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  1. The winning bidder's feedback count matches the seller of the Sonic Wax version.
  2. In addition to the other record on the label having an LA address, I suspect John is getting his information about the writer, Ronald Davis, from the BMI repertoire which confusingly has the Correc-tone writer, a Philadelphia based writer/performer, and what I assume is a third LA-based writer all under the same Ronald Davis profile. BMI repertoire: Ronald Davis The Philadelphia-based Ronald Davis has a profile on ReverbNation that states his first recording studio experience was at Sigma Sound in Philly, which wasn't founded until 1968 - same year as the Locations 45, and multiple
  3. Hopefully a Detroit collector didn't buy it because of John's description. It's an LA record.
  4. Manuel B. Holcolm's "I Stayed Away Too Long" on Diamond Jim 900 was distributed Cotillion. Forgot about that one.
  5. Was Mr. Bo "Lost Love Affair" on Big D 852 the only Jim Riley record that was picked up for national distribution?
  6. Yes, there's also an ARP stamp in the runout, so it was mastered at Columbia and pressed at ARP. A few others like Eddie Hill and both Joe Matthews also have ZTSC numbers, but were plated at Nashville Matrix before being pressed at ARP, so the numbers are etched instead of stamped.
  7. Wilson Pickett’s single on Correc-tone is from 1962, and the Supremes first single on Motown is from 1961, so it seems like they were moonlighting. But all the information I’ve read about the Pickett recording always refers to them as The Primettes. Maybe it was recorded earlier than 1962?
  8. I’ve emailed bagsunlimited every 3-4 months since the pandemic started, and get the same response noted above every time. It’s hard to believe that no one manufactures that kind of paper anymore, but they’re really sticking to that story.
  9. If you switch 2 and 3 around, I believe that is the correct order for everything. "I'll Be Around..." was a local hit and you never see the Mala copy in or around Detroit.
  10. I doubt it's the Royal Ravens as Robbk suggests. Both sides of the record lack a backing group, so I would guess it's just a band name. Also, the record came out in 1969, so there was plenty of time between to two to forget about the other Ravens. Fwiw, members of Dave's family were selling off what was left in his house to different shops in Detroit in 2016-2019. As far as I know, only one VG- copy of the Ravins turned up and was in a stack of Dave's personal records (mainly soul/r&b hits, nothing great). I believe that copy is in the UK now.
  11. Found an old picture of some more of the absolutely destroyed 10” NY Jobete acetates that came into Peoples around 2011. Tragic.
  12. PayPal doesn’t refund their service fees anymore. The buyer essentially pays 4% or whatever the PayPal fees are on a goods/services transaction to be told that a record isn’t in stock.
  13. Popsike has made a lot of improvements such as archiving BIN sales (they didn’t do this until like 2 years ago) and preserving sound clips to try to compete with the other eBay sales history archive, Gripsweat. I still think their site is clunky and I despise the autocomplete feature on their search bar, but it’s an important historical reference as it goes back to the early 2000s.
  14. Looking for a nice copy of: The Related Three "Why Should We Cry" (Creative) Thanks!

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