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  1. burt weedon

    Worcester University All Nighter

    well ask the people..all 300..next...October..2018...proppa doo.xx
  2. burt weedon

    Worcester University All Nighter

    can I just say on this lack of organisation..?..there are 2/3 phone numbers on the flyer..and plus we actualy forgot soul.source..appologies this is not a rag tag.n bob doo...and you are all welcome to come and we promise you a good honest bunch of soul folk from the early dayes and from every allnita that's around today..yes some of us still go n boogie..sos about the confusion..but keep cool dudes..worc..dance.dance.an dance.xx.
  3. burt weedon

    when does a ''wanna be'' DJ become a DJ?

    A Proppa DJ,,MMMmmm..well i would say try an keep that floor rollin,listen to the punters,so what if we all aint got originals.but you no how to fill the floor,some times u have to play a copy or 2nd issue or wot eva..you pay your £2..you want £2.worth ov dancing,not sittin bored shit less..only say wot i see..collect,,been collecting all me life..still cant get em all..an i try..trust me.xxxxxx..enjoy the music guys..an dance.xx
  4. burt weedon

    Steely Dan & Doobie Brothers

    Doobie bros..one of the best bands in there time;;Micheal McDonald,,the voice ov soul..listen to some ov there stuff awesome.xxxxxxxxxx
  5. burt weedon


    Anybody help me out,after J. J. CALLIER;; " PUSHERMAN." please no silly remarks,or comments.state condition and price..email or phone;;;07592 608718..I thanx ya..x Burt.xxx
  6. burt weedon

    Sam the Sham, Ain't Gonna Move. Anyone play it?

    I do matey awsome underated tune...well done..x
  7. burt weedon

    Soul Funktion Lost record

    Daz sent ya msge mate..x
  8. All ov his hits around same time as this are class.trust me.how they dont get played is beyond me..x
  9. all ov his hits around same time as this are class.trust me.how they dont get played is beyond me.x
  10. Sorry you weren't happy Ken, but this was a progressive venue with a rare music policy. Not really an old oldies event as you can see from the DJ roster.

    That said, every time I looked the dancefloor was full. Only emptied a few times - the price DJs have to pay for breaking new sounds. 

    I played a mostly oldies set around 4pm and kept the 150 or so left at 4:30 dancing, with a full dancefloor for pretty much the whole hour. 

    I agree Nat Nicholls, Hitsville Chalky, Soul Sam, Roger Banks, John Vincent, Guy Hennigan, Dave Thorley, Ted Massey and the Woods are great guys/gals, but also great DJs with great collections and a lot of hours behind the decks. My and many others humble opinion of course. 

    Today's All-Nighters tend to lean this way as you suggest, because people no longer seem to want non-stop oldies, most played to death for 30 years or more! Your review appears to bundle them all together and direct them at GILBERTS. Your prerogative of course, but perhaps better reviewing each separately me'thinks. 

    Regards, Pep. 


  11. burt weedon


    Well,well.well..what is it with theese niters lately,,not all but most..Djs do you like to fill a floor or empty it..great guys but wotz this trend all about.? as an hardcore mover,,gettin fed up..yep i do no wot im gasin about,an so do the rest ov us shakers..the only record in the world.? wot...floor emptys, stand n gawp...its like listening to paint dry..come on guys shake it up "i no u can.."..trust me try dancin to sum ov it...xxxxxxxxx..daaang..met some great old folk again...keep on. Hi sue, trust me gal it was the same club.and i do dance vertually allnite,,but my point was i no the guys can do better.ive bin there, and i ment no offence..but thanx...noted..xxx
  12. burt weedon

    Rare soul,Irish Club ,Nottm

    Fantastic people..music could av been alot better,to much competion stuff needs to wind up a touch,let the dance floor folk dictate..empty floors means nowt to me.....some good DJs,out there who dont get a chance,an should do..nowt personel dudes..x
  13. burt weedon

    burt weedon

  14. burt weedon

    Stanky - Billy Davis Talk (Split From Orig Thread)

    and the old YATE ALLNITAS
  15. burt weedon

    Whats The Difference Between A Good Dj And A Great Dj?

    well budy you mite aswell..some ov the shite dj,s play at these niters,man...soul..my arse...an a dj is part ov the pakage...the banter ,,the shake..etc...most are staic...x


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