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  1. Quite agree, mention themselves more than Lester on the label...
  2. Hopefully this re-release will make the original a less interesting prospect to play, and hopefully the price will drop and I'll get a chance to complete my La Beat collection
  3. Hi everybody, this moths show is now on mixcloud for your listening pleasure!
  4. ...Its all true!!!....... I was there when George Michael was waving his water pistol he was told to leave exclaimed "do you know who I am?" Ady's response "No but its my club and you're going out!" Great article mate, see you on Saturday!
  5. Our first show now Up on Mixcloud
  6. Didn’t get much in the way of Northern just general soul, all mint though no real problem
  7. Known as "Jimmy Mack" in the music industry, McEachin was a producer, songwriter, talent manager, and eventual owner of the record label Mack IV best known for the doo-wop group, The Fury's. He disappeared from the music scene to later show up on the lots of Universal Studios beginning his long career in film and television.
  8. After Ian, started playing it, I was made offers I couldn’t refuse, trades for one cash for the other, pretty average record agreed, actually preferred the other side.
  9. Had 2 copies, when it was still under the radar, sold the last for 500 a few years back

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