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  1. How the hell is this not massive??

    It's an old Modernism spin of mine Mickey. The Bluenote album that it is on is pretty awful too apart from this track. It did get a 7" release too but only in Australia on the Capitol label but it must be pretty scarce as the only copy I have ever seen is the...
  2. Special Feeling - Now Is The Time

    Still wanted.
  3. How the hell is this not massive??

    A couple more from Lou Rawls that have been criminally overlooked IMO.
  4. Stunning. Thanks for posting.
  5. Wanted, Special Feeling - Now Is The Time on Strive Records Please PM me if you can help. TIA, Mart...
  6. Top notch? Well from the fancy dress pictures I have seen it wasn't my idea of top notch Kev but we'll agree to disagree on that. As for achievements, well I'm on this scene for the love of the music & not to gain achievements but each to their own I g...
  7. Wouldn't know Stevie. Watching Bitty McLean with Sly & Robbie live. No brainer really.
  8. Come on Stevie, keep up. The novelty dancing World Championship thing hosted by Roberts & Searling to boost their pension funds. The Blackpool box set will be flying off the presses in the next couple of weeks just in time for Christmas no doubt alongsi...
  9. So thats 2 weekends on the trot when the antics at Blackpool Tower have cast an almighty dark shadow on a once great scene. Hang your heads in shame all those involved.
  10. Sideshow

    One here in sales. Might still be available.
  11. Hi, Long shot I know but I have got a pair of Numark Pro TT2 decks but I have no lids for them & was wondering if anyone has a pair kicking around anywhere. Have tried all over the internet with no joy so I am hoping someone might have one or even bette...
  12. Anyone got a copy of Special Feeling - Now Is The Time on Strive records please. PM me if you can help & I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks, Mart...

    Hope you don't mind a quick question regarding the Amp Fiddler. As it has been pressed twice is this one of the first presses or a second press & how do you tell the difference between the two?
  14. The Worst Beer You Ever Drunk ?

    Sam Smiths. Cheap for a reason.
  15. Kool Blues, Special Feeling

    Kool Blues now sorted (via this site). Still looking for a copy of Special Feeling - Now Is The Time on Strive records.