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    Just your average guy, loved by some, loathed by others. I tell it like it is.

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    Denis Peacock
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    Carlisle, cumbria. United kingdom.
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    The magnetics, count the days.

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  1. Creighton rugby club, £5 otd. 19 00 to 00 30. Music by the soul collective.
  2. Saturday 7th September at Carlisle exservice mens club. £2.50 otd. 19 30 to 00 30. Djs Denis Peacock, Chris Sanders, Keith Robinson, mick Andrew Reynolds. Wendy Upton Whibley.
  3. Charity night, in aid of blood buddies. 19 00 to 00 00 £3 otd Djs denis peacock chris sanders ronnie lawson.
  4. Across the board soul night, played on ovo. £2.50 otd. 19 00 to 00 00 Djs chris sanders, steve martin, roy bell, ivor mirehouse, andy scott.
  5. This event is now cancelled.
  6. For any information, please contact denis on 07840261736
  7. In aid of morton creche, £2.50 otd. If you like your soul a bit different, this is the one for you. 19 30 to 00 30. Djs denis peacock, chris sanders, kip fisher. Guest djs ronnie lawson, steve martin.
  8. Cheers mark
  9. He is friends on mine if you want to add me. My profile pic, is of me and the wife. Denis peacock
  10. Soulmanden

    Soul@exservicemens club

    In aid of morton creche. £2.50 otd. Our latest soul night, on the 6th oct. If you like your soul a bit different, this is the venue for you. Djs on the night. Kip fisher, mike keddy, jake wigham, jake robson and neil little. 19 30 to 00 30.
  11. He is on face book, dont know his handle on here though.
  12. Soulmanden

    Soul@the exservicemens

    Fri 1st sept 19 30 to 00 30 £2.50 otd A night of soul music played on o.v.o Djs on the night. Kip fisher Gary evans Mark mcrea Chris sanders Stephen swan

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