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  1. You’re in for a treat this week as we go off in yet another direction! This Saturday we have a set from collector and DJ Taizo (Japan). He has curated a superb set of songs with a message that highlight Black Americans’ social, political and cultural struggle during the 60’s and 70s. All our contributors have taken the time out to engage with the soul of the project, revisit their vinyl collections, and carefully consider song choice with the project’s purpose in mind! We are truly grateful for all of those contributions. It’s a project that we hope will bring rare soul music fans t
  2. If anyone is interested in seeing some rare footage from the final show at Greenwich Theatre, London (2004) you can access it here: http://www.paulsadot.com/once-upon-a-time-in-wigan. (scroll to the bottom of the page) All copyright to the footage used in this film is owned by Paul Sadot and documents his personal work staging, choreographing and directing the play. No dialogue from the play is included. Contact: http://www.paulsadot.com/contact Commissioned, Produced, Directed and Choreographed by: Paul Sadot Written by: Mick Martin Original Urban Expansions Stag
  3. Just too reiterate...this production is the same only in title as the original that toured the UK under my direction in 2003-2005. It is absolutely nothing to do with the 'original production'. This will be a re-imagining of the script which was developed under a commission by my company in 2002/3. Good luck to them, but please avoid any confusion, they are totally different productions. Just to share some pettiness, that now, I realise might be related to this remount and a desire to erase the memory of the authentic original production. I was recently invited to created a sm
  4. No, it's absolutely nothing to do with the original and celebrated production by my company in 2003-2005. They often try to confuse re-mounts with the original though, as a marketing tool. This looks like a commercially motivated remount to me. Each to their own.....but accept no substitutes..
  5. We didn't do Hull. The Hull production was not the original one. Though subsequent productions did, it seems, try to infer it was connected to my 'Urban Expansions' production. It was a remount by Hull Truck in 2012 I think. Totally different staging, music, script had some alterations etc. Original used a large scale stage and set + a large film screen back drop...(images ©paulsadot) Thanks. It was close to home that night...(Grantham).
  6. A prick up your ears 'Look at Your Your Soul' set this week from Malcolm Collins. A superb and insightful mixture of soul with a message. https://www.lookatyoursoul.org/thelisteningbooth/malc-c Massive thanks to all the listeners and contributors to this evolving listening project. www.lookatyoursoul.org Keep listening and please share if you can Best Paul & Kristen 1311160067_MalC.mp4
  7. It was Shifty I heard first play this at 100 Club in the 90's. He moved his (battered copy) on to Mich H as part of a larger deal. I had a CD of it that we had recorded at a friends house at a pre 100 Club session where Shifty had it covered and played it for us. Mick wasn't playing it out, I always requested it, but it never got played unfortunately. I also regularly offered to buy it. Years later (around 2006/7) I cut an acetate from the CD and used to play it out regularly at DDA, Soul or Nothing, Rugby and other venues. I had no idea who it was by and played it as Deep South by D
  8. Our plan is to slowly expand the site and this is the first step: adding to the listening project with a video library of related material. https://www.lookatyoursoul.org/library Thanks to everyone who has supported us and please feel free to suggest video links that you feel may fall within the remit of the site. If you would like to contribute a set we would welcome it, so please contact us via the site Best Kristen & Paul
  9. Great tune, I used to play it out on an acetate I got from an LP.
  10. This week we are excited to have a set form Ms Phyllis, a founder and member of the DJ - Collective 45° - a group of four female DJs from Hamburg. Massive thanks as usual to all collectors and listeners who continue to support the project. www.lookatyoursoul.org We have many great sets coming up in the coming months including: Baz Atkinson (UK), Callum Flack (Australia), Aaron Bushman (USA), Mal C (UK), Cher (UK)...... Best Paul & Kristen 1153181297_MPhillis.mp4
  11. This week we have an incredible set from Lars C Haaland. Lots of news stuff to my ears and a great take on soul with a message. www.lookatyousoul.org Thanks for listening and supporting Paul & Kristen Lars.mp4
  12. This week (we now post new sets fortnightly) we have Oscar Romp, who some of you might know from the days when he used to constantly have a lamp on his head at nighters (80's/90's) as he drew the dance floor scenes. Some more great sets coming up and thanks again to all who contribute. We are also launching a resources section on the site very soon. www.lookatyoursoul.org Thanks Kristen & Paul Oscar set.mp4

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