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  1. I have this on a wigan tape from around the 1st anniversary, so would be late 74 I would guess
  2. don't think there was anything played that you could call a typical sammy`s sound, in the main room it was current sounds from Wigan Cleethorpes and the mecca, there was also an oldies room
  3. is this the same George Clinton as please don't run, cos it sounds nothing like him I thought the documentary was very informative, I honestly didn't realise how close / similar the funk scene was to the northern scene
  4. i think velvet satins is also around 1.55
  5. Got mine in the post this morning, played it through and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of soul on the compilation. I`ve had various xmas soul comps in the past which have been disappointing to say the least, but this one ticks all the boxes.....thanks for the heads up
  6. I remember going to a niter in redhill, notts on a couple of occasions, at the leisure centre. Memory not too good think it was early eighties although could have been 79 so maybe doesn't qualify. .
  7. was talking to a "polish" friend at work about music and I got on to northern soul, it was difficult to explain what it was all about and how it developed, so I agreed to do her a couple of cd`s covering northern, crossover and modern.....must say i`ve got some fantastic ideas of the tracks to use just by reading this thread....thanks
  8. first visit to this venue for me, will certainly be going back, good attendance in both rooms which considering lots of people probably went to the weekender was impresive. Nice to see a good mix of young and old soulies keeping the floors full all night.
  9. cant help but notice no one has attempted to comment on this, i wonder why/
  10. Very harsh, its all about opinions mate. I seem to remember all these records being floor packers, so the majority must have rated em. Another you`ll like...mistura / flasher
  11. Wigan has always been an easy target for the so called "purist brigade". I remember dancing to all the records mentioned in this thread, and aint ashamed to say so....I`ll throw another into the mix, "danse a la musique" anybody?

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