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  1. Was played at Stafford and big for Keb Darge for a while.
  2. Seeing as its quite the norm for other sites to advertise sales for 45's in conditions varying from G+, the mint condition factor is the premium here I think.....shouldn't be though
  3. I think she's knocked the gear on the head these days?
  4. Be that as it may, Patti Stokes WAS around in quantity you used to see it in every sales box and everyone I knew had a copy...
  5. Saus has my old copy which I played as the Eldees at Blackburn, that copy came from Pete Lawson, Salmon RIP also had a copy not long after that, no idea where that ended up, same writing team as Big Dons Rebellion
  6. The Impacts version is the one I played c/u as the Four Bars back in the 90’s
  7. I sold a mint issue to Pat Brady for £100 several years ago, thought that was good, and can’t say I heard it played out anywhere in the last ten years apart from a Xmas party and that was someone playing the Kent 45!
  8. May edition, on Mixcloud now....enjoy!!!!

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