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  1. I've been off the whisky this past year and back on the real ales. My weight seems to be edging up on the ales so i might get myself a bottle from my favourite distillery Glengoyne. They don't use peat smoke in any of their whisky. Marks & Spencer had a unique 14 year old single malt by them that is really nice. I've tried quite a few Glengoynes, all recommended but they get pricey as you go up the years. "NOTHING IS RUSHED AND EVERY STAGE OF OUR WHISKY MAKING PROCESS IS GIVEN AS LONG AS IT NEEDS. UNIQUELY-SHAPED STILLS NURSE THE SIMMERING WASH DURING THE LONGEST DISTILLATION OF
  2. If he can recall it i think he might say it's "I'm Really Scared" . I've never seen an issue and i'm not convinced of that scan above.
  3. Sold-James Walsh Gypsy Band - Cuz It's You Girl - RCA Victor UK Promo - VG £50-Sold A side has some ticks on intro before vocal then plays great. B-side has lots of scuffs that sound right through the song (see pics) Pics are record for sale - Youtube for reference
  4. Cissy Houston - I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself / This Empty Place - Pye International UK M- £75 Two fantastic sides of vocal perfection from Cissy. Original UK issue in top condition.
  5. Sad to hear this news about Johnny. A lovely lad who was well liked and respected up here in the North East. R.I.P mate
  6. Hello Benji, a quick look around Discogs and i think it's from Taiwan https://www.discogs.com/label/864058-中聲 Happy Christmas to you and your family Benji
  7. There was a thread on here a few months ago asking if the first version was by Hoagy Lands. Hoagy Lands - 32 Miles Out Of Waycross
  8. Regarding styrene records I think there's two issues here. First - They are very brittle and prone to cracking at the slightest knock in storage or posting. Second, there is definately some styrene presses that have a line through the record that looks like a crack but is more like a seam through the manufacturing process. When liquid styrene is forced into the mould it would go around both sides and have a meeting point. If everything is set up perfect you wouldn't see anything, like the majority of records. But if the liquid or tooling is too hot or cold then there could be a joini
  9. That's called "Honey Can I", it's on Atlantic and very hard to find,
  10. There was a thread on here but not much info. I suppose searching for 'Young Ladies' on the web throws up some interesting pages.
  11. That link goes to their homepage with 100 shows. Which show is it on ?
  12. R.I.P Rance A vocal range from falsetto to bass and anything in between, an incredible voice. I played this to a friend only a few days ago as an album track recommendation. The Rance Allen Group - Where Did I go wrong - Stax 1980
  13. Got one here Andy, Not in perfect condition though. Free of charge, if you can't find a better one send me a PM.
  14. The Brothers of Love - Yes I Am There's two different versions by them, this is the first i think. I recently got the second version on Intrepid. Edit - Typo

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