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  1. Amsterdam Russ

    Pictures of Us

    Like many on here, I've very few pics of me at nights or nighters. In fact, I can probably count them on one hand. Anyway, I found two that I'd scanned some years back... This is me standing by my mate's rusty motor outside an alldayer in a tiny village hall somewhere in the deep, rural backwoods of Suffolk. I haven't a clue where this might have been and not sure of the year, but reckon it was about 1987. Me and the late Jim Demetriou in a caravan at the Great Yarmouth Weekender in 1990.
  2. Amsterdam Russ

    World war I. 100 years and 100 days until ceasefire anniversary

    An account of the battle of Gheluvelt at Ypres in which the Royal Scots Fusiliers were almost entirely wiped out.
  3. Amsterdam Russ

    World war I. 100 years and 100 days until ceasefire anniversary

    My great-granddad, WH Gilbert, ran away from his home in the East End of London at the age of 14 to join the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Scots Fusiliers (2 RSF), who were based in Hampshire. They fought in the first battle of Ypres in October 1914 and were almost entirely wiped out or taken prisoner with just a handful managing to retreat to escape. WH Gilbert was among those who escaped. He went back to active duty soon after, at some point was promoted to the rank of sergeant (became battalion sergeant), and survived the war albeit with a metal plate in his head and shrapnel wounds. A few pics... All right the noo... WH Gilbert, the cheeky looking chappy, is 4th from right. WH Gilbert, centre of bottom row. Alresford, Hants, December 1914. Just a couple of months after the tragic losses at the First Battle of Ypres and the troops are about to return to active service. WH Gilbert is 4th from the right on the 2nd row at the front. WH Gilbert becomes sergeant. This photo looks as if the troops were on active service somewhere, but there's nothing to say where and when it was taken. WH Gilbert appears to be the chappie 3rd from the left (it's the only one who looks like him - his forehead is quite distinctive). The Gilbert family stayed in Hampshire after the war, and that's where I was born.
  4. Amsterdam Russ

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    The "most liked" photo for the month of July was this one taken by @Winsford Soul showing the dramatic sunset hues enhanced by local moorland fires. Well done, Ste!
  5. Amsterdam Russ

    Ebay Seller. Shady Practices.

    If I'm not mistaken, the 45 purchased by the OP was cracked already. So it snapping might well be plausible.
  6. Amsterdam Russ

    Ebay Seller. Shady Practices.

    I had an almost identical situation with a seller on eBay just recently. Bought a 45 at what I thought was an acceptable price and paid for registered/tracked shipping. No sign of the 45 a few weeks later. The seller offers excuses, then says they're on holiday, then stops replying to my messages. I make a claim through eBay and get a full refund in the space of about two hours. There was another copy of the 45 on eBay at the same time, courtesy of a different seller, and with a price five times higher than the price I paid. I believe, but can't prove, that the seller I bought from spotted the higher-priced 45 and so chose not to send it to me. The seller is based in England. As has already been said, bad sellers are everywhere.
  7. Amsterdam Russ

    Ebay Seller. Shady Practices.

    Conned? I thought you said the seller gave you a refund.
  8. Amsterdam Russ

    Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Sunset in a still scorching Netherlands...
  9. Amsterdam Russ

    So...age before Beauty TV show tonight!

    No TV in this house, and the last British telly programme we watched was Miss Marple (Joan Hickson, of course), and that was on DVD just recently.
  10. Amsterdam Russ

    Drug of choice for today's allnighter

    I'm a committed user of NAPS. Best times to take them are late afternoon or early evening. But if you're a hardcore user, you can do both without any ill effects. Be warned though that NAPS can be addictive and it's easy to get hooked on them.
  11. Amsterdam Russ

    Hosepipe Ban

    I read that just recently some muppet in a boat left a number of lock gates open on the Kennet and Avon canal causing sections of that run almost dry. That doesn't exactly help in a water shortage!
  12. Amsterdam Russ

    Hosepipe Ban

    No hosepipe ban here in the Netherlands. Looking out the window right now on the hottest day of the year so far (38C/100F), I can see the owner of the florists on the other side of the road to us using a hosepipe very freely - by using a water pump to draw all he needs from the canal right next to him.
  13. Amsterdam Russ

    Northern Soul Amsterdam Mini Weekender: December 2018

    Thanks, MrG 👍
  14. Amsterdam Russ

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    I was living in one of those dodgy little council estates in an “ungentrified” corner of Islington in London as recently as this century. Fantastic, four-storey buildings, full of charm, put up in the 1920s that somehow escaped the Blitz. Anyway, coming back home from a Sunday afternoon out and there’s a man on a ladder up doing something to the open porch at the entrance to our block. A couple of people had sort of given the guy a cheery wave as they went past. He responded similarly and we did the same going through the door he was above, which also got us a hearty hello. Local paper comes through the door a few days later and it turns out our cheery chum was up there on the ladder in broad daylight nicking all the lead off all the porches on that small estate. Got to say that even now I take my hat off in salute to his completely brazen approach to thievery!
  15. Following on from the sell-out success of the first Northern Soul Amsterdam mini weekender in 2017, we’re doing the whole thing all over again! Come and visit us for a 2nd LOST WEEKEND of top quality rare soul, classy crossover, funk, R&B and more, right in the heart of soul city Amsterdam! The DJs: DJs confirmed for our 2nd small but mighty Northern Soul Amsterdam Lost Weekend are Gerd Baum (Germany), Lars Bulnehim (Austria), Matt Fox (Germany), Mick Heffernam (UK), Dani Herranz (Spain), Friedemann Klock (Germany), Pete Lyster (UK), Andy Skelson (NL), plus Northern Soul Amsterdam residents Pete45 & Loma Russ and a selection of local DJs. All events are strictly original vinyl only. It’s the perfect time to head to Amsterdam, not just for a weekend fix of great soul music in a small and friendly venue, but also for all your Christmas shopping. Something else you might want to consider is that Amsterdam boasts an incredible 29 (yes, 29!) record shops. Experience a soulful Lost Weekend in Amsterdam! Come for the great tunes and friendly atmosphere while celebrating Northern Soul Amsterdam’s 3rd anniversary in the city of bridges, canals, bicycles and much, much more. Discover hidden record shops, go Christmas shopping, take in the festive lights, indulge in a canal boat cruise, and enjoy the relaxed cafés and fascinating museums. Promo video: Events: Friday 7th December Soul Night 20:30-02:30 (Ticket only) Start off your Lost Weekend with a night of top quality rare soul played by our impressive line-up of DJs. We won’t be finishing too late on the Friday so you have the chance to enjoy the sights of Amsterdam on Saturday before picking up the soul grooves again. Saturday 8th Mid-tempo and mellow session 14:00-18:00 (Free event) Relax and enjoy an afternoon chill out session of deep, sweet and mid-tempo soul and more. Grab a bite to eat while enjoying the music. Use Café Batavia as a base and go Xmas shopping, record hunting, or explore the city and take in the picturesque sights that make Amsterdam such a beautifully soulful destination. Saturday 8th Soul Night 20:30-02:30 (Ticket only) The intimate environment of Café Batavia will again provide the venue for what will be a second full-on night of top quality soul, deep funk, classy crossover, R&B and a whole lot more played by our superb line-up of Lost Weekend DJs. The venue: Café Batavia is a small and intimate venue with a private party feel. A traditional Dutch “brown café” housed in a listed art deco building dating to 1920, our venue stands opposite Amsterdam Centraal Station and is just a few doors away from the impressive Basilica of St Nicholas, which dominates the station's skyline. Café Batavia has an excellent selection of bottled, draught beers and other beverages and serves great food until 21:30 each day. We'll be taking over Café Batavia for our mini weekender, which means two rooms for music as well as the bar area. Weekender tickets: To ensure a cosy, intimate and private party feel, ticket numbers are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Quality over quantity is our aim. Weekend passes are available at a cost of just 20 euros per person. This includes entry into both the Friday and Saturday soul nights. The Saturday afternoon "mid-tempo and mellow" session at Café Batavia is free for everyone. Tickets are available from Russell Gilbert via PaPal. Send payment to: rigilbert@lomarecords.com Please include your name and address so that tickets can be posted to you a little later in the year. What people say about Northern Soul Amsterdam: “We had a brilliant time and heard consistently top notch tunes all night.” "Top night with top people xx" "Had a great night. Cosy venue, great tunes and a very friendly and welcoming crowd. Well worth a visit." "Crackin' night." "Top notch night yet again." "Quality djs – you all played fantastic sets. Well worth the trek & we'll do it again sometime soon." "Thank you all for a fabulous night & great music. Lovely to meet you all. We will be back!" "Great night, guys and girls. Top tunes throughout." "…what an absolute belter of a night." “My first visit during a chance weekend in Amsterdam and an excellent night. I was made very welcome. Will be recommending to others... Cheers!” “Thanks for making us feel so welcome. We had an absolute blast!” For up-to-date news about Northern Soul Amsterdam's 2nd small but mighty mini weekender, join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/northernsoulamsterdam or visit our website: www.northernsoulamsterdam.nl Need any more info? Send a private message to Russell Gilbert on here, or email via rigilbert@lomarecords.com or contact us on Facebook.


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