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    Ageing rare soul fan from Nottingham with varied interest in oldies , crossover & modern, a little R & b and even some current releases from Colemine & Daptone. having thinned out the 45s collection 10 years ago , the addiction  appears to be growing again. Been visiting the site for years, thanks to all for the mine of information..thought is was about time to join.

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    David lee
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    Calverton , Nottinghamshire
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    Epitome of Sound

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  1. Very Possible ..memory is not what it was...& there could have been several Where is it now...??? Is it single or 2 sided...?
  2. The one on John Ms tube is not the one i recall. This one was a Printed RCA label and studio information was typed in.
  3. I recall seeing a 7" RCA studio labelled acetate that Jonathon Woodliffe had in 1977/78 , not 100% sure it was genuine. it looked the real deal but It was along time ago. Wonder where that ended up..?? Anyone.?
  4. only one Real copy on Popsike sold back in 2004 for £665. Always loved the simplicity of the production.
  5. Little Anthony & Imperials 'Better use your head' United Artists + 'Gonna fix you good' on the other side , two classics for the price of one. I think it almost made top 30 in 1976/77
  6. Is this still for sale...??
  7. Thank you to those who responded. have now secured a copy.
  8. Anyone with an original issue or demo of 'A Changed man' on Frantic. Thank you
  9. Seller confirmed Text is Silver... only a skilled engraver would be able to replicate the typeface style, not a bad effort but it does look scratched in rather than machine stamped.
  10. Seller has withdrawn the record for the moment. In order to have an expert take a closer look.
  11. Seller has confirmed text is silver and will check out Nashville matrix stamp more closely
  12. I couldn't see the Gold Tint on my monitor..then its a good one.
  13. There is a copy of 'Being without you' on ebay. Seller seems positive its original..!! 13 people watching ..Any thoughts Is seller on here.? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Maurice-Williams-Being-Without-You-Deesu-Original-Rare-Northern-Soul/123697559376?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649

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