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    I’ve been into Northern Soul since the age of 11 I’d guess, from youth clubs to All-nighters all over the UK. Wigan being my favourite of them all. Still DJing and collecting as the years have flown. I also have a big part to play and organise the biggest Soul Festival in the UK which is The Manchester Festival held every last Aug bank holiday Sunday.

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    Paul Kidd
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    Stockport & Valencia
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    I waked away

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  1. No name or venue named here, but I remember a DJ / Promoter dipped into another DJs box and swiped a record not knowing which one. The guest DJ who was at the top of his game and did his spot and off he went, the thief/ DJ / promoter had a basic collection of mainly boots etc nothing over £30. His spot was around 6am when everyone was knackered and going through the motions. Dance floor had about half a dozen plodding away on it. All of a sudden The Dogs - Soul Step came on and the floor filled in seconds (When it was at its height). 50 or so ran to the decks and theDJ shit himself, not knowing what he’d lifted and how popular it was. After being question how he could have hold of what was a very scarce record he admitted it had been left in the record both (which it hadn’t) and it got returned the over the next couple of days to its rightful owner. This was over 30yrs ago but I never forget this night.
  2. Just a Big, Big thank you to all the crowd who made it down last Friday night, along with the 9 DJ's you made the night special on this just our second event at The Cinnamon Club. Everyone went home happy and got the chance to hear quality tunes all night long in both rooms. The bar staff were excellent and the wine and beer flowed. People came from near and far all mixing well and catching up with each other. From Steve, Ian, Kevin and myself (Resident DJ's) plus guests Steve, Moz, Elvin, Michael and Steve we appreciate your efforts and hope to see you all again on the 1st of May2020, stick it in your diary. Cheers Paul Kidd
  3. Dave I’ll have Wooly Bully and let the good times roll if they are still up for grabs mate.
  4. Pete Wagg is driving up now, you could ask him
  5. Two mini buses, but they are now full. If any one drops out for any reason I will let you know. £7 return
  6. Hi to all looking for a original “The Jokes on you” issue if poss in excellent condition. Best price possible please and cash still waiting. Cheers PK
  8. Wanted The Singing Swinging Counts / Along the way. ex or better, cash waiting and burning a hole in my pocket cheers Paul Kidd
  9. Cash waiting for a record in at least ex condition Lost Soul - Secret of Mine - Raven Records merry Christmas to all from Paul Kidd
  10. Any chance of a photo as the first reissued copy was almost exactly the same. cheers Paul Kidd please send to kidd22@live.co.uk
  11. Ok here we go, I bought this about 10 years ago from Florida USA,and had it transported to Valencia in Spain. Due to red tape and me not being there that often to sort things out, it remained in the garage for almost 3 years. I then brought it back to the UK as I had a large garage to put it in after a house move. I got it on UK plates and spent a fortune having things done to it. The list is massive lol. Anyway I’m in 2 minds to sell it or take it back to Spain as I never get to use it. So it’s up for serious Offers, some go for £10k with work needed and some as high as £29 +. I’m not greedy so get your offers in. It’s Tax exempt and will have 12 months tax on it as of this week as it’s due. A top draw head turning car that deserves an owner who has more time. Lots more Pics if needed. Thank you Paul Kidd
  12. Here we go with a link to get your tickets if you want them early. https://thecinnamon.club/event/northern-soul-night/ if not you can pay on the door.

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