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  1. Still wanting these. If you can help just drop me a PM & I'll get back to you. TIA, Mart...
  2. That's the bugger. Copied & pasted but for some reason it wasn't playing. Thanks for posting it for me.
  3. Not sure why the link is not showing on the above post. Copied & pasted from youtube. Any advice?
  4. One of the best Ian Levine Motorcity 12" singles from back in the day & his vocals are stunning on it. Was also co-written by Edwin Starr. Was also recently repressed on 7" vinyl but it sounds shite so the 12" is the one to track down. https://youtu.be/yyQ_4dhLPPk
  5. If I went into HMV & bought a DVD & got home & found a bootlegged disc in the case I'd not be very happy about having spent my money on it. Same scenario goes for attending an event & them also playing bootlegs IMO. Legitimate represses is another argument for another day.
  6. Buddy Fyte - Glad Rag Doll, Cycle - Ampex Records, 1970.
  7. Thelma Houston / David Ruffin French blue vinyl 12" wanted. Don't Leave Me This Way A side. Questions B side. TIA, Mart...
  8. Still wanting all the above apart from the Bitty McLean. Also wanting Alton Ellis - Breaking Up (Is Hard To Do). Alton Ellis & U Roy - I'm Still In Love.
  9. Hi Simon, Long time no speak. Hope you're fit & well fella. I find it easier to do a google search with discogs typed on the end. Far better than the Discogs search box. Same goes for this site too Should throw up the release page with the highest, lowest & median prices. Click on the link & you'll see what I mean. https://www.discogs.com/Pure-Silk-Featuring-Trevor-Walters-Can-You-Feel-The-Love/release/1204193
  10. Now got the Bitty McLean but still wanting all the rest.
  11. It did get a release on a 12" white label blank. Got it somewhere. Think they are fetching quite a bit now too. Pretty sure I ordered it off someone on the old EMS forum.
  12. Still wanting all of the above. Also looking for a copy of Little Boy Blue (actually Pat Kelly) - Since You Are Gone / Dark End Of The Street on Lees Records or the Lees white label blank. Seen the overpriced knackered copy's on Discogs & the copy on Ebay that sounds like a busy night in a chip shop. Looking for a nice playable copy. TIA, Mart...
  13. Looking for a few Soulful Rocksteady bits. Must all be at least VG+ Sensible prices paid. Barrington Levy - My Sound Giving Dem Problem (Just Casvil records). Joey & Group - Soul Love (Blue Cat / Trojan special press). Bitty McLean - I'm In Love With A Girl / Only You (Peckings records). Alton Ellis - What Does It Take (Treasure Isle or Duke Reid records). Slim Smith & the Uniques - My Conversation (UK Island or UK Escort records). The Sensations - Born To Love You (original Wind only as all other copy's have added strings & stuff or are poor quality pressings). This is to upgrade a poor quality copy so must be as near to mint as possible please. More wants to follow so will keep posting them on this page. Best, Mart...
  14. Very similar to some of the Angie Stone mixes but still very nice.

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