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  1. "Crying Tears Of Joy" - I.H. (BMI) "I'm Gonna Take You" - I.H. / Brohun (BMI) I can't say if there's a similarity between "I'm Gonna Take You" and "Take You From Your Guy" right now because my 45s are in storage for the next month or so, but I can say that both sides of the Jesse 45 are not good.
  2. I don't have any information about Jesse Thomas, but there is another release on International Hits: Jesse - Crying Tears Of Joy / I'm Gonna Take You (International Hits 1982) Also, The Scorpio & His People record is definitely not related.
  3. That’s really interesting to see it that high on the Chicago radio advert. The only place I’ve ever found the later label design was at Hyde Park Records in Chicago. I’ve only found the blue label one in Detroit.
  4. Looking for a clean copy of the Mahana 45 on Brilliant Minds. Thanks!
  5. Looking for clean copies of the following: K.I.C. - You Don't Want My Love (New Hit) Burning Desire - Why She Had To Go (Charisma Sound) Jelly - Everybody Needs Lovin Nows The Time (Fu-Ja) Florence Trapp - Love Came Into My Life (You & I) Masterpiece - Love Affair (YPSI) Click - It's That Feeling (Jupiter) Pure Pleasure - By My Side (QC) Vann & Reggie - If This Isn't Love (Brilliant Mind)
  6. Looking for a clean copy of: Vernell Parker - I'm Not The One (Big Mack) Thanks!
  7. Looking for an original copy of: Jelly - Everybody Needs Lovin Nows The Time (Fu-Ja) Thanks!
  8. Looking for a clean copy of: The Masqueraders - One More Chance (La Beat) Thanks!
  9. Looking for a copy of: Stride - Come Inside / I Believe Thanks!
  10. Looking for a clean copy of: Don Hart - Out Uh Sight / Turn Back (Mary Jane) Thanks!
  11. Looking for a clean copy of: The T.M.G.'s - The Hatch (Soul Shake) Thanks!
  12. The one Richard posted is the copy I just received. Came from St Louis, MO. Here’s a picture of the stamped matrix.

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