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  1. Loved The Carlton in the 70s- Wednesday nights ? Me and Ricky jumping on the bus from Salford. Got the odd lift so we could stay later. Cracking Spiderman wall art
  2. It was terrible when Pete told us about Skippy's condition last year, and the worst possible news yesterday. First met her at Heywood Civic where that big dancefloor was just about the right size for her :-) She supported everybody over the years and will be Greatly missed. R.I.P. Skippy.
  3. God above, not another. First met Pete at The Pendulum, think the last time I saw him was Brenda & Kim at The Ritz. R.I.P.
  4. For the dance floor, substitute his pockets-works either way
  5. Citizen P

    45 Revolutions

    Special Guest DJ our good friend and Heywood Civic Stalwart Melvyn-Knocker-Dolby. Another night of quality, somewhat lesser played, Soul in store.
  6. Good night, again. One of the few I actually look forward to, these days.
  7. Citizen P

    45 Revolutions

    Definite outing for this one....
  8. Citizen P

    45 Revolutions

  9. Citizen P

    45 Revolutions

    Quality Soul from the team that brought you Heywood Civic, trying to play a few things you don't hear every 5 minutes.
  10. Is it only me that thinks this deserves a well earned rest of a year or five ?
  11. Let's see if I can remember a few I played on Friday. Not in any order Four Sonics-Where Are You-Triple B Brandi Alexander-Do Right Man-Tangerine 5th Dimension-Too Poor to Die-Soul City Starlets-Loving You is Something New-Chess Little Milton-Feel So Bad-Checker The Other Brothers-It's been a Long time Baby-Modern. Emile Griffiths-Going Going Gone-Tangerine Short Kuts-Your Eyes May Shine-Pepper. The Metros-The Dampness from Your Kiss-123 Willie & The Mighty Magnificents-Funky 8 Corners-All Platinum and some others I'm sure, but I

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