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  1. There was a small thread about this seller on a Facebook group when the records where initially listed for sale. The general opinion was that he didn’t actually have the records that he was listing, at least the “grail” 45s he listed all at once. I asked repeatedly for pictures of the Andantes 45 he had with no response. He was also asking for payment as a gift and not through Discogs, which adds to the suspicion. Hope it works out for you...
  2. Is this your record that’s being auctioned, Frankie Crocker?
  3. I really don’t think the copies without the Archer stamps are bootlegs. Why would Lorraine have bootlegs mixed in with other 60s stock? And like I said in an earlier post, the only other two that I’ve turned up were well used copies that were in collections comprised of records from the 60s.
  4. Earlier this year some left over stock from Lorraine Chandler's estate was sold to a record store in Detroit. It included copies of The Four Sonics and Joe Buckman records on Sepia, Perfections on Drumhead, Eddie Parker on Triple B, along with about 5 stock copies and 1 demo copy of the Eddie Parker on Ashford. The demo copy had the large and raised ARCHER stamp, but the stock copies had no stamp at all. I've only found this record twice before - once in Chicago and once in Detroit, and neither of those copies had the stamp either.
  5. Looking for a clean copy of: Count Ferrell - Wizard Of Ah’s (LeRegal) Not looking for the Astra copy. Thanks!
  6. Hard to tell. Doesn't sound as present as the two other pressings that I have, but it's not noticeably poor quality.
  7. The artist and song title text on the white label copies from above are the same style as on most Monarch and later ARP (my ARP pressings from around this time use a shorter and thinner font) pressings. The credits and label text looks the same as most ARP pressings. But there are no pressing plant identifiers in the run-out grooves on these copies, just the master numbers etched. A quick look on eBay shows several of these for sale, all from east coast sellers. Also, all of the completed sales I'm able to find that have WOL only have the former owner's name or a price written - no radio station or distributor stamps or stickers. I'd say it's a good guess that these are the Raynoma copies, but would love if someone was able to confirm.
  8. I've seen the post on Discogs suggesting that this copy could be the Raynoma copy as the labels don't quite match up with other Motown releases from the same time with the catalog number formatting, the lack of "promotional/audition copy", and the drill hole, but there is a post on 45cat where someone believes it to be a promotional copy specifically for jukeboxes. Someone has to know?
  9. Looking for clean original copies of: Othea George - What's The Matter With Me (Soul 840) Johnny West - Tears Baby (Soul 841) Jean Banks - Jailer (Soul 1001)
  10. Does anyone know how to identify the bootleg version of Mary Wells' "My Guy" that was pressed by Raynoma Gordy/Singleton?
  11. My copy does this as well during the instrumental break.
  12. When the Don Davis estate was being sold off around Detroit a couple of years ago, the record shop I used to work at got the tape for the Gwen Owens version of "Hit & Run" among other things. I don't know what happened to this tape, but I did get to hear it and I believe one of the takes is the same as Gilly's acetate.
  13. No offers or holds, please. I'll cover priority shipping in the US and First Class International to anywhere outside. If you need faster international shipping, I'll split the cost with you. Payment via PayPal as "friends & family" preferred. Grading: NM, VG++, VG+, VG, VG-, G, Poor The Celebrities - I Choose You Baby (Boss) VG++ $2,500 SOLD *some odd non-feelable/non-sounding marks holding this back from being NM* Cody Black - It's Our Time To Fall In Love (Gig, DJ) VG- plays VG++ $2,000 SOLD Gail Nevels - Taking My Mind Off Love (Star Track) VG++ $1,800 SOLD SIlky Hargraves - Keep Loving Me (Dearborn, DJ) VG++ $1,200 SOLD Little Rodger Hatcher - Get A Hold Of Yourself (Del-La Northern) NM $800 SOLD Falcons - Love Look In Her Eyes (Big Wheel, green label) VG++ $350 SOLD
  14. I’m pretty sure “Standing On Guard” was the only Falcons release on Big Wheel to get a white label promo. I do have this, but it doesn’t really count:
  15. Looking for a clean copy of: Mike Power - I Left My Love In Paris / Teenage Sweetheart on Zelman Records Looks like a clean copy went through eBay in 2013 for $40 - I would pay considerably more than that. I also have a rough-but-playable copy that I would throw-in if you still want to have a copy to play. Please PM or email nickgsoule@gmail.com if you can help. Thanks for looking.

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