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  1. For sale ex / mint condition £460 ovno. Willie Kendrick, Change your ways + What’s that on your finger Photo can be provided on request.
  2. You will be bringing your records as well as the camera next year for sure. Top film as always my good mate.
  3. One down these still ready to go
  4. Hesitations - She won’t come back -Kapp Demo Bell boys - I don’t want to lose your love - Jamar Records Vg Soul Masters - I’ll be waiting here - Raven Records Vg Lynn Randell - Stranger in my arms - Epic Demo Bobby Smith - Walk on into my heart - American Arts White Demo Bobby Williams - I’ve only got myself to blame - Sure shot records Garland Green - Ain’t that good enough - Revue Herb Ward - Honest to goodness- RCA Demo (((((((SOLD))))))) Sandra Philips - I wish I had known - Okeh Demo David Coleman - Drown my heart - Barry Demo all excellent condition unless stated. Pm me with offers please. PK
  5. pk 22dj

    Northern Soul @ The Bungalow Club

    Top Northern Soul night at The Bungalow Club, Edgeley, Stockport, SK3 9DB With Stockport's very own Dodger and Paul Kidd AKA Kidda as guest DJ spinning top tunes all night long. 7.30pm start till late, £3 door tax or £5 per couple. Strictly Vinyl and everyone's favourites played. For more info ring 0161 474 0398 cheers PK
  6. pk 22dj

    Is it me, but?

    Some good average records were costing £50 / £60 thirty years or so ago and fetch the same or a bit more today, tacking account wages have shot up too, the young ones have money to spend and will pay £100 for a £50 record if it's not up for sale that often. I used to take £5 to spend on records and buy 3 at least lol. I was on £19 per week back then.
  7. pk 22dj

    Frankie and the Classicals Demo

    Cheers for that, I think Pete Smith sold one for £75 . I just couldn’t remember seeing one for sale in quite a while.
  8. Ok, I’ve been looking through a few oldies and came across my Calla - What shall I do and for the first time noticed due to the lighting under a marker pen ink, Promotion Copy not for sale. I can’t say I’ve ever seen one, hence asking is it a rare item and it’s worth, cheers in advance. PK
  9. pk 22dj

    Roy Roberts - Got To Have Your Love

    Check my post below as someone offered me there copy just this week
  10. pk 22dj

    please help me find this!!

    Sure I've got one RCA demo if I'm correct.
  11. pk 22dj

    50 TO GO, HAVE A LOOK.

    I'll take the Fantastic Puzzles off you if it's up for grabs still
  12. Hi Soul People Selling my very clean copy of: Ambassadors - Ain't got the love of one girl / Music (Arctic WLP) Excellent condition I'm asking for around £225 P&P going off previous prices on here. This very rarely turns up in this condition so be quick. papal as a gift. Cheers PK
  13. Hi Akerlof I have PM'd you about the the Ambassadors cheers PK
  14. Anyone got a nice copy of the above going at a nice price, cheers in advance. PK
  15. pk 22dj

    The Happy Cats - These Boots Are Made For Walking - Omack

    Did you get rid of this or is it still up for grabs Jordan ??


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