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    george johnson jr- just because you are you
  1. arnie j

    arnie j

  2. hi folks,jimmy seals-the yesterday of our love original wanted please,please pm me if u selling,any help appreciated,thank you jason
  3. arnie j

    Crossover Top 100

    richard caiton-id like to get near you has deffo got to be up there,totally agree ith guitar ray,johnny gilliam etc,there thouands of them,what a wonderful genre for us to enjoy,ps i also strongly agree with margie joseph-one more chance on volt, edited to include spencer wiggins-im at the breaking point ! incredible record ! jason
  4. that is one top tune ! is this your own composition eli ? its brill either way jason
  5. arnie j

    how much for intertains

    thank you martyn,much appreciated bud jason
  6. arnie j

    how much for intertains

    yes thanks martyn,that wld be good bud jason
  7. arnie j

    how much for intertains

    thanks bud,will see when it gets here jason
  8. arnie j

    how much for intertains

    is there a demo of this ? cos the one i purchased is a promo,has it ever been repressed or booted ? jason
  9. arnie j

    how much for intertains

    thanks buddy,think i may have got one now jason
  10. arnie j

    how much for intertains

    afternoon soul folk, how much would i have to pay for intertains-i need your love-uptown ? any help appreciated,thank you jason
  11. arnie j

    top notch northern to trade/swap

    i tried to pm him also but it wouldnt let me ? jason
  12. arnie j

    few sales

    nds and family or add 4% one"sy mack-never listen to your heart-ghetto ex £60 bobby holley-moving dancer-weis ex £50 (great flip too) ann sexton-youve been gone too long-77 vg++ £50 (this is the orange and black release) SOLD turbulations-im in love-guava-ex £50 cleveland robinson-mr wishing well-nosnibor ex £25 soul notes-how long will it last-way out 1006 vg+ label torn £20 please pm if interested,thanks for looking jason
  13. arnie j

    Hinckley leisure centre

    16 years old i was,had some great times there,didnt it have flourescent lighting in there ? or am i thinking of somewhere else,i remember getting smashed in the mouth by a older bloke who had just gone into a big spin,he spent the rest of the night apologising to this baby faced fella(me),great memories of, for me, the golden years of the soul scene,and they say the scene was dead in the early 80s ! jason
  14. arnie j

    3 45s in a box

    i like them all but 1 and 3 are faves,in fact number 3 is great in my opinion jason
  15. arnie j

    Unreleased double sider - Upheaval

    thats great,love the rawness of it jason


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