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  1. ChasKing

  2. chateau Impeny 100% NORTHERN SOUL ALL-NIGHTER

    Not my last Allnighter and I am 64.
  3. I used to go to the Mardi Gras in Liverpool and did hear Billy Butler play some Northern plus other club soul as there was no difference at the time ! Also went to see Inez and Charlie Foxx here.
  4. We used to have about 8 people into it at our whole school circa 1968 in Southport. It started to grow massively after that with people travelling to the Wheel. By 1971 there were hundreds of us attending local events and a hardcore visiting the Mecca and lat...
  5. Great to see this, I never went to the Sink and I have no idea why ? Used to go to the Mardi where I went to see Inez and Charlie Foxx but only Inez showed up !