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  1. mmm

    OUR TIME IS NOW 2018

    Well said Shute! Top night and the music was back to back up-tempo up-front soul. My mojo had waned over the last year or two and we haven’t found many places that really deliver our sort of tunes....but that’s all now changed! Will be back in early March for another dose of amazing soulful music with like minded people. Well done chaps
  2. mmm


  3. Can't wait for Friday! How do we go about getting advance tickets or is it too late? Ta Deb
  4. 3 tickets - Take That, Ajax Amsterdam Arena- 18th July 2011 Not profit to be made, just want to cover costs - £70 each No ribbing please- have had enough of that from my darling husband Steve! Cheers Deb
  5. look forward to checking it out - be better than the dross thats on there now Deb
  6. don't as a rule post comments on the forever net .But feel it has to be said that "what an allnighter that was"Thought i might be the first to mention the spare room but as always beaten to it;I can only back them up ,forgive my hyperbole ,it was the best music played ,bar none.Me and the missus had such a great time ,Waffle?of course! Anyhow,see you in june, upstairs. progression is the only way forward.Cheesy or what ?the human condition never changes ,summed up in this quote" Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter." John Keats
  7. What time does it start? Deb
  8. Looking forward to it! Me and the husband will be making the long trip from Mkt Drayton, and if the last one was anything to go by, its going to be a great night! Is it a 9pm start? Deb
  9. Lol..I was close! Fab stuff - cheers Kev
  10. Top top night at Bidds as always! Great music, people and venue - one of the best allnighters around Found a scribbled note in me bag referring to a tune I danced to about 11.30 - so guess it was either the Attic Lads or Des Parker? just said 'What About You'..anyone got any ideas?! Deb
  11. cheers Chalky - but no thanks to the sad fact that i heard it whilst listening to the R2 Steve Wright show this morning ....say no more Its a great tune Deb
  12. Very Eli Reid, but check out 'F**k You' by Cee Lo Green on the web - got me all of a dancin' on a sunday afternoon! Havent added a link sorry as don't know how Deb
  13. Hoping to be there on Fri night - only just down the road from us but never been before. Public transport is a no-no in this neck of the woods - don't suppose there is anyone coming through Market Drayton (A53) who we can bag a lift off? Deb & Steve

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