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  1. suinoz

    jades just sold on ebay! crazy

    Blame the idiots that are paying them prices and the greedy buggers that are cashin' in on them said idiots. Somebody somewhere started the price hiking, same thing with real estate. One man asks an extortionate price then everyone seems to think it's right to keep bleeding people dry!! Excuse the two record puns, not intended. There are plenty of great underplayed records out there for under 50 quid that seem to get overlooked as many deejays "play it safe". Just my opinion.
  2. Am looking for a nice copy of this Gordy 7098 45 in at least ex/near mint condition both sides. Price shipped to a U.K. address please. P.M. me if you have this please. Thanks in advance, Sue. SORTED THIS THANKS.
  3. Thanks for all the info guy's much appreciated.
  4. Hi, Anyone please have the going rate for an ORIGINAL Don Varner, Tear Stained Face on Quinvy, and availability. I see there are plenty of second issues and outa sight repros for sale but would prefer the original. Thanks in advance, Sue.
  5. Am looking for a nice original of this as a present for a friend in the U.K. Has anyone on S.S. got one they would be willing to sell please. P.M me with condition and a price shipped to a U.K. address please. Bell red and white label only please. Thanks in advance, Sue.
  6. suinoz


    Them's that ain't got a bloody clue what there doing should leave it to them that does. Nuff said!!
  7. Cheers Ian, do you have a picture of it, or even the record to sell? Cheers, Tone.
  8. Picked up a c.d in a charity shop called Northern Soul Sensations. It's got a great uptempo version of Harlem Shuffle by Bob and Earl which I have never heard before and cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone know of the track and if it was ever released on vinyl? The sleeve notes say Harlem Shuffle 66' A reworking of their earlier epic dance floor great. Blows the socks off the slower version. Any help appreciated. Thanks, T Bone.
  9. Thanks a lot. Just gotta get a price now. Tone.
  10. Yep right there, defo not Edward Hamilton which I have. This kicks off with them lyrics, no musical intro and in there are also the lyrics 'I'm headin' in the wrong direction' and 'you know I'm coming on home'. Anyone please??
  11. Heard this recently and wondered what the title and male singer were if anyone can help. It starts off Whoa Baby Don't Cha, Whoa Baby Don't Cha Weep No More For Me Pretty Baby. Also label and current price as I would like one if anyone has it for sale. Thanks, T Bone .
  12. Never seen one Ernie, any chance of a scan please?
  13. suinoz

    Thought of the day...........

    Dilemma time!!! My thought for today was. Do I clean the pool, take the R8 for a drive or spend an hour in the gym??? The gym won so the other two will just have to wait until tomorrow.
  14. Still looking for an excellent copy if anyone wants to sell. Had a few offers of VG so please nothing except Exc or better. Thanks, Sue.
  15. Hi Bruv, Yes thanks I saw them but prefer to buy from one of the members on here, much safer bet mate. Sue.


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