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    MMMMmmmmm..wellll,,,arrhhh..mmmmmm. WOT WAS WE TALKIN ABOUT??

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    kenny hickman
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    PROPPA PEOPLE....NO NUMTIES.."collecting VYNAL"....Niters..
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    west midlands
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    Bobby Paris...I walked away..polydor..

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    burt weedon.?

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  1. We have had a massive response to our adverts for our 1st of hopefully many more to come niters, No folks you do not need tickets and yes it is linked with other all niters such as Dark Horses,Diggin Deep,The Polish club Bolton,Naggs head. Manchester,and Soulfunction..As we will not cross book with any of these and do our best with all the others. We are not a Political or Terrorist group just folk who enjoy the under ground scene..And love uptempo funky RnB soulfull real music...Respect Guys; A niter for the People by the People...xx..Burt n co.xx
  2. Locarno Alldayer ,Birmingham, 1978/9. It brought people together from all walks of the northern soul, funk (blackpool mecca),scene and also upstairs room catered for the revitalised mod/two-tone scene..People travelled wide and far for this gem of a dayer..And still today it was one of the biggest and best in the Midlands. Fantastic Dj line ups. 3rooms. "Main room 1". Main allnita music,competions, Gave ya the buzz as you walked in, wkd. "Bali hi room 2." Pure soulful hardcore new wave FUNK..wkd. "RnB/Mod room 3". the room that people forgot about,2 jocks, unplayed/hip/groovy/popular mod tunes...A bit like today...I think im one of the hundreds that enjoyed the place,especialy after a niter at Wigan,or other doo,s that are still on the scene today that still remember silly little things that happened..x Loved Mecca dayers,Ritz,Stoke< went to most still miss em..KTF..burt.x
  3. Answer to above question......I think the guy was called;farmer John..Newquay way..mate ov Kev Burdon etc...he was at last Chateau Imp..nice bloke.xx.Burt
  4. Thanx for clearing a couple of myths up for me..bought this record in early 70s..I revived this at a couple of gigs I did about 15yrs or so back,and its still in my playbox,today What a fantastic record,and respect to ya dad..As a collector,i wonder if you could point me towards tracking any of there material down.(On vynal).etc..Respect for the input,and blog?..Burt.x. email; burtweed.on1@gmail.com....Thanxx
  5. Weeell be there matey..AAhhr Lynns birthday aswell..21 gets the key to the door..big love..xx.
  6. enjoyed the the last one..defo for the nxt one...proppa music,,,people,,,,the lot..keep em underground for proppa soulfuly boogie people...Aint that the truth...x..burt an co.xxxxxxxxx..
    well ask the people..all 300..next...October..2018...proppa doo.xx
  7. can I just say on this lack of organisation..?..there are 2/3 phone numbers on the flyer..and plus we actualy forgot soul.source..appologies this is not a rag tag.n bob doo...and you are all welcome to come and we promise you a good honest bunch of soul folk from the early dayes and from every allnita that's around today..yes some of us still go n boogie..sos about the confusion..but keep cool dudes..worc..dance.dance.an dance.xx.
  8. A Proppa DJ,,MMMmmm..well i would say try an keep that floor rollin,listen to the punters,so what if we all aint got originals.but you no how to fill the floor,some times u have to play a copy or 2nd issue or wot eva..you pay your £2..you want £2.worth ov dancing,not sittin bored shit less..only say wot i see..collect,,been collecting all me life..still cant get em all..an i try..trust me.xxxxxx..enjoy the music guys..an dance.xx
  9. Doobie bros..one of the best bands in there time;;Micheal McDonald,,the voice ov soul..listen to some ov there stuff awesome.xxxxxxxxxx
  10. Anybody help me out,after J. J. CALLIER;; " PUSHERMAN." please no silly remarks,or comments.state condition and price..email or phone;;;07592 608718..I thanx ya..x Burt.xxx

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