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  1. unfortunately my sporting days have started to catch up with me and we won’t be attending but as soon as I have been seen to we will be back. Have a good night and sithee all soon.
  2. Seen photos of ballroom and must agree looks superb , sithee all Satda and Liz/Kev three weeks on trot. Mandy&Alan
  3. Had a quiet two weeks, looking forward to seeing the new place and of course all our Geordie friends ,wye eye man and in our lingo sithee Satda. Mandy & Alan.
  4. Sithee all tomorrow, coming over from “ Gods Country “ Mandy & Alan.
  5. Have a good un you Geordies unfortunately Mandy and myself will be at the Bridlington weekender, having been postponed for two years due to covid. Definitely sithee all at the next just love it up there, the music,the friendship and the dancing. Mandy & Alan.
  6. Sad for the end, but glad to have been there at the end. Thanks to Kingsway for the memories and friendships. Sithee all about. Mandy and Alan.
  7. The Yorkies are coming, sithee all from the dark side . PS two from Mansfield also.
    30th Anniversary Kingsway-001.zip
  8. Coming over to the dark side from “God’s Country “ sithee all soon, Mandy & Alan.
  9. Sithee all soon, Al and Mandy.
  10. Excellent! Save me two, will pay and collect when entering. Thanks.
  11. Triple jabbed now mate. Since Thursday
  12. Coming over for our second visit, what a way to start the Christmas festivities . Really enjoyed our first visit. Hope you have the bar reductions you had last month . Sithee all soon , two from Gods Country .
  13. Won't be long now , until we are crossing them mountains to return to Padiham, sithee all soon. Mandy & Alan
    Excellent night , just like a reunion of Eggborough, a few faces missing but nearly there., lots of the old crowd were there though. Music top notch and dancers to match. Eggborough still lives on., onwards to the next. Mandy & Alan

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