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Brothers Two - thrill me (mistake on pressing?)

I got this record last year. It is a funky, raw, bluesy number (written and produced by Lee Rogers). The weird thing is that halfway through, the whole recording fades down (almost like the song is over and it is fading out) for like 3 second and then it comes all the way back up and continues like normal. 

Is this on all copies? Is it a pressing/mixing mistake? Was it done for some kind of "effect"? 

I wish I could find a video on YouTube, but no luck.

(the image is taken from Discogs - too lazy to take picture of mine) 




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My copy does this as well during the instrumental break. 

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I've never heard the Brothers Two, but I've often wondered about things like this. An example that springs to mind is the Fuzz - "I'm So Glad". I think there's something else on Calla too, just can't remember.

I can't see any of them being deliberate, but suppose they could be some sort of effect.

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