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  1. Just how rare is the Chartbound 45' as you hardly if ever see one for sale and there is no clip from anyone on you tube? Cracking tune IMB and needs playing out more IMO. Any info appreciated, thanks.
  2. Ey Up Mate, Glad it went well, see you all in April. T Bone and Sue.
  3. Looks like this unreleased track appears on quite a few 'unofficial 45 releases' Is there any of them classed as 'official' on the scene? Thanks for any info.
  4. Is this track on his album 'the kindred soul of Danny Wagner' an album only track?? Shame if it didn't come out on a 45. Cheers for any info.
  5. Hi, Looking for a nice clean one of these Canadian RCA demos, if you have one please let me have a price and condition, delivered to the U.K. P.M. only please. Thanks, Tony.
  6. Was this an album only by Stevie, or is there a later boot on 45??
  7. Has anyone a nice at least EX with clean labels original Revilot, one of these for sale please. Not worried if it's either the coloured or pink label. PM only if you have one with a price shipped to the U.K. Thanks in advance.
  8. Am looking for a nice Phillips original of this in at least EX condition. P.M. only please if you have one with price shipped to a U.K. address. Seen plenty cheap on the bay but the postage kills em!! Thanks in advance Tony.
  9. Has anyone ever compiled a catalogue of tunes on the Hayley label? I remember having quite a few of these but there must be more. would it be classed as a legit label nowadays? Thanks for any help. T Bone.
  10. Hi guy's, Looking for a nice copy of this take of the Supremes classic on the HIT label (Jobette). If anyone can assist please pm me with condition and price delivered to the U.K. Thanks, Sue.
  11. Suinoz

    VENUE 73 (ritz)

    What do you mean by "just"?? It's probably one of, if not the BEST venues in the U.K. at the moment. Where have you been that compares to it? If you went to the Casino back in the 70's this is the nearest you will get to it without a balcony. Tell us where you went when it all started and what venues are you comparing this to in the present day.
  12. Another really good night at this cracking venue, thanks to Trev and the crew for the spot. Here's my playlist in order of play, something for everyone on the night. See yas all next year, thank's guys. T Bone. Shirley and Jessie, you can't fight love. Lou Pride, I'm comun home in the mornun. Chubby Checker, you just don't know. Willie Kendrick, change your way's. Willie Mitchell, that driving beat. Edward Hamilton, call me. Frankie and the Classicals, what shall I do. Joey Delorenzo, wake up to the sunshine girl. Bill Medley, what have you got to lose. Roscoe Robinson, one bo dillion years. Little Willie John, I'm shakin'. Superiors, what would I do. Millionaires, never for me. Connie Stevens, tick tock. Donald Height, talk of the grapevine. Natural Four, the devil made me do it. N.F. Porter, keep on keeping on. Forris Woods, stoned on love. Young Holt Trio, something money can't buy. Coasters, love potion number nine. Crazy Elephant, gimme, gimme good lovin'. Phil Flowers, I saw her standing there. Sweet Delights, baby be mine. Parliaments, don't be sore at me. Falcons, I'm a fool I must love you. Tempests, what you gonna do. Helen Shapiro, tell me what he said. Chuck Jackson, hand it over.
  13. Bound to be more than a few sue as eggs are eggs. I have my body Armour on!!!
  14. Just wondering as we have had some fantastic tunes on the Northern scene by white, black sounding artists, if Andy Williams had been black would his "can't take my eyes off you" had been a record that got played? It's a brilliant production and could be a perfect end of the night tune today, as would Franki Valli's version. Anyone play either of them? Just my opinion but flip it up on you tube and have a listen, you'll know what I mean. T bone.

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