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  1. The last paragraph on that page tells you he left 9 children including Philip Jr.
  2. I've seen writings in the past about Phil Flowers and that Philip James on Longwood was his son. They both recorded on the same Longwood label from Rockville Maryland. He definately had a son called Phil. "As the son of the well-known recording artist Phil Flowers Sr., this Washington DC native followed in his father’s footsteps and was destined for show business." Philip Flowers Jr
  3. I have an Issue and Demo from the same plant. The B-side looks to be from the same stampers on both. CR-1959-B-1 @ 12 o'clock the plant stamp is @ 6 o'clock A-side on the Issue - CR-1959-A-1A @ 12'o'clock the plant stamp is @ 8 o'clock A-side on the Demo - CR-1959-A-1 @ 12'o'clock the plant stamp is @ 6 o'clock Issue A-side label Curtom Publishing Co Time 2:55 Demo A-side label Camad Music Time 3:00
  4. This looks like the release talked about recently in sales. If it is, it doesn't sound the same as your Youtube link. This should sell, people are looking for it.
  5. I first seen this sales thread a few days after it was listed, i've had and loved the album and 45s for years so i was interested in a different version and contacted Matt. Unfortunately i was a bit late, they had gone and there wasn't a soundfile available. Matching his picture to a Discogs release, I added it to my wants and got the first copy listed on there a few days later. I can confirm it is totally different. The first thing you will notice is there's no vocals on the intro with the repeating "My Baby, My Baby". The vocal is more group than someone actually taking the lead and i think i can hear that soft Curtis vocal in there, deep voiced spoken parts and the bassline does seem prominent in this mix. I've just got it and will give it more attention soon but for those interested it is VERY different to the one i've known for years. Although i ended up purchasing from somehere else i'd like to thank Matt for bringing this to my attention
  6. Betty Lavette - Witch Craft In The Air Betty on top form vocally and only sixteen years old, great sax throughout too.
  7. Bobby Womack - Home Is Where The Heart Is - Columbia Demo NM £45 1976 Columbia white demo with promo release pack. Full size original glossy photo of Bobby and four page biography. With the great title track "Home Is Where The Heart Is" , the album only dancer "Something For My Head" Eddie Hintons "A Little Bit Salty" and more, classic Muscle Shoals. * I have similar promo albums of Leroy Hutson (Closer to the source) Jean Terrell (I had to fall in love) Willie Tee (Anticipation) Dells (We got to get our thing together) Curtis Mayfield (Short eyes) Teddy Pendergrass (Teddy) Marlena Shaw (Take a bite) Sadane (One way love affair) McFadden & Whitehead (Same) Pockets (So delicious) Contact me for info and pictures.
  8. Jimmy Radcliffe Breakaway 45 Steve Karmen writes: In the case of Pontiac I had stretched the middle section hoping to keep it completely instrumental with no vocals at all. During the wrap up, all the singers would enter and Jim would provide the 'ad lib' fills to inspire America to recall the comercial and then rush out and buy pontiacs. At the session, my client asked Jim if he could ad lib something over the middle section about what it would feel like to be free, or to be set free or break away. What you hear is his first and only ad lib reading. After he had finished, completely bowling over everyone in the booth, my client was seized with the desire to script and improve upon Jim's ad lib. But of course, the performance we used was the first one, because it was the best and most honest.
  9. Sold-Bobby Sheen - Dr Love / Sweet Sweet Love - Capitol UK Demo - VG £295-Sold Original 1966 UK White Demo. Fantastic Double Sider With The Old Northern Classic 'Dr Love' And The Superb 'Sweet Sweet Love' That Seems To Be Getting More Of The Plays These Days. Large scans added (click to make bigger) to show a lot of fine lines but this plays way above grade, no problems at all on both sides, very clear sound. Scans are record for sale - Youtube for reference
  10. Sammy Gaha - Thank You, Thank You - French Group 1 Demo Ex £140 First and rarest format of this old Richard Searling modern soul cover up - Stamped original - vente interdite au public/sale prohibited to the public Pic is record for sale - Youtube for reference
  11. I don't know of a current price but this record is very rare. Their "Good times bad times" was fetching over four figures at one point and this is far rarer. A great song by a great group.
  12. Margie Joseph - I Can't Move No Mountains / Just As Soon As The Feelings Over - Atlantic UK NM £70 Classic double sider, popular dancer backed with a beautiful Sam Dees ballad. Unplayed in original die cut sleeve. A B
  13. Yes there is another version by Al Christian on Chant
  14. Sold-Joe Hinton - Don't Tell Her The Truth - Dunhill Goldies VG+ £150-Sold One of the best beat ballads around. Originally unissued at the time of recording.
  15. Recently heard this for the first time James Hanns And The "Soul" Entertainers ‎– It's A Fine Thing Lots of artists have tried the JB groove over the years, is this a rip off or homage ?

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