emailed to see if there was any chance of showing the football upstairs Friday evening, I received a phone call before setting off on Friday telling me that the Wales game would definitely be shown and that there would be 6 passes to the owners' bar waiting for me at reception. The passes were there, the footy was on and they'd even arranged for Wales to win...... cue parteee weekend with great company, Cleggy "moments" aplenty and top tunes throughout. Thanks Ady and crew for another brilliant event. Taff
  10. 23rd Cleethorpes Northern & Modern Soul weekender


    Beachcomber just called, the big match is on upstairs this evening.......waheeey. Taff
  11. 23rd Cleethorpes Northern & Modern Soul weekender


    ​See you there Stubbsy, Wales v Belgium as a warm up tomorrow evening, hope they have it on upstairs or it will mean a trek round Cleggy town looking for a boozer in the Welsh Ghetto... Taff
  12. Marlene Shaw

    Just bagged tickets for Marlene Shaw at Ronnie Scott's, looks like it's close to a sell out for the whole week. http://www.ronniescotts.co.uk/performances/view/2460-marlena-shaw Taff

    Can't be bad & just a 3 minute walk from Liverpool Street Railway Station. How come the walk back to Liverpool St takes at least half an hour and always results in waking up on the train holding a family bucket of KFC ? Taff
  14. The Prestatyn Northern & Modern Soul Weekender


    1 wrist band for sale £25 07706 138102 Taff
  15. Tunes That Can Bring You To Tears

    Swing Low Sweet Chariot did it for me, not the Sam Cooke, 1960 version though. I mean the version that the England supporters were singing to me at the Millenium Stadium last Friday night Taff