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  1. Hi there, I found last week this misspressed copy of Soul Brothers Six - Some kind of wonderful / I'll be loving you (Atlantic) with Young Rascals "I'm so happy now" label paper on "I'll be loving you" (and it plays "I'll be loving you")...did you see this before?...Thank you Romain
  2. 5 great oldies to go… prices in Euros The Rivingtons – I love you always / Years of tears (Vee-Jay) EX 60 Timiko – Is it a sin (Checker) wdj EX 60 Ketty Lester – Some things are better left unsaid (Rca Victor) VG++ to EX 50 sold Gladys Knight & the Pips – Stop & get a hold of myself (Maxx) VG- marks on styrene, drill hole plays well 40 sold The Dynamics – I wanna know / And that's a natural fact (Bigtop) wdj VG- marks on styrene, light off center, plays well 40 sold Shipping from France : €6 (europe) Payment by paypal (gift-family) Thanks for looking Romain
  3. Nice & interesting 45...B-side (You're my man) is the same backing track of Doo-Rights on Double Shot...
  4. Hi, Have this 45 for a long time...Betty Heywood - Nothing without your love / Fever on Ki-De-St (pink label, brown text), a female version of Johnny Barnes (Jaba)...has anyone on here got infos on artist, label, value? The B-side is not a cover of classic "Fever", was booted on Alley records and Stabroek (?) for the Belgium Popcorn scene I think, the record comes from California. Thanks in advance, Romain
  5. 6 great oldies to go… 50 euros each (all plays well) Bob Brady – Goodbye baby (Chariot) VG to VG+ drill hole (label wear) Irma & The Fascinators – Lost love (Scepter) VG- drill hole (label wear) Bobby Williams – Baby I need your love (SureShot) VG++ Ketty Lester – Some things are better left unsaid (Rca Victor) VG++ Jessica James & The Outlaws – We'll be makin' out (Dynovoice) VG- drill hole Robert Walker & The Soul Strings – Stick to me / The blizzard (Rca Victor) wdj VG+ to ++ Shipping from France : 5,50 euros (europe) & 6,50 euros elsewhere Payment by paypal (gift) Send pm to reserve Thanks for looking Romain
  6. 50 northern soul/R&B's 45's set sale – prices in Euros please send pm (with number) to reserve Payment by Paypal (gift) shipping is 5 euros for 1 record (to 3) from France (I combine shipping for multiple) Thank you for looking Romain 1 - The Shakers – One wonderful moment (Abc) vg+ 30 2 - Jimmy Robbins – Repossessing my love (Ala) vg+ 25 3 - The Volumes – Gotta give her love (American Arts) vg+ 20 4 - Candace Love – Wonderful night (Aquarius) ex 25 5 - The Drifters – The outside world (Atlantic) vg+ 10 6 - Barbara Lewis – I remember the feeling (Atlantic) dh vg+ 25 7 - The TSU Toronadoes – What good am I (Atlantic) small wol vg+ 20 8 - Little Carl Carlton – Competition ain't nothing (Backbeat) vg+ 25 9- Otis Leavill – It's the same old me (Blue rock) vg 20 10 - Billy Butler – Come over to my side (Brunswick) ex 30 11 - The Millionaires – Cherry baby / I thought about you (Bunny) ex 25 12 - The Dells – Make sure (Cadet) vg+ 15 13 - Ruben Wright – Hey girl (Capitol) vg+ 20 14 - The Checkmates – Mastered the art of love (Capitol) dj vg 25 15 - The Daisies – Cold wave (Capitol) wol ex 40 16 - Salem Travelers – Give me liberty or death (Checker) ex 70 great & obscure Xover 17 - Barbra Carr – Shake your head (Chess) single sided vg 35 18 - Theresa Lindsey – Gotta find a way (Correctone) wol dj ex 25 19 - The Superbs – Goddess of love (Dore) vg+ 30 20 - Bobby Bland – Getting used to the blues (Duke) vg+ 20 21 - The Flamingos – I know better (End) vg++ 30 22 - Little Johnny Taylor – Somewhere down the line (Galaxy) vg+ 20 23 - The Lyrics – So glad (Gnp Crescendo) wdj vg 30 24 - Claude Shermack – Keep on keeping on (Goldband) ex 40 great R&B 25 - The Jordan Bros – It's you girl (Golden Chariot) vg+ 25 26 - Pat Lewis – Can't shake it loose (Golden World) vg+ 20 27 - Debbie Taylor – Let's prove them wrong / Never gonna let him know (Gwp) vg++ 25 28 - Loretta Williams – Baby cakes (Jotis) dh vg+ 70 29 - Sonny Stiles – Give a little bit (Joy) dj ex 25 30 - James Brown – Shhhhhhhh (for a little while) King vg++ 25 31 - Lemme b. Good – We can't finish what we started (Mercury) dj ex 25 32 - Freda Payne – Sad sad september (Mgm) vg+ 25 33 - The Performers – I can't stop you (Mirwood) vg 30 34 - Jackie Day – As long as I got my baby (Modern) vg 20 35 - Dr Soul – Left eye jump (Monca) vg+ 40 36 - AC Reed – Boogaloo tramp (Nike) ex 20 37 - Ted Taylor – Daddy's baby (Okeh) vg+ 25 38 - Little Frankie Lee – Don't make me cry (Peacock) vg+ 20 39 - Larry Cappel – Hush hush (Rca Victor) dj ex 40 40 - Sam & Dave – You ain't no big thing baby (Roulette) vg 20 41 - The Ad Libs – Nothing worse than being alone (Share) dh ex 20 42 - Modern Redcaps with george Tindley – I couldn't careless (Smash) vg+ 20 43 - Sonny & Phyllis – I've got something on my mind (Soft) ex 40 44 - Bobby Paris – Personally (Tetragrammaton) vg- 20 original 45 - Wade Flemons – Watch over her (Vee Jay) vg+ 20 46 - Unit plus – What's the price of happiness (Verve) dj vg+ 20 47 - Chuck Jackson – Hand it over (Wand) vg+ 25 48 - Maxine Brown – One step at a time (Wand) dh vg+ 20 49 - The Charmettes – Sugar boy (World Artists) ex 20 50 - The Intrigues – I'm gonna love you (Yew) ex 25
  7. rom1


  8. Nice Vogue test pressing, I've never seen it before (and I'm Frenchie)....the stamp on the label means it comes from a French radio station called "La Radio des Vallées" (still existing) in the south west mountains of France, in the Pyrénées (near Andorra & Spain)...surely a long travel for this record!
  9. I well know the producer of this band (Ice) Pierre Jaubert, a french guy who also produced Lafayette Afro rock band in the 70's, very popular on the Funk scene with the "Malik" LP...(he also promoted bands as Creedence Clearwater, John lee France in the late 60's with a label called "America"...) he's an old guy, I meet him sometimes if you have any questions
  10. Mint (unplayed) original stock copy for sale of this great R&B number I want 400 Euros (incl. shipping from France) or close offer Payment by Paypal (gift) Thanks Romain Soundclip for info (not from actual 45)
  11. Of course, not a rare record....but anyone noticed the pink-purple bootleg version is shorter than original yellow label (2.01 vs 2.22 min) ?...any infos?
  12. Found a mint stock of this one (around 20 copies) bargain time for this great R&B dancer...all copies are unplayed 25€ including postage (from France) payment by paypal (gift) pm me to reserve Thanks Romain soundclip for info (not taken from 45)
  13. I saw few copies of this one these last 2 years in USA (all mint copies with Archer) thinks a small box was found...
  14. I met Roscoe last year in Birmingham AL (where is from)...and he told me he had never seen or heard about this EP...he didn't even know these Wand (Gerry) recordings came out in other countries...hard world of music business!
  15. I often use a very effective anti-adhesive liquid called "Proseptine" from Gifrer firm (I don't know if it exists in your country, I'm from France)'s great, I can remove all of this sticky residues without staining labels, LP covers...

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