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  1. The great music just keeps coming and this week is no exception! We have Derby's Frank Giacobbe responding to the call out with a great soulful 'set' of Soul with a Message. We feel honoured every time a collector contributes to the project www.lookatyoursoul.org Thanks Paul and Kristen Frank Set.mp4
  2. Next up is a marvellous set from Steve Scotney. What is incredible, for me, with these sets is the thought and care that goes into responding to the very specific call out and the way that different collectors engage with it. Once again, our thanks and gratitude to all who listen, support and contribute to the project. Best Paul & Kristen Steve Scotney.mp4 www.lookatyoursoul.org
  3. Up now is a great set from Steve Johnson that moves across tempos whilst presenting Soul With a Message. Keep supporting us if you can: Listen, share and, if you have the tunes contribute a set for the site. Lets hope 2021 moves us on up in a positive way Paul & Kristen https://www.lookatyoursoul.org/thelisteningbooth/steve-johnson Steve Johnson post.mp4
  4. Thoughts on this cover of the incredible Sacred Four's - Somebody's Watching You? Is Santa watching me? If so, I find it quite dystopian and it could really scare both children and adults....
  5. After many computer and phone changes I lost my contacts for: Paul Haverkin Mik Parry Chris Morgan (The Captain) If you can link me or them it would be much appreciated. Best Paul-S
  6. This week (Boxing Day) we have a beautiful set from Mr Shiver, a record collecting veteran and Dj. www.lookatyoursoul.org Keep on supporting and listening and sharing and contribute a set if you can. Have a good Christmas amongst all this mayhem. Best P & K Shiver post.mp4
  7. This week we have the incomparable Henning Borm with a set that speaks to many things soulful. Listen and share if you can. We are grateful for the continued interest and support and if you want to contribute a set, please check out th guidelines on the site. www.lookatyoursoul.org Henning Post.mp4
  8. A real treat this week from Greg Belson whose set is so deep I needed a shovel to dig myself out! Beautiful rare gospel tunes that reach into the soul. It’s truly fantastic and inspiring the way vinyl collectors are responding to the call out. So much 'Soul with a Message' that is new to my ears, and that’s what I love. Please listen, share, and contact us if you want to contribute a set. Details are on the site. www.lookatyoursoul.org GB.mp4
  9. Up now! A beautiful, soulful set for days like these.......Enjoy and share if you can please.
  10. Girdwood.mp4 Next up we have Dave Girdwood with a fantastic set! Check it out from this Saturday December 5th. www.lookatyoursoul.org
  11. https://www.lookatyoursoul.org/thelisteningbooth/david-ripolles This week we have Dave Rippoles with an incredible set! Dave r with sound.MP4 You can also check other great sets by: https://www.lookatyoursoul.org/thelisteningbooth/roual-galloway https://www.lookatyoursoul.org/thelisteningbooth/alfredo-maddaloni https://www.lookatyoursoul.org/thelisteningbooth/miss-goldie https://www.lookatyoursoul.org/thelisteningbooth/tommy-sovic We add one set each week! If you want to keep up then please join our mailing list. If you would like to contribu
  12. This week we have a set from Dave Rippoles. I get excited every week to share these amazing sets and this incredible music. Dave’s contribution builds beautifully on that with some amazing tunes We have had such great support so far on this #listeningproject and I give massive thanks to all those who are responding to the call out so eloquently and soulfully. www.lookatyoursoul.org Best Dave r with sound.MP4 Paul-S
  13. NEXT UP on Saturday 21st is a superb set by Roual Galloway (Cordial Records). In the coming weeks we have some brilliant sets coming to the site, so stay tuned, and thanks for the support! Please contact me if you want to contribute a set that responds to the call out. joined_video_a8156308c62f40a58247c3ee69a0c2ea.MP4
  14. The project has had great support, and that's very humbling and very much appreciated. I am hearing a lot of tunes I do not know and that sound fantastic. Soul with a message. Thanks to all. www.lookatyoursoul.org joined_video_482c88140fbe46bba4feca26ce9e8d1c.MP4

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