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    Ageing rare soul fan from Nottingham with varied interest in oldies , crossover & modern, a little R & b and even some current releases from Colemine & Daptone. having thinned out the 45s collection 10 years ago , the addiction  appears to be growing again. Been visiting the site for years, thanks to all for the mine of information..thought is was about time to join.

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    David lee
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    Calverton , Nottinghamshire
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    Epitome of Sound

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  1. On my home playlist , was this ever on 45: Isley Bros - Seek and you shall Find
  2. unique vocal of Ray Paige.. every day Always found Major Lance version a little underwhelming
  3. I've always found Phillips Styrene pressings very fragile in terms of Stylus damage/burn compared to similar. They just don't seem to hold up to many plays.
  4. Does'nt come up that often- especially in that Condition. But its a lot of money either way
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/entertainment/music/pamela-hutchinson-death-tributes-to-the-emotions-singer-after-her-death-at-61/ar-BB19fQrf?li=AAnZ9Ug&OCID=IE11FREDHP Apologies if this has already been submitted
  6. Gutted to wake up to this news. 'Send him back' is still a top track and always take me back to Notts Palais.
  7. Seller has been kind enough to provide full refund..what a gentlemen.
  8. Chicago Airport for 4 weeks , in UK since 1st May
  9. Well mine finally arrive this morning ..5 weeks after posting...totally knackered. anyone tried one of those de-warping presses...?
  10. Try 'The Green Book' Set in the late 50s , a US celebrated black musician tours the deep south.
  11. Just had notification the record shipped 4 weeks ago has arrived in UK. It went through Chicago. Probably true that number of flights are fewer so space is being taken up by commercial freight.
  12. Reflections- Adam & Eve, 1 min into the song there is a swoosh effect. Was that really supposed to be on it ..?
  13. Booted on Soul World label as 'Walk on baby'.. I recall they were Vinyl

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