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  1. staceys dad

    Northern Soul - vintage live videos

    spent a bit of time talking to her in LA..she was gobsmacked how we all knew the record,and all about her..she looked stunning in that red dress she had on,on the saturday night,i am sure she was with her husband,he was more gobsmacked ,but a really nice couple...ps i never got to dance with her.. ...
  2. staceys dad

    manship ending this wednesday

  3. staceys dad

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    a big fan of ONLY CONNECT on the beeb...plus it does have this lady presenting it...
  4. not a lover of the tune..by anyone
  5. staceys dad


  6. staceys dad

    Soulchoons at The Prince

    a message from DANNY CLEGG about the PRINCE OF WALES SOUL ALLDAYER yesterday...Well wow. Where do we start. What a fantastic day yet again. Queue out the door @12pm. Opened by 12.15 and by 1pm over 100 through. By the night time all the rooms were very busy and records numbers for us. (Including traders dj's and guests it was getting on for 700). The atmosphere was electric and top sets played by every dj with a fantastic selection for all tastes. Thank you to everyone who attended and all the dj's for sparing there time to support the event, along with all the help from the girls on the door. Friends helping with wristbands etc. Penny line sweets Nick Chandler did a fantastic job suppling all the e numbers which gave all of you so much energy. A massive thanks to Sam Evans & Andrew Baskett for there support with the modern room. Big thanks to all the staff @ the prince. The traders and finally to Carol, Howard, Kev for helping me in putting this event on. It takes a big team to make it work so thank you for all your help and support. I have probably missed loads of thank yous off but I will blame that on the lack of shut eye. A grand total of £4002 was raised for alder hey children's hospital yesterday. Thank you for the continued support and hopefully we will see you next year for bigger and better things save the date =25/08/2019!!!!!! I know some people who attended are not in this group so please share it around. Thank you
  7. staceys dad

    Soulchoons at The Prince

    one day to go...hope to see the regulars faces and a lot of new faces tomorrow...3 rooms with some great djs playing some great oldies..modern monster tunes..and some rare and underplayed ..so something for everyone..see you on the dancefloor ( or at the bar )...kev
  8. staceys dad


  9. staceys dad

    News: Botanica Rare Soul at The New York Times

    brilliant read...
  10. staceys dad

    Poll: Version Battle - I Have No Choice

    what a great night it was....
  11. staceys dad

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    and this strange film ...watched on sky the other night...
  12. staceys dad

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    not watched this for a few years..on film 4 the other week..not a bad film....
  13. staceys dad

    A bunch of bargains, 9 in fact !!!!!

    pm sent..
  14. staceys dad

    26th Cleethorpes Rare Northern & Modern Soul Weekender


    the wife has already started to pack my stuff for it..think she cant wait for me to go, but not as much as i am wanting to go..


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