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  1. think HILL STREET BLUES should be there and this classic M*A*S*H..agree on 4 and 5 , but not 10......dont agree with a few of them on there , but we cant like them all..and it seems very american
  2. brilliant day - night..great tunes and djs looking forward to the next one already...well done PAUL and all the djs
  3. The Fantaisions - Unnecessary Tears -That's Where The Action Is
  4. The Admirations - You Left Me...oh yes..
  5. a mate of mine did the music for the fairground in southport ( he also did mobile discos in southport, called SOUL LITE SOUNDS DISCO , his was GREAME BOOTHE ,) he sold lots of his British stock to LEVINE...
  6. first alnighter at 15 yrs old , at wigan, went with big brother ( RIP MICK ) ,who told me if he found me doing drugs,he would break my legs,so have never touched them or ever felt the need to..,not sure if he would of broken my legs ,but rather glad he gave me that warning ... ,
  7. what a great night that was..the music played by all the djs was brilliant...great crowd in,cheap bar,great dancefloor..cheers PAUL..see you next time
  8. so glad i went ,before this happened...one of the best days of my life walking around there with MEL BRITT..
  9. pm with price and condition..thanks
  10. now thats sounds like a good idea..
  11. bloody great event...great tunes all day long..
  12. I found this a few years back , most i have never heard of...yes it does include Frank Wilson...https://thevinylfactory.com/features/missing-hitsville-usa-10-ultra-rare-motown-records/
  13. a tune that reminds me of the Sopranos ,i first heard watching the show...

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