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  1. Nick Soule

    Jerry Blackshear on eBay

    Does anyone know if the Jerry Blackshears going through eBay are original or reissues? The seller was previously selling Jerry's personal copies and listing them as "used" and specified original, but these last few listings have weird looking labels and are being listed as "new". I tried asking, but no response. He's sold three so far with another currently up and all have gone for over a grand. Here's a link: https://www.ebay...
  2. Please please PM if interested. Payment via PayPal. Price includes shipping. For sale: Melvin Davis - Wedding Bells / It's No News (Ke Ke) M- very slight storage warp - DNAP $400 OBO Thanks, Nick
  3. Nick Soule

    Everlife on Jibaro

    Looking for a clean copy of: Everlife - Dream Machine (Jibaro) Thanks, Nick
  4. Nick Soule

    The Dynamics Label out of Detroit

    I've managed to track down promotional copies of 1012-1016. Do promotional copies of 1011 or 1017 exist? Also, if anyone has cleaner copies of 1015 or 1016 for sale feel free to get in touch. Edit: Wow. I didn't mean to make the scans that large - sorry.
  5. Nick Soule

    Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Here's a link to a SoulfulDetroit thread where Ron Murphy talks about the copy he bought from the ARP employee in 84/85: http://faac.us/adf/messages/131452/154447.html?1188849916 They did a test run of six. Three were kept at ARP, and three were sent to Motown. The ARP employee kept one copy and threw out the other two.
  6. Nick Soule

    Is it, time to sell up.?

    In addition to being off-topic, that is a really tired argument. I think all Matt was trying to address is that there are some people out there that won't sell to anyone outside of England, which is something I've encountered on here before, and I think is strange.
  7. Nick Soule

    Sheryl Swope - Can't Get Him Off My Mind

    Still looking for a clean copy if anyone can help. Thanks!
  8. Please PM or e-mail nicksoule@live.com if you can help. Looking for: Sheryl Swope - Can't Get Him Off My Mind (Duo) in EX/M- condition. Thanks, Nick
  9. Nick Soule

    Sister Lee - Sam Ward (Groove City)

    Didn't you get this from a well known Detroit-based collector and DJ? How is that being "liberated"?
  10. Nick Soule

    Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Do you know where the price guide burning will be held?
  11. Please PM or e-mail nicksoule@live.com if you can help. Looking for: Mark Mitchell - Pretty Girl (Balladeer) Mark Mitchell - Pretty Baby (Balladeer) Monofide - Never Get Rid Of Me (Emvee) Monofide - Suspended Animation (Emvee) Thanks, Nick
  12. Nick Soule

    Nelson Sanders on Rambler

    Still looking. Thanks.
  13. Nick Soule

    Crystal's Image - A Friend OFFERS

    Payment via PayPal. Shipping from the US. Please PM or e-mail nicksoule@live.com to make an offer. Crystal's Image - A Friend (Crystal's Image Productions) VG++ OFFERS -Rare DC modern soul. Looking for offers over $1,000- Thanks, Nick Soule
  14. Please PM if interested. Payment via PayPal only. Shipping is $3 in the US and $14 outside the US. For sale: The Masqueraders - I Got The Power (La Beat) VG $200 -strong VG condition, light scuffing only, plays VG++/EX- Would also consider swapping this for a copy of "Be Happy For Me". masqueraders - i got the power.mp3 Thanks, Nick Soule
  15. Nick Soule

    The Admirations

    Bob Abrahamian interviewed Walter Smith along with the rest of the Green Berets back in 2009. http://www.sittinginthepark.com/interviews/greenberets-6-7-2009.mp3

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