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  1. Face screws up in a good way: Thank you baby - Soul Brothers Six
  2. ...whilst soul from the 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's might be good, rare, &/or danceable it ain't Northern Soul if it 'aint 60's. So, forget your Voices of East Harlem, Carstairs, Charles Johnson, Lew Curton et al; good tunes no question but Northern Soul - no! Mick So... Soul/dance songs recorded in the 60s - including crossover & downbeat - and not discovered/unearthed/introduced until the 70s & 80s are NS? It's a shame a cultural distinction had to be made, I know at the time, I didn't mind the Londoners getting funky to 'pass the peas' by the J.Bs. Regards Terry
  3. Pod

    Whitchurch (circa 74)

    All dayer - some of the Stockport mob.
  4. It was also bad when you stayed in the Club too long, and miss the last train from Picc' to Stockport - had to hang around until the early hours to catch a freight-train. Got a lot of fond memories of the Blue Room - remember it seeming very posh to me at the time - well, compared to the Pendulum.
  5. Leeds Central 72-73?. I knew a lot of the sounds before I went, so nothing stands out, except I do recall a D.J. playing: Do-it to-it - back to back - about 5 times! (Think he was trying to get it to 'Break' - as they say). Pissed everyone off.
  6. Are there any Wheel people out there - that can tell me which year this event happen. Got it from a book but, no year given.
  7. Thanks for that - you've answered all my questions Got the tape from someone down in wolves - so I don't know if it was a Cat's sound or not. Cheers
  8. Have had this tune on a cassette-tape since about '73? Credited as 'Undercover by Bogalis' But I've 'googled it' for more info - and had no results. Can anyone out-there enlighten me.

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