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Recently had a clear out and came across a complete Wigan Casino entry ticket from mid 70s. I went to Wigan from 1975 till the end in 1981 so it is the genuine article. I cant remember when I exactly got it but must have dodged the doorman who would have ripped it in two after Mrs Woods issued it to you when you paid. I am genuinely interested in selling it however I have no idea what its worth, I am assuming that its a rare piece of history as there cant be many whole tickets around due to the fact they were torn on entry. Question is whats it worth and where is the best place to sell it?

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Probably the best price you`ll get is from someone who never actually went!


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Posted (edited)

Nope - maybe not Sir . 

But it would be good to see a pic .. then others may get an idea of what we are talking about and I know there’s a couple of other old Soulies on here that may make you an offer . 

I always asked if I could have my other half back .. even if it was put aside and given back later on .. only worked once . 





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