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  1. Amsterdam Russ

    Northern Soul Amsterdam 2019

    Diary dates for Northern Soul Amsterdam - the small but mighty soul club! For more information visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/northernsoulamsterdam or www.northernsoulamsterdam.nl

    © Russell Gilbert

  2. Amsterdam Russ

    search/activity - ongoing work

    Seems to be functioning just perfectly, and results are returned quickly.
  3. Amsterdam Russ

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    Almost half way through January already and I'm only now posting up the "most liked" photo for last month. That honour goes to @Winsford Soul for his classic capture of a robin. Congratulation, and well done!
  4. Amsterdam Russ

    US 60's Garage bands

  5. Amsterdam Russ

    US 60's Garage bands

  6. Amsterdam Russ

    US 60's Garage bands

  7. Amsterdam Russ

    DJ Re-service on record label meaning?

    As I understand it, "re-service" copies are ones that were sent out in a second wave of promotion by record companies some weeks after the first - presumably in the hope of getting extra airplay after the first wave of promotion failed to get sufficient exposure and make the song the hit the label sought.
  8. Amsterdam Russ

    Help With Lost Record...

    Lost a record for a couple of years. Just couldn’t find it anywhere. Then out of the blue I had a thought. In a lock-up I had carrier bags full of old record mailers - packaging for the 45s I’d received through the post. Sure enough, after a good trawl through the mailers there it was. Clearly I’d put the 45 back in the mailer after it had arrived in the post, and then dumped that with all the other mailers. Just as well I have a habit of keeping old record packaging and didn’t send it for recycling.
  9. Amsterdam Russ

    Talc - yes or no?

    Certainly people need to be discouraged from believing that scattering them on the floor will somehow improve their dancing!
  10. Amsterdam Russ

    Talc - yes or no?

    Interestingly (for me), this is a subject I've read about quite recently. There was a class action law suit in the USA in which a number of women (or their families) received record damages on the basis that Johnson & Johnson talc caused ovarian cancer. Likewise, there have been two or three individual cases where people have been awarded damages because of talc use and ovarian cancer. The argument goes that talc used by women on their sensitive parts can theoretically travel internally via the fallopian tubes to the ovaries and might cause inflammation, which in turn might lead to ovarian cancer. The key word is "might", although clinical studies mainly find no causal link. Another link between talc and cancer comes from the fact that when mined from the earth, talcum powder contains asbestos. However, refined talc has been asbestos free since the 1970s. The connection to lung cancer is associated with the workers who mined talc - because they were exposed to the asbestos contained within the unrefined talc. Clinical studies into a causal link are mixed. But, studies show no medical correlation between talc use and lung cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (part of the World Health Organisation) added talc to its list of known or possible carcinogens. However talc is categorised under Group 2B, which are things identified as being "possibly carcinogenic to humans". The emphasis is very much on the word "possibly". Basically, they might cause cancer, but we don't really know. Coffee is on the Group 2B list. So, I'd be very wary of stating that talc is carcinogenic. It can certainly be an irritant, can make the dance floor dangerous, and can ruin your camera. And people who say that they only put a little bit down in the corner (or wherever) fail to appreciate that it spreads - it spreads via the soles of your shoes, on clothing, and through the air. It gets everywhere! And I've yet to see anyone using talc do little more than Dad (or Mum) dance.
  11. Amsterdam Russ

    Useful tech/apps

    Got a fitness tracker for Xmas, so very timely to know how to find it should it be misplaced. This seems to be the equivalent for iOS devices... https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/find-my-device-bt-scanner/id1098439478
  12. Amsterdam Russ

    Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities - 7" release

    Already being resold at the £70-80 mark by those who picked up multiple copies...
  13. Amsterdam Russ

    Worst Cover Version Ever? Any Genre

    Likewise, I have a number of Sylvie Vartan covers in my collection - along with 45s of each of the tracks I’ve posted in this thread.
  14. Amsterdam Russ

    Show us your great photos (2019)

    Nice, but let’s please stick to photography. Thanks for your understanding.
  15. Amsterdam Russ

    Happy New Year 2019 - Hopes dreams....

    And indeed, a Happy New Year to everyone on Soul Source! Hopes and dreams? to get over current health situation as quickly as possible to become way more active physically in 2019 than I was last year to find out what my actual rights and status will be as a Brit expat in the Netherlands post Brexit to improve my crap Dutch I think that’s enough to be getting on with. Best wishes to you all in achieving your own hopes and dreams.


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