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    West Midlands
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    Hung Up On Your Love - King Tutt

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  1. Cunnie

    Jamaican Soul

    Yes you read it right. Bob Marley & the Wailers with one of the most Soulful records ever made IMO
  2. Cunnie

    Jamaican Soul

  3. Cunnie

    Jamaican Soul

  4. So let me get this right. It's not available until September but you have to pay for it now in April? Also will there be a paperback that's a bit cheaper?
  5. Cunnie

    Special Feeling - Now Is The Time

    Still on the wants list. If you can help please drop me a pm.
  6. Cunnie

    Bridlington Spa Northern Soul Weekender in 6 Rooms


    If you are wanting tickets in the West Midlands / Nuneaton area I am down to my last 4 tickets. If you need any just drop me a pm on here & we'll sort something out (no booking fee's or anything silly like you can get at some other events). Also if you ars struggling for accomodation don't forget there is a brand new Premier Inn just opened & there are rooms still available.
  7. Cunnie

    Special Feeling - Now Is The Time

    Still looking for this. If anyone has a copy for sale please drop me a message & I'll get back to you asap. Best, Mart...
  8. Cunnie

    Urban Myths of Northern Soul

    Bobby Kline & Patsy Kline are in fact Brother & Sister.
  9. Cunnie

    Best Intro. To Record

    Uno, Uno, Uno Dos Tres Cuatro.
  10. Cunnie

    Bluetooth headphone recommendations

    Thanks so far chaps. Another quick question. The transmitter I have bought is bluetooth 4.1 Some of the headphones I have looked at are bluetooth 4.0 Will they still be compatable?
  11. Hi, Looking to buy some bluetooth headphones so I can listen to music at home while the rest of the folks are watching tv & other such stuff. Don't want to have to be tied next to my hi-fi all the time. Not looking to spend a fortune & don't want any silly gimmicks. Just want something that does a good reliable job, sounds good & is comfortable to wear. My current wired headphones are Denon & are the closed back type that cover the ear & they are fantastic so that should give you some sort of idea of what I want. TIA, Mart...
  12. Cunnie

    Most ridiculous cover version of northern soul record

    This. What have I won?
  13. Cunnie

    Love Company - Love Tempo

    Not sure how legit the red ones are but showing 2 releases on discogs & someone got lucky with a bargain. Also due for release on AOTN soon apparently.
  14. Cunnie

    How the hell is this not massive??

    It's an old Modernism spin of mine Mickey. The Bluenote album that it is on is pretty awful too apart from this track. It did get a 7" release too but only in Australia on the Capitol label but it must be pretty scarce as the only copy I have ever seen is the one I was lucky enough to buy. There is also an edited shorter version on the flip without the long drawn out intro. Looks bloody nice too as do most Aussie releases. Also agree r/e the Family Reunion remake.