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  1. Something that I'd overlooked in this story is that the first drummer with The Jesters - Frank Scarfo - would later join Allentown band Father's Angels, who of course became hugely popular on the Northern Soul scene with their instrumental Bok to Bach!
  2. I listened to about half of these while enjoying a few glasses of bubbles on the balcony last night. Thoroughly enjoyed everything I heard and a great format for easy listening. Time to revive the concept?
  3. Up - lots of balcony time as the summer continues. Down - Lidl no longer stocking the bargain-priced Prosecco that I favour.
  4. Haha - I only knew because I saw the 'fake' post on Facebook maybe last week and then the refutation a few days later. Back of the class? No worries. At least you're not stood in the corner with a dunces hat on!
  5. Sadly, not true. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/backdrop-boris-johnson-interview/
  6. Neither 45cat nor Discogs list it as having a release on a 45, but thought I'd ask to be sure. My interest is because I have it on an acetate paired with their release "How can I tell my mom and dad". Possibly, then, it was initially intended as the flip to the actual release of that track rather than the sing-along instrumental "Hey! Stars of tomorrow". As for the Ella Woods, "I love you (Yes, I do)" would certainly sit very well next to it in a DJ set or mix.
  7. Perhaps I might get a better response if I post the tune in question. Here you go: The Lovelites - I love you (yes I do). LP-only or did it also get a release on a 45?
  8. Enquiring of you knowledgable folk whether the Lovelites song "I love you (Yes I do)" got a release on a 45 or if it's available only on their "With love from..." UNI LP from 1970. Thanks in advance...
  9. That works. How can I delete the extraneous streams? Must admit I wasn’t aware I created them, and I certainly don’t need them except for whichever stream it is that’s active when I land on the site via my bookmark. <added>sorted - have now deleted the unwanted streams.
  10. Yes, it is odd. Have posted a screen grab of what I see on iPad and iMac when viewing my stream. I presume it looks the same for everyone, but posting just in case there's something that shouldn't be there that might be affecting things.
  11. Still not working for me on both devices. I cleared cookies on both and deleted cache on the desktop, but that's made no difference. site note question now resolved and split to a new topic here https://www.soul-source.co.uk/forums/topic/412119-mark-read-and-feed-stream-issues/
  12. The 'tick' button shows (but has to be in landscape on my iPad so I can see it), but doesn't function at all on that device and on my desktop iMac. Tapping/clicking on it doesn't do anything as it doesn't have a tap/click function.
  13. Just one minor thing that I'm sure you'll have on your list of things to tidy up, Mike, and that's the 'mark all as read' function. It's something I use on practically every visit, but no big deal.
  14. Maybe, but it has to do it in little flight hops...

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