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This Forum is now part of our Mint Members subscription

Please note that this Soul Website Sales forum is now only open to adverts posted via Soul Source Mint Membership subscribers.


This step has been taken to reflect the fact that this forum is used to advertise sales on third party websites which are run as business services (as per they charge commission or pay hosting fees etc)


It's felt that our forum should reflect this and as such be part of our own subscription service. Which will play a part in our long term aim for Soul Source to be a fully self-supporting website which will then lead to better services/features for all members.


Members are always welcome to post normal 'private' 'one to one' sales in our free open to all main record sale but this forum is the only place for non-private sales and as such a Mint Membership subscription is now needed to post Ebay and third party website sales

Please be aware as  this is a subscription based service, we can't allow people posting sales for other sellers

As always any question just shout back



More info


support topic/forum post



Mint Subscription feature page

info and sign up details


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