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  1. Yes, oystercatchers are very common birds that you can see just about anywhere - on beaches, grasslands, motorway hard shoulders, etc, etc. As for the poor cow - drunk on too much milk, perhaps? Did it get back out again?
  2. From Facebook: “Private groups can't be changed to public to protect the privacy of group members.“ If you want the two groups to be public, the only thing to do is start them afresh. As you’ve only just started them, now is the perfect time to do that. That said, I run a couple of FB groups and deliberately have them set to private to keep out spammers. A great initative on your part, by the way. Good luck with them.
  3. We got strawberries on the balcony - in May! The Prosecco, however, is very much a hardy annual!
  4. Exactly so. Seen these countless times on Greek beaches.
  5. Beak shape suggests a blackbird, but yes, I did think it looked a bit too big. Could have fluffed up its feathers, if it was cold. Maybe someone else will have a better idea of what it is.
  6. Looks like a juvenile blackbird, although it's difficult to be sure.
  7. Can’t say I’ve ever noticed a hiss on mine. Maybe I need to listen to it more closely!
  8. Very poignant image, but this is a photography thread, ie, images you've taken with your own camera. Hope you don't mind, Steve.
  9. This morning's sunrise. Gorgeous colours welcoming in a lovely sunny day.
  10. The Yank and Robbk have answered the second part of your question now, and my adding the link to part of the Vapac catalogue was simply to provide some additional interest for everyone in highlighting the importance of the company in Chicago soul music.
  11. A list of songs published by Vapac... https://www.discogs.com/label/577462-Vapac-Music
  12. Here are the differences between the label variant you posted and mine (r-h-side): 1: The label on left has "BMI" while mine on the right has B.M.I. (ie, has full stops between the letters) 2. Flash Records. On the left the word 'Records' is centred under 'Flash'. On mine the word is ranged left (although not perfectly left) rather than centred. 3. On the left label, 'Prod.' has a full stop after it, while on the right it does not. 4. The time on the left label correctly uses a colon to separate minutes and seconds. The label on the right is missing the colon. Et voila - four label variations.
  13. Post up the pic with the three label scans on and I'll point out the differences between mine and the other one without the VAPAC credit.
  14. Following on from Tlscapital's thread about the multiple label variations of Sunday's Al-teen release 'Ain't got no problems'/'Where did he come from' (see link below), the subject now turns to Billy McGregor's 'Mr Shy'/'Fall on my knees' on the Flash record label. This is the label on my copy. There are no matrix numbers stamped or etched into the runout grooves. Instead 'MR SHY' is scratched on the side carrying that song, and FOMK on the flip (with the 'O' being hardly visible). @Tlscapital has identified three label variations, and mine differs from those, meaning four separate pressings of the 45 have been identified so far. Any others?

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