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  1. Nick Soule

    Jelly on Fu-Ja

    Looking for an original copy of: Jelly - Everybody Needs Lovin Nows The Time (Fu-Ja) Thanks!
  2. Nick Soule

    The Masqueraders on La Beat

    Looking for a clean copy of: The Masqueraders - One More Chance (La Beat) Thanks!
  3. Nick Soule

    Stride - Come Inside

    Looking for a copy of: Stride - Come Inside / I Believe Thanks!
  4. Nick Soule

    Don Hart on Mary Jane

    Looking for a clean copy of: Don Hart - Out Uh Sight / Turn Back (Mary Jane) Thanks!
  5. Looking for a clean copy of: The T.M.G.'s - The Hatch (Soul Shake) Thanks!
  6. Nick Soule

    Precisions on Vinyl

    The one Richard posted is the copy I just received. Came from St Louis, MO. Here’s a picture of the stamped matrix.
  7. Nick Soule

    Precisions on Vinyl

    Recently got a copy of "Such Misery" that is pressed on vinyl instead of styrene. The ZTSC matrix numbers are machine stamped and labels are exactly the same as the normal styrene pressing. It has a drill/cut-out/deletion hole too, so it seems like an actual 60s pressing. What's up with this? You can find Darrell Banks "Open The Door..." on vinyl instead of styrene sometimes in Detroit, but I've never found this Precisions record on vinyl before.
  8. Nick Soule

    Belita Woods - Magic Corner

    Looking for a Mint/NM copy of: Belita Woods - Magic Corner / Grounded (Moira)
  9. Nick Soule

    Burning Desire on Charisma Sound

    Looking for a clean copy of: Burning Desire - Why She Had To Go (Charisma Sound) Thanks!
  10. Nick Soule

    Don Hysong - Soul Searcher (Bard)

    Shipping included in price. Please PM or email nicksoule@live.com if interested. For sale: Don Hysong - Soul Searcher (Bard) VG- $300 Has a small edge warp that plays with a slight wobble on lower weighted tonearms, but is gone by the first chorus and of course plays perfectly with a heavier tonearm.
  11. Looking for a clean copy of: Barbara Jean & The Lyrics - Why Weren't You There / Any Two Can Play It (Big Hit) Thanks!
  12. Nick Soule

    The Ster-phonics on Mas-Tok

    Looking for a clean copy of: The Ster-phonics - Don't Leave Me (Mas-Tok) Thanks!
  13. 124 mainly Detroit records on eBay in less than perfect shape. Most were my personal copy until I found an upgrade, and most play pretty well despite gradings. Some great stuff including Duke Browner on Impact, Peoples Choice on Palmer, Tokays on Brute, Flint Emeralds on Gatewood and more. Here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ssn=blackgoldrecs&_sop=1
  14. Nick Soule

    Jerry Blackshear on eBay

    Does anyone know if the Jerry Blackshears going through eBay are original or reissues? The seller was previously selling Jerry's personal copies and listing them as "used" and specified original, but these last few listings have weird looking labels and are being listed as "new". I tried asking, but no response. He's sold three so far with another currently up and all have gone for over a grand. Here's a link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/JERRY-BLACKSHEAR-Defected-You-Are-The-One-45-RARE-Ohio-Modern-Soul-Funk-HEAR/173325259847?hash=item285afd9447:g:1QkAAOSwb-tZ2-ii
  15. Please please PM if interested. Payment via PayPal. Price includes shipping. For sale: Melvin Davis - Wedding Bells / It's No News (Ke Ke) M- very slight storage warp - DNAP $400 OBO Thanks, Nick


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