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  1. Minstrel-Ha Ha! Many fun times with him-but respect to him-he has endured the scene and loads of people hold him in high regard,and top people included. Bews,Burslem-always remember him, from there.Great bloke.Stokie-enuff said!
  2. Not everybody is on Facebook. It is funny,if its the first time you have read it.
  3. Probably the best price you`ll get is from someone who never actually went! Bookface,then?
  4. An absolutely superb piece of music-but nothing to do with Northern!
  5. Well-how would you dance to Motown,other than in the `Northern` style? Which Motown records are you talking about,that made you leave? Unless you take your handbag with you???? BTW you ain`t got the longest serving medal!
  6. I thought that this was about warped 45`s by The Cure! Ok-bye!
  7. If i`m thinking of the same one-it`s the Human League-Northern?(Sheffield).
  8. To quote Gwen Owens-Wanted and Needed? There I`ve said it!
  9. Sorry- but why would anyone want a copy of this? It is not Northern.It is not Soul.Is it?
  10. Well noted. Not a tune I would expect to hear today,but everyone complains about variety of records played and lazy djing,so where`s the fire?It`s 2 minutes of memories for people. Having said that ,it is certainly of its time!And it`s not on its own.
  11. Typical case of being unable to convey the tone of a conversion by the way it is written. People read things in a different way than it is intended to be meant. I`m with Kevin Kent-His advice has been misconstrued-he isn`t being arsey in his first line. IMHO.

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