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    I'm a "young" soulie. Started going to regular northern soul nights in Copenhagen in 2003, Got involved with some finnish dj's during a study-related stay in Finland, and DJ Heikki Hirsimki kind of kick things off for me, got home to Denmark and started buying my first records.   Now a couple of years later run a soulnight in Aalborg together with a friend. Called GhettoSoul .We are against policing and play a wide spectre of soul, r'n'b, crossover and underground disco. 

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    Soeren Kragh Lindbo
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    My interests range from oldies to the crossover sounds of yesteryear.
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    Joyce Harris - Baby,Baby,Baby

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  1. Buyer insists that is bootleg so I have agreed on a refund. Thanks for your input nonetheless. cheers Søren
  2. Exactly! this copy is also a bit weird sounding in the sound due to the pressing Ok this is probably the answer i need, I have a buyer who bought it from me and questioned this. cheers Søren
  3. Hi I have a question and I am running out of options. Is there a registered bootleg of The Mystics - a that’s the kind love (Teako Green Label) to your knowledge, why is the b side in the dead wax T-370B and on the label T-370L ? Is it a bootleg? Or a legit copy. Cheers Søren
  4. Hi. MARSHA & THE DELWANDS-no hope no faith ZUDAN. VG+ 65£ and 7 £ postage. thanks for looking. Cheers Søren
  5. If anybody holds a copy of this they want to part with..in G+,VG, VG+ and above Write me a message with your price. Kind regards Søren Lindbo
  6. Delwands - This Time I’ll Win / No Hope No Faith (Zudan, blue) Ex 110 £ Free shipping. Cheers Søren
  7. For sale T.S.U. Toronadoes - One Flight Too Many (Volt) M- 120 £ The Prophets - Talk Don’t Bother Me (Jubilee) VG+ 30 The Fawns - Nothin But Love Can Save Me (CapCity) VG+ 25 £ Gene Woodbury - That’s Not Half Bad / Everyone Can’t Be Pretty (DelVal) M- 90 £ The Third Guitar - Lovin’ Lies / Sad Girl (Rojac) M- 55 £ The Incredibles - Miss Treatment / All of a Sudden (Audio Arts) VG+ 145 £ Open for offers, just PM me. Postage is 7 pounds for postage EU Postage Worldwide 10 pounds registered
  8. Hi Louie. I’d like to buy it for 250$ Do you send with tracking number? Cheera Søren
  9. Does anybody have a copy they wish to part with? Give your price for a vg and up.. cheers Søren
  10. Lowered the price a little. still a great record. cheers Soeren
  11. Hello, small want, just missed it on Discogs. Got sold before payday and now I think I’ll try here. Tones of Joy - Seeking for God - Sonic VG and up. Send PM if you can spare a copy, I check my messages on a daily basis.. cheers Søren

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