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    Ageing rare soul fan from Nottingham with varied interest in oldies , crossover & modern, a little R & b and even some current releases from Colemine & Daptone. having thinned out the 45s collection 10 years ago , the addiction  appears to be growing again. Been visiting the site for years, thanks to all for the mine of information..thought is was about time to join.

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    David lee
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    Calverton , Nottinghamshire
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    Epitome of Sound

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  1. Gutted to wake up to this news. 'Send him back' is still a top track and always take me back to Notts Palais.
  2. Seller has been kind enough to provide full refund..what a gentlemen.
  3. Chicago Airport for 4 weeks , in UK since 1st May
  4. Well mine finally arrive this morning ..5 weeks after posting...totally knackered. anyone tried one of those de-warping presses...?
  5. Try 'The Green Book' Set in the late 50s , a US celebrated black musician tours the deep south.
  6. Just had notification the record shipped 4 weeks ago has arrived in UK. It went through Chicago. Probably true that number of flights are fewer so space is being taken up by commercial freight.
  7. Reflections- Adam & Eve, 1 min into the song there is a swoosh effect. Was that really supposed to be on it ..?
  8. Booted on Soul World label as 'Walk on baby'.. I recall they were Vinyl
  9. It used to seem random , but I have been hit with Vat / Customs + Vat + Post Office fees several times since December.... more times than the whole of previous 12 months . Anyone else having the same experience..? Looks to me like Govt are tightening up on this easy income stream. Someone has to pay for all those election promises. Buying from USA might have to go on the back burner for a while.
  10. Nice one. Has anyone a scan of standard capitol manufactured issue of blanch carter..?
  11. Did Capitol press regular Issues too or just Demos...?
  12. I think that was a later Boot (Pale blue label). There was another variation on ebay this week. Plain white Promo Label , no GSF Logo...but tooth edge ring around the label. Text style is similar to the s Fame label output 45s on Candi staton...Its in the post so will upload a scan soon.
  13. QCA release is on Ebay NOW....someone outbid me please.

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