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    MMMMmmmmm..wellll,,,arrhhh..mmmmmm. WOT WAS WE TALKIN ABOUT??

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    PROPPA PEOPLE....NO NUMTIES.."collecting VYNAL"....Niters..
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    Bobby Paris...I walked away..polydor..

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  1. Have you tryed. Beverly Knight,s LP. .With her version of Taj Mahal; A lot of love.. wicked..Took me ages to get..
  2. Well said Sir, Dave was One of the scenes many characters, It was always great to have a gas about UK labels .Big Love and Condolences to his family..xx Burt..x
  3. Sorry Dave,i have only just got this reminder,,we are going throo LPs,but were on early prog,rock,etc at min,so i will look at some as i go through the shelves..ill get back to you mate..x
  4. Are old laptops ok, possibly require update etc, one might need repair..regards Burt.x
  5. What a nice gent, to reply to you personly.. and my respect for the show and its people has gone up 10 fold,,Its great to hear such great stories,especialy concerning Music and Artist,s and have a positive outcome..Well done guys..Respect...Burt,,x
  6. bang on version,,im with you, it goes down well at the Cloud,,allniter,,as does Friendship train,,and i have a couple of good versions of that,,cheers,,dude,, or have i done something wruung,,haha..x
  7. What motown LPs are you after any chosen ones..I have some of S/Sams collection,Demo,Gordy,etc. i might sell. please let me know. if i can help,due to selling off part of collection..regards Burt,,,x
  8. Great tune had it a good while,2 good sides..he has others..xx
  9. Pic cover was for issue only, Exactly what he was selling..I think the guy was confused..the Demo,s are Green..regards Burt..
  10. I happen to have these singles,.. And The "See Emily play," Is worth no where near that price,,(I wished.) The 2nd single; "Apples and Oranges" Green demo, now thats where the monie is. Valued at £3,000.plus. We put our copy up for sale at Auction last year; It went upto approx £1,000. with a reserve of £2,000. So no sale..I also have the LPs, UK, Japanese, German..etc.. Posters, Gig posters etc.. If They want to Pay me those sort of prices, Please send them to me,,(a drink for the one that does,) ( photos if required.). Burt.xx
  11. I have a record similar to this..Somewhere.ill try an find it,,sure it was something like "Hang Loose,," _--_____ and the ________ band,,?? haven.t played it for years or seen it,,will look tho...x
  12. Ady.Your welcome mate, as soon as me and the wife have started getting to the soul..r n b..etc section in my music room,lock up,etc. I will be in touch, we are streamin my collection down and we have started at Z from prog, blues rock, etc. we have been off loading for a year so hopefully not long..regards burt.
  13. Ady... good work what you and co have done with these chess etc sets..but did you get the studio notes,etc.. and Chess also have recording write ups on the majority of the artists which tell you how the session went, who was in the studio recording, who produced them, the sound eng..etc..i have collected a few of these paper booklet/notes,from various labels that i have collected over the past 48yrs.And also have a fair few studio recording tape reels. I can only write what ive seen, got, and what a few Rare Chess collectors have.(pals) ..Anyway its good to hear you

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