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  1. alan t

    Curtis Mayfield - Move on up (Curtom demo)

    There's a couple of parts to these recordings on Youtube 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk4n52qwwlI 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sF1uF-28MZE A special mention for Master Henry Gibson, i could watch him all day https://youtu.be/pk4n52qwwlI?t=1638 Players are
  2. alan t

    Curtis Mayfield - Move on up (Curtom demo)

    Just a few months after 'Move On Up' was released in a number of European countries Curtis came over here and did live shows on BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test , Germanys Beat Club TV show and probably others too. I would of thought organising these shows and bringing a full live band would take a few months preperation. So did he come here on the back of 'Move On Up' being a hit or was it released knowing he was already scheduled for a promotional tour for his solo career. Why was it Move On Up that was picked considering it was already a one year old album track. Did it have something to do with the UK Soul / Allnighter scene liking uptempo dance music ? Here is Move On Up on Beat Club, it take three attempts to get it started, the look on the drummers face says "It's been a long day". Curtis does say on his intro the song was very popular internationally. https://youtu.be/sF1uF-28MZE?t=649 ***cant embed on here, probably for copyright reasons in Germany
  3. alan t

    Curtis Mayfield - Move on up (Curtom demo)

    Can i put a Word doc on here ? Something i've been working on for a while, Curtis publishing demos after he left The Impressions and went solo. These were done around the same time as 'Move On Up'. 5 EPs with 4 tracks on each, 17 by Curtis, 2 by Five Stairsteps and 1 by Major Lance. The Curtis ones are up there with his best work. One of the greatest artists in music. Word = Curtis Demos.rtf
  4. SOLDHoward Tate - You're Lookin' Good / Half A Man - Utopia £280SOLD Debut record from this iconic artist, Vinyl is Ex and both sides play great. Picture is record for sale, Youtube for reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gsRKxPncQg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2PEVOt7oL4
  5. Gino Washington - I'll Be Around (When You Want Me) / Like My Baby - Atac White Demo VG+ £125 This vinyl promo has the short intro on 'I'll Be Around' much better for DJing, great double sider with the classy 'Like My Baby'. Pictures are record for sale - Youtube for reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmu4_MjjPxg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdBbWH-dTk0
  6. alan t

    Download a topic?

    Operating system and browsers would get different results. I'm Windows and Chrome, i hit print in the browser then when the box pops up i can change it to 'Save as PDF' you can then search the PDF for certain keywords.
  7. alan t

    DJ Re-service on record label meaning?

    These are usually associated to Columbia/ CBS Records pressings, Columbia, Epic, Philly Int. etc... The Motown one above could of been pressed at one of their plants. I don't know what 'Re-service' means I think it's just their way of stating it's a demo. Seems to have started early 70s.
  8. alan t

    Rarest Tamla Motown Lp

    Is it Motown Memories Volume 2 ? When i used to collect Motown albums vol 2 was always a lot harder to find than vol 1. It had Barbara McNair's "You're gonna love my baby" on it. Hard to find but not one of the rarest.
  9. Jerry Williams - If You Ask Me (Because I Love You) - Calla 116 VG+ £220 Guaranteed 1966 Original First Press - Bell Sound Stamped. Postage at cost - Bank Transfer, Paypal Gift, Cash / Cheque.
  10. alan t

    Gladys Knight Motown 45 ?????

    I have some old Philippines motown 45s that use this map design, i'll have look tomorrow and see if they look like this. Edit - curiosity got me so i went and had a look and i think it is Philippines. It would say around the bottom Mfg in the Philippines by Mareco Inc. Quezon City. Under license of Motown Record Corp Michigan
  11. Will now end this Tuesday night, current high offer is 400
  12. Jackie Trent - You Baby / Send Her Away - Pye Advance Promotion Copy - M- Wow, Condition - Massive demand on this great dancefloor double sider. Play tested once each side and they are crystal clear, incredible to see this in this condition after 50+ years. Offers are open for about 5 days hoping to get it delivered this side of Christmas. Payment Bank transfer / Paypal Friends & Family / Cash/Cheque - Possible trades but only for Ex to M- records. *Will now end this Tuesday night, current high offer is 400 Pictures are record for sale - Youtube for reference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbckScsgj7o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5eWWI1GHN0
  13. alan t

    name that tune?

    Was it this ? https://www.discogs.com/The-Teardrops-Chubby-Checker-Here-Comes-Loneliness-You-Cant-Lose-Something-You-Never-Had/release/1860037
  14. https://www.discogs.com/Mellaa-Makin-Love-In-The-Fast-Lane/release/1548579


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