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  1. Bound to be more than a few sue as eggs are eggs. I have my body Armour on!!!
  2. Just wondering as we have had some fantastic tunes on the Northern scene by white, black sounding artists, if Andy Williams had been black would his "can't take my eyes off you" had been a record that got played? It's a brilliant production and could be a perfect end of the night tune today, as would Franki Valli's version. Anyone play either of them? Just my opinion but flip it up on you tube and have a listen, you'll know what I mean. T bone.
  3. Was this underplayed great tune ever released on the Bell label? I have seen it on the silver U.K. Mercury label, and believe it was released on an American colored Mercury. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Tony.
  4. Hi Guy's, I am hoping someone has a nice copy of this they will part with. Prefer the demo but a very nice issue will do. Condition Excellent to Mint Minus please. Scoured popsike, looks like VG+ fetched up to 70 pounds this year, 78 for the demo so I am willing to pay up to 90 U.K. pounds plus postage to the U.K. Please P.M. only if you can help. Thanks in advance, Tony. GOT THIS ONE SORTED NOW.
  5. Nostalgia, and heaps of great memories for me. I could say, after the Wirrina in Peterborough where I was living at the time, I really "cut my teeth" at the Palais all dayer's and never missed one. I often close my eyes, have a little memory flutter and can still smell the Brut as if it was yesterday. Fantastic to go to an all nighter on the Saturday and straight to the Palais for another 12 hours of dancing on the Sunday, just cos we could. Bugger work on the Monday!! Best two sounds for me that will always be associated with that famous venue are Dena Barnes, If you ever walked out of my life and the brilliant dancer Chubby Checker, You just don't know. We can't bring them day's back, but we won't forget em either.
  6. I think we need to ask if the label was out and out, a bootleg production, and not blatant plagiarism as in the case of the Simon Soussan debacle of the 70's, which in most cases were unlistenable crap. At least the Stardust releases sound as good as anything I have ever heard, and in some cases better. Anyone got any ideas as to which pressing plant the may have used?
  7. This may cause some bone of contention with the purists, but I remember the Stardust label producing some really top tunes on the various different colored labels they issued. I had many and played them at "local gigs" where ovo didn't matter, purely to save the life of my originals. You only had to look through their catalogue to see some awesome "biggies". Three of the best for me were Timi Yuro It'll never be over for me, Ray Pollard, the drifter and the Tempests, someday. The sound quality was as good as it gets for what we may term a bootleg, and the vinyl was top notch. I wonder what pressing plant they used. Whatever happened to the label as it's quite rare to see any of them for sale these day's? Have they gone on to become as collectible as the Grapevine series? Be really interesting to know a bit more about them if anyone has any ideas. Apologies if this has been covered on here before.
  8. Madness avatar??? Excuse me, but isn't it now Worldwide Soul, and to be enjoyed by whoever wants to listen, and or dance to it??? I don't think anyone on the thread has called it a genuine "Northern record", and honestly isn't Northern soul something that happened in the North of England in the 70' and 80's. It's getting played everywhere from Australia to Greenland. B.T.W. not to be a smartie, but that is not how to spell reckon!! (recone). T Bone.
  9. Is it possible these two artists are the same person? Seems the backing track to Bobby Treetop, wait till I get to know ya on Tuff is the same as E Rodney Jones R'N B time on same label. Anyone got any ideas? Apologies if this has been on here before. Sue.
  10. Hi Guy's, I am hoping someone has a nice copy of this they will part with. I have 250/300 U.K. pounds for an ex +to mint minus one. Looking at popsike one sold in February for 300 pounds, and another in April for 220 pounds so I am offering top prices. This is for my son in the U.K. Price shipped to him at his U.K. address please. P.M. me if you can assist. Thanks in advance, Sue.
  11. Blame the idiots that are paying them prices and the greedy buggers that are cashin' in on them said idiots. Somebody somewhere started the price hiking, same thing with real estate. One man asks an extortionate price then everyone seems to think it's right to keep bleeding people dry!! Excuse the two record puns, not intended. There are plenty of great underplayed records out there for under 50 quid that seem to get overlooked as many deejays "play it safe". Just my opinion.
  12. Am looking for a nice copy of this Gordy 7098 45 in at least ex/near mint condition both sides. Price shipped to a U.K. address please. P.M. me if you have this please. Thanks in advance, Sue. SORTED THIS THANKS.
  13. Thanks for all the info guy's much appreciated.
  14. Hi, Anyone please have the going rate for an ORIGINAL Don Varner, Tear Stained Face on Quinvy, and availability. I see there are plenty of second issues and outa sight repros for sale but would prefer the original. Thanks in advance, Sue.

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