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Vibrating Vibrations


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Wouldn't mind one myself adamt..................................did you get many offers ?

Cheers Paul

Hi Paul,

I've got a spare copy that was previously owned by a Jamaican, therefore it has the mandatory crossing out of the artist's name on the label (you'd expect nothing less, would you?).

It also has a scuff on the topside that looks nasty but that, from memory, doesn't sound at all.

I'm willing to make you a free gift of this - it'll tide you over till you get a better one.

It's in my attic, and I don't plan to be going up there until next week sometime, but if you want a free copy and you want to PM me your address, I'll chuck it in the mail to you as soon as we're in 2008 (if you can wait that long)

Will await your further word!



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