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  1. Tony Smith

    Jimmy Delphs "Dancing A Hole In the World" RARE

    Any pictures?
  2. Tony Smith

    The Furys (Keymen) writers credits US and UK differ

    Known as "Jimmy Mack" in the music industry, McEachin was a producer, songwriter, talent manager, and eventual owner of the record label Mack IV best known for the doo-wop group, The Fury's. He disappeared from the music scene to later show up on the lots of Universal Studios beginning his long career in film and television.
  3. Tony Smith

    Sebastian Williams "Too much/Home town boy

    What’s on the flip mate?
  4. Tony Smith

    Iris ?? on MGM

    After Ian, started playing it, I was made offers I couldn’t refuse, trades for one cash for the other, pretty average record agreed, actually preferred the other side.
  5. Tony Smith

    Iris ?? on MGM

    Had 2 copies, when it was still under the radar, sold the last for 500 a few years back
  6. Tony Smith

    Iris ?? on MGM

    Irma Routen "I Will Sacrifice" ?
  7. Tony Smith

    Timmie Williams - Who was/ Is he

    It’s got none of the hallmarks you associate with Detroit records ie the Impact Volumes 45’s, I always thought it was New York like the majority of Twirl / Embee product?
  8. Tony Smith

    Mirettes 'He's alright with me' rare Mirwood label.

    Mine has no artist either, never noticed for years...
  9. Tony Smith

    Masters on Crimson - real test press or boot

    I remember him getting Cairo’s he brought it along to The Thursday night do I ran in London, c/u Precisions and Al Williams the other side, I preferred the Don’t Fight It side, much to Kebs annoyance, but when he played it at Stafford we were on the floor for both!
  10. Tony Smith

    Masters on Crimson - real test press or boot

    Where did you copy of LNS, go to as I also had Kebs old copy complete with cue burn on the “You Said”side? Bets wishes Tony
  11. You guys need to get this out fully documented as time is running out with every year!
  12. Tony Smith


    Wow....worth the wait Tim
  13. Tony Smith

    looking for a value on this Fascinators

    Put it up for offers then....1k
  14. Tony Smith

    News: Hank Hodge - One Way Love / Thank You Girl - Tramp

    Most are chasing his other release....
  15. Tony Smith

    Northern Soul Singer -- DORA HALL ?????

    C/u as the Sequins by Rob Marriott


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