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  1. Hahaha - now that you say that, in looking at the bit of writing on the left of the label, it does in fact appear to say Ian Clark!
  2. The one Manship had is a Monarch test press cut on behalf of RCA. Video here...
  3. While littering is obviously a behavioural issue at a societal level, pointing poky fingers of blame at litterers and manufacturers of packaging misses one key aspect - street cleaning. Here in my little corner of the Netherlands, street cleaning is done once a week. However, it's currently 'Feestweek' ('Party Week) which entails live bands every night and crowds of several hundred people partying in a temporary, giant marquee about 300 metres from where we live, and then exiting our little town in various states of sobriety at about 1am. Of course there's litter - fast-food wrappers, etc, etc – but as soon as the crowds have gone the streets are cleaned. Next night, a new crowd comes in, attracted by whatever bands might be on, and they go through the same littering ritual. And again, the streets are cleaned. If you've ever been in Amsterdam or any other Dutch city on New Year's Eve, you'll know it's crazy. When the party is over, out come the street cleaning crews - at about three in the morning on New Year's Day. My point is that local authorities play a huge part in whether neighbourhoods, and thus towns and cities as a whole, are awash with litter or not. Paxman suggests taxing things - levies, as is always the case, that are passed on to the people. Instead, and in addition to public education programmes, why not ensure local authorities have the funding to ensure streets are kept clean? Of, course, the whole issue of funding at local/regional levels is not just a can but a multi-pack of worms. Nonetheless, Paxman needs to consider all the angles and solutions and not just blame the usual suspects of consumers and manufacturers.
  4. The 3rd small but mighty Amsterdam Rare Soul Weekender! Full event info here: Amsterdam Rare Soul Weekender or via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/312113989501948/
  5. Taken about five minutes ago. Balcony life keeps on giving and long may it last.
  6. Seen in direct sunshine this afternoon in a barber’s window in Haarlem by my partner Bev...
  7. Thanks. It only needed me to shuffle about a little bit - a couple of metres to the left - to get it how you see it. Otherwise it was almost perfectly framed as soon as I saw it. The only challenge was in balancing an open brolly between my left arm and shoulder while trying to get the pic with my trusty iPhone 5!
  8. Dashed out in the rain to the local supermarket 20 minutes ago and was rewarded with this lovely sight on the way back.
  9. OK, so I've RSVP'd to my own Sept, Oct and December events in Amsterdam.

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