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  1. A veritable plethora of information on this subject online. Definitely scamming for your hard earned. Try typing shark alley - timesharetalk,or mindtimeshare. Went on a "promotional" week to Tenerife a few years ago.Some of the techniques were very slick and I suppose the marketing people are always thinking of ways to get your cash! As Phil Lynott once said-"Don`t believe a word"
  2. Bloody Hell-You Only Live Twice-Lorraine Chandler has just been played on the show(short clip) as one of the connections in the music round!
  3. Apologies Sir-I didn`t read all of the posts !
  4. Sorry- but why would anyone want a copy of this? It is not Northern.It is not Soul.Is it?
  5. Oh yes-When He came into the pub,we would all shout-" Ast got any crabs on thee,cock?"(Stokie Humour)
  6. Well noted. Not a tune I would expect to hear today,but everyone complains about variety of records played and lazy djing,so where`s the fire?It`s 2 minutes of memories for people. Having said that ,it is certainly of its time!And it`s not on its own.
  7. Signed,mate. Happy to help. No need for this reprehensible(and other) practice.
  8. Signed-a truly deserving cause.Here`s hoping.
  9. Both Sam and Pep used to do the Sunday nights in the Bali Hai,along with Colin.This was mid seventies. They also ran Northern on a Thursday night,for a time.

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