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  1. Saxafone

    Kent Soul Club Christmas Function 22nd Dec 18

    Been a while Kev........will stick it on the possibilities for December.
  2. Saxafone

    ‘Hard’ 60s Soul Sounds

    Plenty more Arthur C out there, this one already mentioned. Taff.
  3. Saxafone

    ‘Hard’ 60s Soul Sounds

    Agree totally. Another Arthur C favourite. Most cheap as chips. Hope they fit the required category ! Taff.
  4. Saxafone

    ‘Hard’ 60s Soul Sounds

    One that gave me an ear worm when I first heard it and still does...also agree about Hand in Glove by Arthur C mentioned earlier..
  5. Saxafone

    ‘Hard’ 60s Soul Sounds

    French and Portugese issue EP methinks ? Love it and agree. Taff
  6. Saxafone

    our ladys youth club lancaster

    Mark, I remember big Ron with his cross hanging from his neck stepping in to a riot between the local Morecambe and Lancaster skins and a scooter crew outside the Club - could have been Preston or Blackpool scooter club ? Riot over, everyone piled back in to hear a Little Piece of Leather booming and get a bollocking from Ron for unchristian behaviour ! The battle on the bridge against the New Planet Nebs was another very unchristian night when the Club regulars objected to the Hell's Angels taking up residence in the old station. Exchanges of petrol bombs and gunshots was certainly a first for me. Always great tunes at the Club tho. On reflection it is strange that a "Youth Club" had such a very loyal hard core clientele of scooter boys and skins who would go to the pub round the corner then back to the Club for the music before heading elsewhere. Happy days ! Taff
  7. Saxafone

    our ladys youth club lancaster

    Hi, have you tried Steve Middlesbrough ? He may have some from back in Radio Doom days when he was an apprentice DJ at the Club. Taff
  8. Saxafone

    Postage from USA

    That's the OVO policy ditched then Dave ? Taff
  9. You having a Disco night sometime soon then John ? Taff
  10. Saxafone

    Is it different down souf??

    Ner-ner, ner-ner, run for it lads the soul Sweeny Todd are coming and they've got us bang to rights. Cor lummie whoever played that Bobby Bland ding-dong at a 'norven Jack Palance dahn the smoke had it coming and no mistake, 'e must be 'avin a giraffe ? Hope the old Barnaby Rudge slings 'im in the Flowery Dell dahn the Soul bucket and pail..........Evening all
  11. Saxafone

    100 Club Allnighter

    The tube will allegedly be running all night for the very first time as well...............be rude not to.
  12. Saxafone

    Charles Bradley

    Missed him last time round, but have grabbed a couple of tickets for the London show later this year. http://www.thecharlesbradley.com/ Taff
  13. Saxafone

    The Penultimate Solid Hit ? 23rd October

    Looking forward to it Dave. Hope you find a new gaff too. Shame to see your own words coming true though. Support your local clubs as though it were the last night - cause one day it will be!!! Taff
  14. Saxafone

    Rugby World Cup

    Personally I think it's been a brilliant World Cup, off to Twickers Saturday for the big one, in the "Pool of Death". Just heard that Hooper's been suspended for this one, can't say I'm disappointed. It could well be another very very messy, mega party in London. Nice of Ady to have arranged the 100 Club Anny after the England game and Crossfire after this one... bring it on. Taff P.S I really think that they should introduce a Plate competition for the lesser, 2nd tier teams, that get knocked out in the group stage. It would provide really useful tournament experience for the developing nations like Namibia, Uruguay, Georgia, Romania and England.


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