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  1. Window view a couple of minutes ago. Not quite a winter wonderland, but the first snow fall (not that you can really see it in the pic) is always something of a pleasant novelty. No doubt that novelty will quickly wear off and we'll be cursing the weather tomorrow!
  2. That seems odd. All the Emidiscs, Pye & Decca advance promo acetates are exactly that - acetates. Not sure why the discs you have - which carry the labels you'd find on acetates - should actually be standard 45s. Is there any sign of the labels being stuck on top of other labels? Looking at the pics it doesn't appear to be the case, but I thought it worth asking.
  3. @Julian B One question - are these actual acetates, ie, a heavier than normal disc comprising a metal plate covered in lacquer, or are they standard 45s made of vinyl/styrene?
  4. Another selection of impressive photos from Scotland courtesy of BBC News - this time of the Aurora Borealis, which was visible last night. Source: BBC News / © SIMMER DIM/BBC WEATHER WATCHERS Photos can be found via the link below. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-55630880
  5. Courtesy of BBC News, a selection of photos sent in by people in Scotland for the week 1st-8th January 2021. There are some real winners, like the stunning one below, so they're well worth checking out. Source: BBC News / © Katalin Lowley Link: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-55546350
  6. A 7" acetate of a seemingly unreleased 70s soul tune. Bought it blind, have no idea what it sounds like, but thought it worth a punt.
  7. Thanks to everyone for all the fantastic contributions in what has been an extremely difficult year. This thread is now locked and the 2021 thread can be found here:
  8. Happy New Year to one and all. Let's hope 2021 sees some sort of return to normal as the weeks and months roll on Running annually since 2013, this is the 9th photography thread. Thanks to everyone who has participated and made this such a popular and long-running thread. I'm sure we can look forward to lots of great contributions. Given the restrictions we've been facing for so long now, getting out and about hasn't always been easy or even possible. But, with a bit of good fortune hopefully we'll get opportunities to revisit new and familiar places with greater ease. Certainly I've
  9. If it's any sort of hassle to move it back, Mike, maybe don't worry about it as I will be starting the 2021 incarnation of the photography thread on Jan 1. Don't want to put you out.
  10. Agreed - so many brilliant photos, from the expert photographers and most of us who just capture things with our phone cameras or whatever basic kit we have to hand. Every photo posted here is a real delight to see. See you - and everyone else - in the New Year!
  11. Best wishes to one and all for a very merry, but more importantly healthy Christmas and New Year!
  12. Listening to a mixed bag of Christmas tunes via iTunes right now and this one popped up...
  13. A positive ID. Nice one - and well done to your dog for flushing the bird out so you might see it!
  14. Enlarging the pic as much as possible while still maintaining some integrity suggests a black beak and yellow legs, and thus a little egret.

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