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  1. Thursday Sales 7-12-17

    Ruben Wright -You've Done Me Wrong - Capitol demo 30 Harshen production say no more Cleveland Robinson - My Place In The Wrold - Nosnibor 10 Recommended Stafford spin Leona Dunn - Baby Don't Play Around - Hallmark 15 Bobby Black - Call Me - Axi...
  2. Keb Darge Radio Show

    Featuring yours truly and this weeks special guest Brent Smith, a mixture of Northern, Garage, nu-jazz and Kebs poetry, and topical news chat, take a listen people! [mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/sohoradio/keb-darge-16102017/ width=100% height=120 hi...
  3. A RARE UN'


    Great records.
  5. Regional Food

    Oh no! I had that in Paris on my honeymoon, after it was described as "pork, Like sausage" tasted like stewed piss, I coughed it up in to the wine bucket (we were in the Hilton) had to drink 2 bottles of red wine to get the foul taste away, but not fro...
  6. Jimmie Raye - That'll Get It - Moonshot

    Indeed always keep your cards close to your chest...
  7. Jimmie Raye - That'll Get It - Moonshot

    A great record along with Landy, which is also underrated and you don't see around much anymore!
  8. Jimmie Raye - That'll Get It - Moonshot

    Always thought this was a very underrated 45, other side is good too from memory.
  9. Buddy Greco - Time's A Wasting - Columbia UK Issue

    Good record
  10. Joan dovalle let me go on sport records

    Eddie's right there, great tune.
  11. USA label whatcha got?

    Thanks Loren, let me know by PM thanks Tony
  12. USA label whatcha got?

    Cheers Tim, Had that one and the Chicago Fire variant, hope you're well mate. Any sales list or owt. Cheers T you going to Guys 60th if so see you there!
  13. USA label whatcha got?

    Looking to fill the gaps in my Chicago USA label, let me know what you got don't be shy....
  14. The top 500

    Oh dear
  15. The top 500

    Not a very good one!!