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  1. I totally agree with Tatchell....honours are just a naff establishment trying to own and legitimise people and movements......Benjamin Zephaniah refused his on grounds that it was more representative of a VBE (victim of the British Empire) ..........opening up a great date here for all the jingoists who miss the old colonies I guess....well debate is always nice...... By the way, Godin, a political activist his entire life and a vocal one at that, would have outright refused any award from the Empire....
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  2. Bloody hell, do people not known the difference between an original, intricate, complex professional production and an amateur dramatic re-staging? My original production took years to build and stage correctly in order to portray what I remembered and felt. The text was just an off -shoot written form weeks of improvisations by incredible professional actors like Sally Carmen. Mick Martin was never there, it was me. My production used a giant screen and original footage of Wigan Casino, edited transition shots and 52 track as a cut up narrative device........I sometimes despair at peoples lack of understanding at the mammoth effort staging something like the original 2003 -2006 'Once Upon A Time in Wigan' stage play took or Elaines film. I actually lost my flat on the second tour of Wigan because of being ripped off by so many people, producers, playwrights, or venues not promoting properly,like Blackpool Grand. Still, I donate regret it. Elaine made massive sacrifices to make the film too! The original play was Urban Expansions 'Once Upon A Time in Wigan' directed by Paul Sadot. Anything following that is an attempt at cashing in or an amateur mess around with Martin's dislocated script and Binstanley advising. Without the original director who generated the scenes through improvisation and recall, the play is always going to fall short and soul-less. best Paul-S
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  3. https://www.equinoxpub.com/home/northern-soul/
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  4. Brilliant, the way they have to gag John Cheatdom who is whooping away in his own world !
  5. So, if your tired of the same old stuff floating about at so called rare or underplayed nights these may be for you. Firstly they are LPs..yes..LPs and the tracks are not available on 45, hence playing the LPs, first hurdle for some who care more about format than quality. Anyway, each to his/her own. They are all f--k off rare and good tunes on LP only. Forget the pappy, hand clappy, two step, Jesus gospel that springs to mind...this is not that! The prices reflect the rarity and how long they took to find and when you see how much is paid for overplayed oldies, they are cheap. Mighty Jubilations - If You Make One Step is the track on an LP entitled I Found The Answer on a Jacobs Music VG++ Sleeve is battered. I have had three in 5 years and they are all watermarked. Lets face it, if Soul Sam played this many would suddenly want it and start raving about it. Quality production and soul. £220 (SOLD). Rev Jerry Washington and The Mighty Mighty Flames of Calvary - Hot Hot Hot The track is entitled 'The Mighty Flames of Calvary' and is an uptempo, frenetic stormer! VG++ £70 Its at 27mins on Deans show link The Twilights - Stand Up LP has a couple of tracks but 'Thank You' is the one, uptempo soul! When I first played this out Guy called me the next day to grab the other copy I had located online, its instant. Its tough and brilliant, perfect for the dance floor anywhere and I have proved that when its played out. On Rae Cox and VG++ £150 you can hear it at 3.45mins on Deans show i've linked in post. The Motivations - First Message LP and the track is 'Get Ready', its quality, beautiful 1983 modern soul and a few of the European Dj's have it, Greg B, put me onto it a good while ago. Its the first track on side 2, not the second as listed on the sleeve (misprint). Floor filler! As with the others listed its a tough one! £100 The Inspirational Ensemble - He Will Save You LP and the track is 'Come Holy Ghost' with Mamie Thomas on lead vocal and man oh man is it a storming, floor filling, thrilling ride! Ultra-rare on a private press and in VG++ condition. Only ever seen two and I had both. £150. Check it at 5.05 mins on link below. Its a sales mix from 4 years ago when I had it covered up and sold the spare I had (too cheap). Not seen another since. This is my copy (HOLD) Email me if any interest as I don't really check on here much. paulsadot@hotmail.com Thanks for listening (if you did) Paul-S
  6. Nothing took its place it merely went underground after Wigan closed and has been going ever since. You just needed to look for it. Really make sure you do some real research and don't buy all the myths that are floating around and perpetuated on the scene (there are many, even down to the coining of the term!). Wigan was good, but Stafford, KGB, Parr Hall, Cleethorpe's and many other clubs were brilliant too. The 100 club is still going, far outlasting all other clubs right on Oxford Road in London. UK, Japan, France, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy, Russia, Australia, Brazil and more, have all have continued to develop thriving scenes full of young participants....please don't go for the easy article as is normally wheeled out...baggy trousers, Wigan, 4/4 beats, heydays, acrobatics, etc. A scene that has lasted nearly five decades is obviously full of complexities , nuances and a long and varied history and deserves delving into conscientiously for such an article....good luck best Paul
  7. Palais downstairs and Cleethorpes Winter Gardens upstairs late seventies
  8. Hi Paul, any idea when this was (roughly)? cheers Paul-s
  9. Thanks Mike..
  10. Thanks for the information...
  11. I have just read a paper that challenges the myth that Dave Godin originated the Term Northern Soul in 1970 or 1971 as is often stated in accounts such as the one below. "The phrase "Northern soul" emanated from the record shop Soul City in Covent Garden, London, which was run by journalist Dave Godin.[3]It was first publicly used in Godin's weekly column in Blues & Soul magazine in June 1970.[4]" The article I just read says that he didn't use it until 1973 Question: Does anyone have a copy of anything before 1973 where Godin used the term Northern Soul? Thanks Paul-S
  12. Used to buy them up and give them to mates, saying it should be sampled! Great tune....crazy prices..
  13. Can anyone help with release dates on these: Lovations, Drifting Offshore, Cap City (later Baby flip) Jerri Jackson, I Can Almost Believe, Parallax The Illusions, Just an Illusion, Freedom Records Jonathan Capree, Gonna Build Me A Mountain, Ox Bow Campbell, Sammy I Never Thought, Queen City Sheila Wilmer, Look at Your Soul, Whole Soul, Also I used to own this, but my age is unforgiving and i cannot remember who it is, label etc? Is it the Sun Lovers? All help much appreciated..... 10 Main Street Shuffle.-wav.wav
  14. Happy Birthday Joan!xx
  15. Well, people 'used' to travel to hear dj's because those dj's had 45's that were unique and defined their unique sets. When we used to book DJ"s it was because we wanted to hear what 'they' wanted to play, share and dance to themselves', their unique sharing of 'soul'. Reading this it seems there is a 'smashy nice' type perspective where you hire a DJ (like the old school type who do weddings and funerals) and the DJ plays what the crowd wants, or rather 'know'. I guess this can be traced back to Mr Ms and oldies nights at Wigan. Still, it tends to rotate around the same menu of records that frankly become very boring, very quickly. I remember leafleting at three separate events one night and hearing the same rota of tunes in each one....like some kind of Groundhog day experience. Not for me, but some feel cosy in that environment which is fair enough. However, to pontificate on DJ-ing as a jobbing thing on the scene is i guess a sign of the times, but not a good one. Thank god Butch and a school of others still evolve and add to the scenes musical development, as a love and passion rather than as a job.

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