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  1. That preeety good mate! I wish I'd been there.
  2. Just flogged one this week! Best version as well
  3. I imagine Bobby Banas might disagree!
  4. RIP Clydie - can't remember a bad record from her, and a fit-looking bird as well.
  5. Saw Kevin Rowland in the Cats a few times - he looked a miserable git back then!
  6. Brilliant film - an absolute acting masterclass from Pacino
  7. Thought it was a right pile of pants!!
  8. I'm sure Unsatisfied wasn't on the London original was it?
  9. Ahhhhhhhh! Eddies!! I absolutely loved that shop - bought loads of stuff from there but it weren't cheap was it? When did it close? After there I used the Oasis market in Brum - lots of original stuff in there.
  10. I travelled all along the California coastline two years ago and visited loads of thrift stores - some of them were previously big department stores but i never found a bloody thing!
  11. Definately not the Bob Meyer version!
  12. Popped into my local Poundland yesterday and found a massive pile of 12" record frames in there! Simple black frame and real glass, not crappy perspex. I only bought one to see if it actually fitted properly but wished I'd bought more. Put Earl Van Dykes That Motown Sound in there - looks great!
  13. R.I.P. Paul - a smashing bloke, and a good mate - Paul K

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